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BT's 21CN is 'exciting, radical and now'

BT has been banging the drum about its new 21st century network (21CN) and how it is set to revolutionise just about everything. The former monopoly's new IP network is "exciting", "radical", and "now", enthused chief evangelist BT Wholesale boss Paul Reynolds on Monday.
Tim Richardson, 22 Feb 2005

Sue the reader of this File Sharing Book

Book reviewWhen the drugs begin to wear off, and the sun starts to rise, an unnamed music executive shudders at the thought of its existence. In that painful moment of desperation, he wonders, "How could it happen?" "How could that rat write this book?"
Ashlee Vance, 22 Feb 2005

Missing trader fraudster goes missing

A VAT fraudster went on the run from Bristol Crown Court last week shortly before being convicted for his role in an £800,000 tax fraud.
John Oates, 22 Feb 2005

O2 and Kodak team for online piccies

O2 is working with Kodak to offer all its subscribers access to better online picture services.
John Oates, 22 Feb 2005

G7 broadband target eludes UK Govt

The Government is still trying to hit a key broadband pledge it made four years ago.
Tim Richardson, 22 Feb 2005

Real Software slams MS IsNot patent application

Real Software, the maker of the Realbasic application development tool, has raised concerns over Microsoft's IsNot operator patent application, saying that no one should be able to patent fundamental programming operations.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Feb 2005

MCI faces shareholder fury

MCI, which last week agreed to be bought by Verizon, has been forced onto the defensive over the deal.
John Oates, 22 Feb 2005
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Lexmark suffers second knock back in DMCA case

A federal appeals court has denied Lexmark's request to consider reimposing an injunction against a firm that makes components that allow generic replacement ink cartridges to work in Lexmark printers. The ruling by the US Courts of Appeals, Sixth Circuit, leaves Lexmark's lawsuit against Static Control Components in bad shape.
John Leyden, 22 Feb 2005

BT sued for blocking suspected 'rogue dialler' numbers

BT is facing legal action over its decision to block premium-rate lines suspected of being used by rogue dialler companies to rip off punters and rack up huge phone bills.
Tim Richardson, 22 Feb 2005

French join motorised Lizard Alliance

Those members of the neoLuddite Resistance Army who - since learning of the kamikaze SUV, the satanic Renault Vel Satis and the anonymous self-destructing French automobile - have decided to ditch their cars, load their bicycle panniers with explosives and laser pulse rifles and head for the Montana wilderness in expectation of the final ragnarok in which the last remnants of humanity will battle the unholy alliance of homicidal hoovers, belligerent bendy buses and demonic DVD players, are today locking the outer blast doors of their reinforced concrete bunkers and awaiting the arrival of the Lizard Army's latest weapon of mass destruction - the Citroën C4.
Lester Haines, 22 Feb 2005

Comms, internet ban orders surface in new UK terror law

Variants of David Blunkett's 'ASBOs for terror' are set to be unveiled today by his successor as Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, under the banner of "control orders". Musing out loud to Jonathan Dimbleby last year Blunkett envisaged a kind of order that would have a wider application to people suspected of being fellow travellers of terror, perhaps engaged (allegedly...) in "acts preparatory to terrorism", including giving financial support, "doing runners, mule jobs", and "perhaps being able to use computer networks" in a way which could pose a threat. Clarke, on the other hand, is now categorising very similar sounding measures as extremely narrow, applying only to a very small group of people.
John Lettice, 22 Feb 2005

Can my clone use my software license?

LettersHow much is a website worth? How many Firefox users are there? How long is a piece of string? These, and other puzzlers were given a good going over earlier this week. Our writer warned people not to read to much into download figures of open source software:
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Feb 2005

Lycos Europe ups revs, narrows losses

Lycos Europe is on course to make a profit next year, the portal and internet group announced today.
Tim Richardson, 22 Feb 2005

OFT in net spam scam crackdown

The UK's Office of Fair Trading joined forces with government agencies around the world in a co-ordinated assault upon scammers and spammers this week. The OFT joined its partners in the International Consumer Protection Enforcement Network (ICPEN) and signatories to the anti-spam London Action Plan (LAP) on 21 and 22 February to conduct a sweep targeting internet scams.
John Leyden, 22 Feb 2005

Citizens Advice warns of 'shocking' rogue dialler scams

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has warned net users to be on the guard against "shocking" rogue dialler scams.
Tim Richardson, 22 Feb 2005

Developers get an early night

Software developers are working far fewer hours than they were in 2001. Figures from the US Department of Labour showed the average working week for software developers has fallen from 40.1 hours in 2001 to 36.4 hours now.
John Oates, 22 Feb 2005

Wormability formulae weighs malware risks

RSA 2005Security researchers are developing a method to predict the potential for individual vulnerabilities to become the subject of computer worms. Although Arbor Network's "wormability" formula for predicting worms is far from perfect it allows the firm to give better advice on prioritising security remediation actions and insight into the vulnerabilities likely to be wormed.
John Leyden, 22 Feb 2005

Artificial eyes by 2010, says EC

European scientists have joined the race to produce an artificial retina with research that could help restore the sight of thousands of people suffering from retinal disease.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Feb 2005

Jobs cuts at Ericsson

Mobile equipment manufacturer Ericsson is closing a factory in Nynashamn, Sweden with the loss of 463 jobs. The factory makes base stations for mobile phone networks.
John Oates, 22 Feb 2005

NY teen charged over IM spam attack

A New York teenager has become the first American to be arrested for sending spam messages across IM networks. Anthony Greco, 18, of Cheektowaga, New York, was charged with violations of the CAN-SPAM Act after allegedly sending 1.5m messages punting mortgage refinancing and adult pornography to MySpace.com users in October and November 2004. According to a criminal complaint, Greco created thousands of fraudulent instant messaging accounts on MySpace.com to bombard its users with junk IM messages.
John Leyden, 22 Feb 2005

Apple founder urges company to drop bullying lawsuits

Steve Wozniak has reportedly urged the company he co-founded, Apple Computer, to drop a lawsuit against a beta tester who leaked a version of the company's Tiger operating system. He also says he'll contribute to the defendant's legal fund.
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Feb 2005

Microsoft compensates blocked Dutch web firm

Microsoft is to compensate Dutch web company Ilse Media because its AntiSpyware software blocked one of Ilse's portals, Startpagina ("Startpage").
Jan Libbenga, 22 Feb 2005

T-Mobile to probe Paris' security breach

T-Mobile's American arm has launched an investigation into how Paris Hilton's address book made its way from her Sidekick PDA/phone onto the web.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Feb 2005

Russian police probe cheap downloads site

Authorities in Moscow are investigating a Russian website offering cheap music downloads. Allofmp3.com is accused by a music industry group of offering music for sale without authorisation from rights holders in Russia and internationally.
John Leyden, 22 Feb 2005

Are pulsars gravity-wave generators?

Scientists at the European Space Agency (ESA) say that a newly discovered star could provide a test for the existence of gravitational waves.
Lucy Sherriff, 22 Feb 2005

IBM douses Xeon servers with Hurricane

IBM has spent years talking up its homemade chipsets for Xeon servers and isn't pulling back on the self-promotion now that its third-generation product is set to roll out the door.
Ashlee Vance, 22 Feb 2005

Former Brocade CEO sent flying in golden skies

Being benched isn't so bad, especially when you're riding the pine on an all-expenses paid private plane.
Ashlee Vance, 22 Feb 2005

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