21st February 2005 Archive

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  • IBM does grand dance for bland drives

    ILM facade

    Storage 21 08:20

  • Orange sues Stelios for 'passing off'

    Lawyer-happy man faces lawyers

    Mobile 21 10:32

  • Hundreds face tax bills for online ciggies

    Michigan smokes out scammers

    Media 21 10:44

  • Ladbrokes barred from net games in Netherlands

    Dutch bookies only please

    Media 21 11:15

  • Paris Hilton's Sidekick hacked

    No, not Nicole Richie

    Security 21 11:32

  • Open Source catches download stats fever

    Big figures, but what do they mean?

    Operating Systems 21 11:38

  • Apple resists mobile MP3 ambush

    iPod v phones in UI war

    Mobile 21 11:44

  • Lastminute asks FSA for fax-checking probe

    Duty to its shareholders

    Financial News 21 11:59

  • Business managers and IT managers: together at last

    Starting to agree at least

    Management 21 12:10

  • UK channel chaps required for reader survey

    Give forth and win Reg goodies

    Reg Technology Panel 21 12:44

  • Toshiba turns up heat at flash chip plant

    NAND demand outstripping capacity

    Financial News 21 13:36

  • Anti-Blair site sparks real-world row

    Angry councillors, censorious ISPs and boycotts

    Media 21 14:08

  • Customs loses VAT weapon

    Legal decision goes against 'em...

    Financial News 21 14:53

  • Nokia enters the data dispenser biz

    Beaming in to M2M

    Mobile 21 15:19

  • Microsoft v EC: peace unlikely

    So says the judge...

    Software 21 15:24

  • Scientists scan for nukes with space rays

    Like Superman, only better

    Science 21 15:31

  • UN committee backs human cloning ban

    Stem cell advocates blast 'political' vote

    Science 21 15:39

  • BOFH books back at Cash'n'Carrion


    Site News 21 15:40

  • Intel brings 64-bit to desktop

    Throws its cache around

    PCs 21 16:38

  • Digital memories: we can forget them for you wholesale!

    Who'll mind your photos?

    Media 21 16:59

  • I'll show you mine if you show me, er, mine

    New crypto for Wi-Fi

    Security 21 17:11

  • Telstra ticked off over broadband competition ruck

    AUS$6.5m rebate is enough says regulator

    Broadband 21 17:16

  • NASA bumps return to flight

    Is it me, or am I badly lit?

    Science 21 17:18

  • Who needs 3G? 'Son of DAB' unleashes TV for phones

    For the broadcast model, use broadcast, check?

    Mobile 21 17:47

  • Moto exec drops AirPod hint

    An iPod, with added Bluetooth?

    Mobile 21 20:39