17th February 2005 Archive

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  • HP serves up bland post-Fiorina Q1

    She who must not be named

    Financial News 17 Feb 04:54

  • Cyberpunk authors get the girls

    Minority Report

    Security 17 Feb 08:41

  • Spam gets vocal with VoIP

    I spit on your spam

    Security 17 Feb 08:47

  • T-Mobile hacker pleads guilty

    Unusual secrecy

    Security 17 Feb 09:54

  • Killing an iPod: harder than it looks?

    Music phones unnatural, as born killers go...

    Mobile 17 Feb 10:30

  • Investigators uncover dismal data disposal

    Risk of ID-theft, hacking, blackmail, fraud...

    Media 17 Feb 10:35

  • HP goes to bat for the Foreign Office

    FCO goes inhouse / outhouse for IT delivery

    PCs 17 Feb 10:44

  • Japan joins global satellite disaster network

    Quick pics

    Science 17 Feb 10:50

  • Crypto researchers break SHA-1

    It's official

    Security 17 Feb 11:04

  • DJ fined €1.4m for massive 'illegal' music cache

    MP3s in da house

    Media 17 Feb 11:13

  • Intel boffins build first continuous beam silicon laser

    Two-photon absorption problem solved

    Science 17 Feb 11:24

  • Grand Theft Auto firm faces 'murder training' lawsuit

    Sony and Wal-Mart named too

    Consoles 17 Feb 12:20

  • Intel fortifies mobile transactions

    Wireless Trusted Platform

    Mobile 17 Feb 12:47

  • Apple suspends online hack subpoenas

    The Leaky Cauldron

    Media 17 Feb 13:41

  • Security experts warn of 'scary' new web scam

    E-traders beware

    Media 17 Feb 13:54

  • University launches semantic web interface

    Information is all about context, you see

    Developer 17 Feb 14:00

  • Congress seeks stem cell side-step

    Bills aim to bypass Bush funding ban

    Science 17 Feb 14:27

  • IBM ThinkPad T42p mobile workstation

    High-end heaven?

    Reviews 17 Feb 14:33

  • WorldCom CFO lied, he admits to court

    Sullivan faces cross examination

    Financial News 17 Feb 14:38

  • Vampires live longer: official

    Vlad Dracul salutes US research

    Science 17 Feb 14:53

  • Net downloads prompt retrial in rape case

    Judges rule conviction 'unsafe'

    Small Biz 17 Feb 15:11

  • Northamber doubles interim profit

    Chilly January but sunny days ahead

    The Channel 17 Feb 16:37

  • Bell swings into full year profit

    Euro ops boost Q4 margins

    The Channel 17 Feb 16:40

  • Florida teacher cuffed for bomb-making classes

    Student detonated device on golf course

    Media 17 Feb 16:45

  • Qwest goes public with $8bn MCI bid

    Time to reconsider?

    Financial News 17 Feb 16:49

  • More online buying from HM Gov

    Paperwork is soooo last century

    Small Biz 17 Feb 16:52

  • UK ATC system falls over - again

    More airport woes

    Data Networking 17 Feb 16:56

  • MS recalls 14.1m Xbox power cables

    Is that smouldering shagpile I can smell?

    Consoles 17 Feb 16:59

  • Chav burglar collared by webcam

    11 months' slammer for baseball-capped blagger

    Media 17 Feb 17:02

  • European Parliament votes to scrap software patent text

    Taking it one step at a time

    Developer 17 Feb 17:09

  • Taiwanese agents detain Chinese foundry chief

    UMC investigation plot thickens

    Financial News 17 Feb 17:12

  • SCO faces ejection from Nasdaq

    The lawyers ate my filing

    Financial News 17 Feb 17:16

  • Aussie watchdog to rule on broadband pricing row soon

    Year-long ruck near end

    Broadband 17 Feb 17:24

  • Sage calls for new MS anti-trust probe

    Doesn't want Redmond's finest playing in its pond

    Applications 17 Feb 17:32

  • Compuware calls IBM a 'killer'

    Mainframe spat turns nasty

    Software 17 Feb 19:35

  • Cryptographers to Hollywood: prepare to fail on DRM

    No universal panacea here

    Media 17 Feb 19:37