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MPs heading for electoral online disaster

A huge number of MPs risk breaking electoral rules in May if they don't get to grips with the Internet.
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Feb 2005

Cell chip critics hear Itanic seagulls

LettersReaders have responded to the prospect of the IBM/Sony Cell chip with measures of skepticism and enthusiasm. The former by far outweighing the latter.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Feb 2005

Google to Wall St: our CFO couldn't make it. So meet the Chef

The next time Google invites Wall Street analysts to a six hour financial presentation, it may as well direct them to a point in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. Microsoft already has a wonderful MapPoint "drowning service" that will show them precisely how to get there.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Feb 2005

Dell sets $80bn goal

Dell, the world's biggest PC maker, yesterday proclaimed its intention to become an $80bn a year business. In a conference call to accompany its Q4 FY05 results, CEO Kevin Rollins said he wants to reach the target within the "next several years".
Drew Cullen, 11 Feb 2005

PalmOne settles WLAN gaming patent clash

PalmOne has come to an out-of-court accord with Peer-to-Peer Systems (PTP), the technology holding company that sued the PDA pioneer in January 2003 alleging patent infringement.
Tony Smith, 11 Feb 2005

Real relaxes media player tech licence

RealNetworks has relaxed commercial license terms to encourage more device makers to support its technology, which would in turn widen the potential customer-base for its content services.
Tony Smith, 11 Feb 2005

Apple iPod Shuffle

ReviewMany people listen to their digital music in no particular order at all: album tracklists are becoming a thing of the past, 'shuffle' play (making random selections from a huge collection of hundreds or thousands of songs) is the norm, and to hell with imposed order. Apple, with the iPod Shuffle, says that's how life should be lived, and who are we to argue?
Charles Arthur, 11 Feb 2005

US man cuffed over Valentine's net suicide pact

Police in the US have arrested a man on suspicion of arranging a mass Valentine's Day suicide via the net. Gerald Krien of Klamath Falls, Oregon, used an internet chat room to arrange the mass killing, said police. He was arrested on Wednesday and his computer seized for further examination.
Tim Richardson, 11 Feb 2005

Man charged in DEC hacking case

A London man has been charged over an alleged attempt to hack into the website of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).
John Leyden, 11 Feb 2005

Lastminute.com loss statement boosts shares

Shares in Lastminute.com gained almost six per cent yesterday, as the company reported better than expected results for the quarter ending 31 December.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Feb 2005

Sullivan tells of WorldCom fraud fears

WorldCom called off merger talks with Verizon in 2001 amid fears that its accounting fraud would be uncovered, former CFO Scott Sullivan has testified.
Tim Richardson, 11 Feb 2005

MSI K8N Diamond SLI mobo

ReviewPCI Express has changed the world of computer graphics. It has also enabled Nvidia to resurrect an almost legendary graphics technology: SLI. Although Nvidia announced SLI many months ago, it still seems to be one of the most discussed technologies of the moment, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
Trusted Reviews, 11 Feb 2005

Dating scammers fined £68k

Five companies have been fined a total of £68,000 for running bogus telephone dating services.
Tim Richardson, 11 Feb 2005

Orange preps latest own-brand smart phones

Orange looks set to become the latest mobile phone network to rebrand HTC's 'Magician' compact PocketPC-based phone, according to its Dutch website.
Tony Smith, 11 Feb 2005

Middle Earth for sale on eBay

Do you have unusually pointy ears, are your feet larger than average and slightly hairy, do you wander around caves, muttering to your self about nasty little hobbitses? If so, you might be interested in this lot, up for auction on eBay.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Feb 2005
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The BOFH guide to equal opportunities

Episode 5 Things are looking good. It's a dull day with nothing on and I might even get to slide off home early, once I can get rid of this woman from the HR department who wants a favour…
Simon Travaglia, 11 Feb 2005

Lizard Army develops copulating robot

We're obliged this week to vigilant members of the neoLuddite Resistance Army (NRA) who have monitored with alarm the news that a South Korean professor claims to have developed artificial chromosomes which will eventually lead to emotional, self-reproducing cybersexpots. Kim Jong-Hwan of the ITRC-Intelligent Robot Research Centre says that once his chromosome software is installed in a robot within the next three months, the previously cold and distant machine will acquire reasoning and emotions - among the latter the overwhelming urge to indulge in torrid robo-rumpy-pumpy.
Lester Haines, 11 Feb 2005

UK firms warned of corporate hijack risk

UK firms are urged to look out for an emerging scam which specifically targets the Companies House database. Early Warning, the online fraud prevention group, says it is easy for fraudsters to change the registered office for the limited company whose details they have obtained.
John Leyden, 11 Feb 2005

Apple announces 'two for one' stock split

Apple will next week issue a second share for every single share currently outstanding, the Mac maker announced today. The two-for-one split will take place on Friday, 18 February after the close of trading on Nasdaq, with the shares re-entering the market on Monday, 28 February.
Tony Smith, 11 Feb 2005

Verizon close to MCI deal - report

US telecoms giant Verizon Communications Inc. could be on the verge of buying MCI Inc., according to the Wall Street Journal. Citing unnamed sources, the newspaper reports that the two companies are nearing a deal although they have yet to finalise the acquisition price or the appointment of senior execs.
Tim Richardson, 11 Feb 2005

Real may or may not mature on Linux

Desktop SummitIn the coming months, Real Networks plans to float a new version of its media player for the Linux operating system that includes more of the features found in the standard player. This "experiment" will give Real an idea as to how practical its fully-fledged media services can be on the open source OS.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Feb 2005

Nominet wins case against Domain Registry Services

Nominet UK has won its legal action against bogus invoicing scam outfit Domain Registry Services after the .uk internet domain name registry took civil action against Peter Francis-Macrae and his company Ultra Technologies Ltd.
Tim Richardson, 11 Feb 2005

Ariane 5 ECA launch is go

The European Space Agency's Ariane 5 ECA rocket has been greenlighted for blast-off tomorrow from Kourou spaceport in French Guiana. The 50m (160ft) high vehicle will carry an XTAR-EUR telecommunications satellite, the Sloshsat-FLEVO experimental mini-satellite - designed to "investigate the dynamics of fluids in weightlessness" - and a telemetry/video imaging package which will gather flight data.
Lester Haines, 11 Feb 2005

Browser holes, hackers and rampaging botnets

LettersThis week we found out, all over again, that clicking on links can be a dangerous business. As John Leyden wrote on Monday, "A security loophole in Mozilla and Firefox browser could be used to spoof the URL displayed in the address bar, SSL certificate and status bar. The vulnerability also affects Opera and Konqueror."
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Feb 2005

Patch now against virus-writing clowns

F-Secure yesterday urged users of its anti-virus products to apply security patches following the discovery of potentially serious security vulnerability in 18 of its products. The security bug - unearthed by security researchers at ISS - involves flaws in the processing of ARJ archive files by an antivirus library that give rise to possible buffer overflow attacks. Desktop, server (Linux and Windows) and gateway version of F-Secure's security products all need attention.
John Leyden, 11 Feb 2005

EMC preps iSCSI binge

EMC looks set to roll out a new fleet if iSCSI systems, but the boxes will arrive with an unflattering sales pitch - half the performance at all of the price.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Feb 2005

Opera to MS: Get real about interoperability, Mr Gates

Last week Bill Gates got the interoperability religion. Allegedly - given Microsoft's long and sometimes less than constructive history in the field of interoperability, a certain amount of scepticism is perhaps appropriate. Hakon Lie, Chief Technology Officer of long-standing Microsoft competitor Opera Software, welcomes Gates' new-found enthusiasm for interoperability, but in the following response to Gates, has just a few suggestions about what Microsoft might do to actually achieve it.
Hakon Lie, 11 Feb 2005

Linux maker sprouts MP3 server

Desktop SummitIf you can't beat them or join them, then do something weird.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Feb 2005

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