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Coming up: Space Week

This Saturday, politicians, astronauts and sundry space experts will mark the beginning of Earth and Space Week in Europe.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Feb 2005

Lower Power FM bill opens the airwaves

Senator John McCain has introduced a bill that would enable over a thousand new low power FM stations to be created in the US. The stations operate at 10 and 100 watts, typically giving a coverage of two or three miles.
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Feb 2005
Cat 5 cable

Intel maps out 64-bit Xeon dash

It doesn't take much for the marketing staff at Intel to go through massive philosophical conversions. A few months back, the PR staffers insisted that customers weren't ready for 64-bit Xeon processors. Now, Intel demands that customers are clamoring for 64-bit choice, which has prompted it to prep two new chips in the Xeon line.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Feb 2005

Microsoft Messenger back to life

Microsoft says it has fixed the problems which have plagued its instant messenger service for the last two days. It blamed an isolated problem in a data center which was fixed late yesterday.
John Oates, 09 Feb 2005

Italian MSN search engine caught in Vatican smear

Italians attempting, for whatever reason, to do an MSN search on the word "merda" (shit) are being referred to a whiter-than-white Vatican website. Indeed, said search delivers Clerus.org as its first choice.
Paolo Attivissimo, 09 Feb 2005

ATI buys cable modem chip biz for $14m

ATI took a further step into the digital TV market yesterday when it announced it will acquire a third-party cable modem chip design operation.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2005

Cisco ups sales, misses estimates

Cisco made sales of $6.1bn in the second quarter of its financial year ended 29 January 2005 - 12.3 per cent more than last year. The networking equipment vendor made a net profit of $1.4bn (Q204: $724m). But sales did meet Wall Street estimates and Cisco shares fell slightly in after hours trading yesterday.
John Oates, 09 Feb 2005

Tiscali UK expells 500 broadband hogs

Tiscali UK has expelled "just over 500" broadband users for excessive use of the ISP's high-speed internet service. Those who've received their marching orders are being given the opportunity to leave Tiscali "without penalty.
Tim Richardson, 09 Feb 2005

Sony Ericsson adopts PowerVR MBX for smart phones

Philips this week announced the release of its latest PowerVR MBX-based media processor, confirming that the chip will be used by Sony Ericsson in a future incarnation of the P910 smart phone.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2005

Intel confirms P4 6xx launch 'this month'

Intel has confirmed that it will ship its Pentium 4 6xx series this month. Crucially, the new chips bring the company's AMD64-like 64-bit addressing technology, EM64T, to the desktop CPU family.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2005
Broken CD with wrench

Toshiba, SanDisk prep 1GB Flash chip

Toshiba yesterday launched an 8Gb Flash chip fabbed designed to be fabbed using a 70nm process when production commences in the summer.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2005

Landscape fills with PDA smart phones

The PDA market - everybody knows this - is dying, and the smartphone is taking over. That's what the figures seems to show and yet, behind the scenes, the designers of smartphones are seeing a strange trend - phones are getting bigger and more like computers.
Guy Kewney, 09 Feb 2005

186k snaps up Elite ISP

186k - the Leeds-based internet outfit - has snapped up Northern-based Elite Internet Services. Financial details were not released.
Tim Richardson, 09 Feb 2005

Biometrics: the legal challenge

One of the key drivers behind the push to take up biometric technologies is that governments are beginning to mandate that biometric identifiers such as facial images and fingerprints be used in official documents, including passports. And biometrics is also seen as essential for the provision of e-government services to citizens to ensure accurate authentication to prevent fraud.
Fran Howarth, 09 Feb 2005

Saturn sings the blues

The latest pictures from the Cassini mission show that Saturn's northern hemisphere is currently a vivid blue, with only a few white clouds in the upper atmosphere.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Feb 2005
arrow pointing up

Intel, Qinetiq build ultra-low power transistor

Intel's ongoing partnership with UK-based technology R&D company Qinetiq to investigate future transistor designs has yielded some "hugely promising" results, the duo announced yesterday.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2005

MPs cast beady eye over betting exchanges

MPs are urging several changes to the Gambling Bill to deal with increasing use of the internet to bet on sports events.
John Oates, 09 Feb 2005

'I'm a technophobe' - Blair's shock confession

The Register's belief that when it comes to UK Government IT, nobody's driving received further support yesterday when Prime Minister Tony Blair happily confessed his technophobia to MPs. The exposure of Tone the technoklutz is scarcely news, but for most categories of MPs' questions it is ordinarily good form for the Prime minister to at least feign a knowledgeable and informed stance. But IT's OK - it's an exception because nobody can programme a video machine anyway, hah hah, right?
John Lettice, 09 Feb 2005
For Sale sign detail

Elite signs four UK disties

Motherboard maker Elitegroup Computing Systems (ECS) has signed up four new distributors in the UK. Bluepoint, Jiles Electronics, Nexis Technology and Quantum Microponents Ltd will sell ECS's Extreme range of motherboards.
John Oates, 09 Feb 2005

Nvidia 'nForce for Intel' wins PCI-E certificate

Nvidia's upcoming Pentium 4-oriented chipset has won the approval of the minds behind the PCI Express standard.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2005

Microsoft posts record 13 patches

Microsoft yesterday released 13 security bulletins - nine "critical" - in its biggest monthly patch yet. Twelve patches fix multiple components in Windows and Windows-based applications and one updates an October 2004 alert to protect Exchange 2000 users against possible attack.
John Leyden, 09 Feb 2005

Ebbers 'drove Worldcom fraud' - Sullivan

Former WorldCom CFO Scott Sullivan continued yesterday to finger Bernie Ebbers as being the driving force behind the £11bn (£5.8bn) accounting scandal that floored the telecoms giant.
Tim Richardson, 09 Feb 2005

Mobile gaming gets its skates on

AnalysisAfter many years of anticipation, it is fair to conclude that the mobile games market finally arrived in 2003. Japan and Korea aside, the main territories of the world had merely flirted with wireless gaming since 1999, when the first WAP and SMS projects went live. Throughout this period, developers and aggregators bemoaned the general lack of interest from network operators in the sector.
Screen Digest, 09 Feb 2005

Irate chickens assault 419 scam banks

Those readers interested in taking down scam 419 banks might like to proceed directly to Artists Against 419, which yesterday launched a 48-hour, chicken-themed Flashmob against the Lads from Lagos' online presence.
Lester Haines, 09 Feb 2005

Carly Fiorina quits

Carly Fiorina has resigned as chairman and chief executive of HP, after losing the support of her board. Robert Wayman, HP's CFO, takes over as interim chief executive and will lead the search for Fiorina's replacement. He retains responsibility for finance. Patricia Dunn, an HP director since 1998, becomes non-executive chairman.

We are Zogg: The Cuddly Menace

We at the neoLuddite Resistance Army (NRA) today pay homage to comrade Jason Yungbluth (aka "Deep Fried") for uncovering concrete evidence that the Lizard Army has gone into the publishing business - another step in its inexorable march towards the enslavement of humanity.
Lester Haines, 09 Feb 2005

Apple Mac Mini

ReviewIs it a sandwich box? Is it a modern light fitting? No, it's Apple's attempt to ship a consumer-oriented computer without the usual array of stylishly designed mouse, keyboard and display. No wonder it comes in at a very affordable £339.
Charles Arthur, 09 Feb 2005

Resolved: the Battle for the .fklands

A battle fought on the Falkland Islands may have long-term implications for world peace on the internet.
Kieren McCarthy, 09 Feb 2005

Sony PSP to ship in UK on 29 April - Amazon

Amazon.co.uk has put back the Sony PlayStation Portable's release date to 29 April, adding weight to fears that the handheld console's European debut has slipped a month.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2005

Vendors exit anti-spyware group

An anti-spyware consortium is on the verge of collapse after admitting 180solutions, the controversial adware firm. to its ranks. CA, Alluria and Webroot, all founding members of the Consortium of Anti-Spyware Technology vendors (Coast) have resigned, citing a lack of faith in its ability to develop effective anti-spyware standards.
John Leyden, 09 Feb 2005

PlayStation 3 launch 'ahead of E3', says Sony

Sony will unveil its PlayStation 3 console before the start of the E3 games show, company spokespeople revealed this week.
Tony Smith, 09 Feb 2005

UK LLU roll-out 'continues to lag'

The failure of BT to hit key performance targets for local loop unbundling (LLU) is still frustrating operators keen to invest in advanced telecoms services. The problem is so bad that some operators are putting their marketing plans on hold while BT gets its house in order.
Tim Richardson, 09 Feb 2005

Czech outfit punts big mobe for old people

Czech outfit Jablotron has just announced the imminent release of its GSM Desktop Phone GDP-02 - a big, big mobe aimed at those for whom a thumbnail-sized 3G designer statement is just going to get lost among the remnants of the Rich Tea biscuits and fairy cakes.
Lester Haines, 09 Feb 2005

Astronomers spot fun-sized solar system

Astronomers working on data from NASA's Spitzer telescope have spotted a disk of planet-forming material in orbit around a brown dwarf - a failed star just 15 times the size of Jupiter.
Lucy Sherriff, 09 Feb 2005

Banking Trojan disables MS Anti-Spyware

The first piece of malware to attack Microsoft's new prototype anti-spyware product has emerged. The BankAsh-A Trojan disables Microsoft AntiSpyware Beta in an attempt to suppress any warning messages the package might display. It also deletes files within the program's folder. Unlike other items of malware, BankAsh-A makes no attempt to turn off anti-virus apps.
John Leyden, 09 Feb 2005

MP3tunes cleared of DRM infection

Desktop SummitMP3tunes came to life on Wednesday as a rarity in the online music business. It's not trapping songs with DRM (digital rights management) software, and it's not limiting consumers to a small subset of music playing devices. It's also not selling songs from major artists.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Feb 2005

My car has a virus (and other security threats)

IBM has identified viruses on mobile devices and IP telephony security threats as looming network security risks for 2005. Last year viruses spam and phishing attacks posed the greatest problems.
John Leyden, 09 Feb 2005

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