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Nokia blesses mobile Python

Following on from the launch of the 3-D Snake game last week, Nokia has released another slithery serpent into the wild. A year after we broke the news, Nokia has formally announced the availability of the Python language for its Series 60 platform. The software allows developers to build portable applications using the popular language that can take advantage of the Symbian GUI and phone features such as Bluetooth.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Feb 2005
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Sun researchers discover 'pricing' breakthrough

Never afraid to embrace the unexpected, Sun Microsystems will hold one of its quarterly product launch events without launching a product.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Feb 2005

Denmark joins Poland's software patent picket

Denmark is to join Poland in opposition to the EU directive on software patents, according to reports.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Feb 2005

Skype launches on Mac and Linux

Skype today launches versions of its software for Mac and Linux users. Skype claims more than 23 million users and 130,000 new users signing up every day. The Voice over Internet Protocol firm launched in August 2003.
John Oates, 01 Feb 2005

Virgin Mobile hits five million UK users

Virgin Mobile has five million UK users - a 37 per cent increase on the same period a year ago. But the virtual mobile operator is suffering from an increasing level of churn and lower Average revenue per user (ARPU).
John Oates, 01 Feb 2005
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World chip sales down in December

Chip sales will fall 4-6 per cent this month, compared to December 2004, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) forecasts.
Tony Smith, 01 Feb 2005

AMD market share hits two-year peak

AMD's share of the x86 processor market reached the highest point it has attained in the last two years - and a year after it fell to its lowest point in the same period.
Tony Smith, 01 Feb 2005

Smart phone shipments break records

PalmOne's acquisition of Handspring - the legacy of departing CEO Todd Bradley - looks increasingly smart in light of Q4 2004 world mobile device shipments released this week by market watcher Canalys.
Tony Smith, 01 Feb 2005

Ebbers never made 'an accounting decision' - witness

Former Worldcom boss Bernie Ebbers never made "an accounting decision", a Manhattan court heard yesterday.
Tim Richardson, 01 Feb 2005

Mistral swallows Netkonect

Mistral Internet has snapped up Basingstoke-based business ISP Netkonect - its third acquisition in January. Terms are undisclosed.
Tim Richardson, 01 Feb 2005

Malware maelstrom boosts SurfControl sales

Shares in UK-based censorware outfit SurfControl rose more than three per cent this morning with the release of healthy quarterly earnings results.
John Leyden, 01 Feb 2005

Cost and privacy concerns stall PAYD car insurance

Pay-as-you-drive car insurance will not be commercially viable anytime in the next three years, according to Strategy Analytics. It cites privacy concerns, launch costs and patent fees, along with back-end data integration, as significant short-term obstacles to the technology's mass-scale deployment.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Feb 2005

MSN Search goes live

MSN starts using its homegrown technology for its search engine from today, replacing a previous agreement with Yahoo!
John Oates, 01 Feb 2005

O2 3G handsets go on sale

UK mobile phone network O2's consumer 3G service officially went live today, as the company began offering third-generation handsets to punters anywhere in the country, whether they live in a 3G coverage area or not.
Tony Smith, 01 Feb 2005
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Intel dual-core Yonah to ship single core too

RoadmapIntel's 'Yonah' dual-core mobile processor, its first 65nm Pentium M, will support a 667MHz frontside bus clock when the part ships in volume in Q1 2006, the chip maker's latest roadmaps reveal.
Tony Smith, 01 Feb 2005

NTL completes £1.27bn sale of broadcast division

NTL has completed the £1.27bn ($2.3bn) sale of its broadcast division to a consortium led by Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group.
Tim Richardson, 01 Feb 2005

The new certainties: spam, taxes and software licences

LettersBumper letters bag, this week. It would appear that life's new certainties (software licences, spam and taxes) have driven more of you than usual to your keyboards. Once you were there, you got chatty about all kinds of things...
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Feb 2005

Google becomes domain name seller

Google has become a registrar - a company allowed to sell Internet domain names - but told us it has no current plans to sell any.
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Feb 2005

Undead worms infest Windows PCs (again)

Zafi-D has kept its place at the top of the virus charts for a second consecutive month, accounting for 44 per cent of all reports of anti-virus vendor Sophos in January 2005. The worm, which poses as a Christmas greeting, is continuing to cause problems well into the New Year.
John Leyden, 01 Feb 2005

MSN Belgium to use eID cards for online checking

Microsoft will integrate the Belgian eID Card with MSN Messenger. Microsoft's Bill Gates and Belgian State Secretary for e-government Peter Vanvelthoven announced the alliance today in Brussels. "We’re working to ensure that our technologies support e-ID, to help make online transactions and communications more secure," Gates said. eID stands for Electronic Identity Card. The card contains an electronic chip and gradually will replace the existing ID card system in Belgium. By end-2005, over 3 million eID cards will be distributed in the country.
Jan Libbenga, 01 Feb 2005

VIA PT-series P4 chipsets

PreviewMuch later than initially anticipated, VIA this week launched its latest chipsets, which provide PCI Express support for Pentium 4 processors. Having had several meetings with VIA in the past year, I was originally told these chipsets would launch before VIA's AMD solution was ready, but somewhere along the line the company changed its plans, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
Trusted Reviews, 01 Feb 2005

UK targets scammers in month-long campaign

UK consumers lose an estimated £1bn a year on cons and scams, according to figures released today by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).
Tim Richardson, 01 Feb 2005

HP scientists wave bye-bye to the transistor

A breakthrough in molecular computing could be the beginning of the end for the transistor, according to scientists at HP.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Feb 2005

Sony PlayStation Portable PSP-1000

ReviewI can still vividly remember buying my PlayStation 2. I had spent the best part of two hours wandering around the legendary Golden Arcade in Hong Kong and finally decided to give up on haggling over a few dollars and just put my credit card down. Of course, I picked up pretty much every game that was available at launch while I was there, and couldn't wait until I got home to fire up my new baby, writes Riyad Emeran.
Trusted Reviews, 01 Feb 2005

Madasafish in 2Mb ADSL promo

Madasafish.com - the ISP that had its "oi, Churchill, noooooo!" TV ad banned recently - is getting aggressive.
Tim Richardson, 01 Feb 2005
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HP sharpens blades with Cisco networking tech

HPis to integrate Cisco's network switch technology into HP's BladeSystem architecture. The technology pact, predicted by El Reg last September, makes it easier for customers to buy blade server systems and optimise their performance and reliability within datacentre environments.
John Leyden, 01 Feb 2005

EU driving licence plus 'info network' goes on roadmap

The European Parliamentary seems likely to give the go ahead to Commission proposals for a single European driving licence format this month, following support from the Parliament's Transport Committee. The MEPs propose a ten year period for switch-over to a credit card format licence, with a common format to be introduced after a further ten years. It also suggests a "European driving licence information network" to combat fraud and "licence tourism."
John Lettice, 01 Feb 2005

Welsh Assembly drags heels over online pharmacies

A Welsh online retailer is facing forced exile to England if the Welsh Assembly doesn't adopt new regulations for pharmacies. Once the new regulations become law, in April 2005, it will be possible to sell prescription drugs through a website.
John Oates, 01 Feb 2005

OSDL opens IP advice centre for Linux developers

The Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) is setting up a free legal centre to offer advice and legal help to Linux developers and users. OSDL aims to encourage Linux use in the enterprise, it is funded by various vendors including Alcatel, Ericsson, HP, IBM and Sun.
John Oates, 01 Feb 2005

Gates drops in on Brussels

Bill Gates was in Brussels today on something of a peace mission, stressing his company's desire to co-operate with the European Commission.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Feb 2005

The Cell chip - what it is, and why you should care

AnalysisNo chip in years has caused as much excitement as the Cell processor developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba. It promises to be the most important microprocessor of the decade, with potentially enormous repercussions for how the industry computes, and how the rest of us use digital media. It will power the PlayStation 3 and technical and commercial computing.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Feb 2005

Sun server crushes IBM MP3 player

Sun Microsystems has taken a circuitous route to attacking rival HP by tossing out a server ad that really doesn't make much sense.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Feb 2005

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