31st January 2005 Archive

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  • EU waves through Airbus mobile phone system

    We're OnAir

    Mobile 31 Jan 09:07

  • Small.biz gets more spam

    No filter, much spam

    Small Biz 31 Jan 09:08

  • EU balks at Windows Reduced Edition

    End User Multimedia Functionality? That's what you told us to do!

    Operating Systems 31 Jan 09:16

  • SBC rings AT&T for $16bn mega-merger

    Talking telephone numbers...

    Financial News 31 Jan 09:29

  • Inland Revenue site buckling under load

    Midnight deadline

    Small Biz 31 Jan 10:01

  • SMIC coughs $175m to settle espionage allegations

    TSMC prevails

    Financial News 31 Jan 11:17

  • Gates bemoans US visa restrictions

    Lack of foreign computing students a 'disaster'

    Developer 31 Jan 11:18

  • Dutch turn town into supercomputer

    Home PCs connected to computer grid

    Data Networking 31 Jan 11:19

  • Ebbers feared fortune would be 'wiped out'

    Witness cites possible motive for alleged fraud

    Business 31 Jan 11:24

  • Blaster copycat author jailed for 18 months

    Parson escapes with minimum sentence

    Security 31 Jan 11:29

  • IBM-Lenovo deal to face US govt. probe

    $1.25bn sale depends on Bush's say-so

    PCs 31 Jan 11:37

  • Music biz serves writ on German IT site

    Cannot publish links to CD protection-busting outfit

    Media 31 Jan 11:40

  • SCO parent sued by former execs

    Demand $100m and their jobs back

    Business 31 Jan 12:20

  • Man urinates his way out of avalanche

    Beer saves life

    Bootnotes 31 Jan 12:21

  • Intel, Nvidia were Q4's graphics chip winners

    Smaller players fared less well

    PCs 31 Jan 12:21

  • Rivals warn of BT 'delaying tactics'

    UKCTA alert ahead of Telecoms Review deadline

    Broadband 31 Jan 13:35

  • Interview with a link spammer

    It's nothing personal...

    Security 31 Jan 13:41

  • Hitachi brings IDE to 1.8in HDD line

    Ups capacity, too

    Storage 31 Jan 14:12

  • Casino rents eBay cleavage for £422

    A lot of mams for its bucks

    Bootnotes 31 Jan 14:39

  • Apple updates G4 PowerBooks with Bluetooth 2.0

    One last fling?

    Mac Channel 31 Jan 14:45

  • VIA unveils P4 PCI-E chipsets

    'Two cards, four monitors' vs 'two cards, one screen'

    System Builder 31 Jan 15:15

  • Touts flood eBay with black market tickets

    340,000 during 2005, estimates security outfit

    Financial News 31 Jan 15:23

  • Women warm to online betting

    Females who like a flutter

    Financial News 31 Jan 16:00

  • 'Thiefproof' car key cracked

    Grand Theft RFID

    Security 31 Jan 16:02

  • Doom goes back to boardgame origins

    Got no Clue?

    Bootnotes 31 Jan 16:04

  • Marconi picks Chinese hardware partner

    Huawei makes another friend

    Data Networking 31 Jan 16:05

  • Help required to build Reg reader profile

    Spare us five minutes...

    Site News 31 Jan 16:21

  • Computing network warns of massive climate change


    Science 31 Jan 16:29

  • BT biz broadband billing balls-up

    Forgot to charge 700 customers

    Small Biz 31 Jan 17:08

  • Hormel Spam trademark case canned

    Court rejects action against Spambuster

    Security 31 Jan 17:33

  • Phishing morphs into pharming

    Nascent threat worries security researchers

    Security 31 Jan 17:49

  • EMC finds vacuum for backup software upgrades

    Don't tell. We have new wizards

    Storage 31 Jan 22:23