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EU waves through Airbus mobile phone system

There seems to be some confusion over the EU approval of the SITA-Airbus joint venture to put mobile phones onto aircraft. The approval has been granted- but it's a political approval, not a technical one - not yet.
Guy Kewney, 31 Jan 2005

Small.biz gets more spam

Small businesses are more likely to be targeted by spam email than larger companies. According to Postini, an email security firm, businesses with 100 or less computer users get up to 10 times more spam than corporates employing over 10,000 workers.
Startups.co.uk, 31 Jan 2005

EU balks at Windows Reduced Edition

The EU has scotched the name Microsoft had planned for the unbundled versions of Windows that it must ship in Europe as result of last year's antitrust decree.
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jan 2005

SBC rings AT&T for $16bn mega-merger

SBC is buying former parent AT&T for $16bn in cash and shares. AT&T, or Ma Bell, was started in 1875 by Alexander Graham Bell.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2005

Inland Revenue site buckling under load

The Inland Revenue website is creaking under the strain of last minute tax returns, as people try to beat the 31 January midnight deadline and avoid a £100 fine.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Jan 2005
For Sale sign detail

SMIC coughs $175m to settle espionage allegations

Chinese chip foundry SMIC has paid TSMC, the world's largest semiconductor producer, $175m to settle the legal action its Taiwanese rival launched against it last year.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2005

Gates bemoans US visa restrictions

Bill Gates is worried that US visa restrictions, imposed after the 11 September attacks, are starting to damage the US software industry.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2005

Dutch turn town into supercomputer

The Dutch town of Almere will host the world's first virtual city supercomputer or computer grid. And "Almeregrid" will rely primarily on home PCs connected to high speed fibre optic links.
Jan Libbenga, 31 Jan 2005

Ebbers feared fortune would be 'wiped out'

Bernie Ebbers feared that his personal fortune would be "wiped out" unless something was done to improve the financial health of ailing telecoms outfit WorldCom. Former financial controller David Myers recalled a meeting in 2001 where the former WorldCom boss called on senior execs to turn the company around. The stock price was falling as expenses spiralled and revenues had dipped.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2005

Blaster copycat author jailed for 18 months

Jeffrey Lee Parson, author of a variant of the infamous Blaster worm, has been jailed for 18 months. The 19-year-old was also ordered to serve 100 hours of community service and spend three years on probation following his release at a sentencing hearing at the US District Court in Seattle last Friday (28 January).
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2005

IBM-Lenovo deal to face US govt. probe

The US Treasury Department has been formally asked to investigate the national security ramifications of the sale of IBM's PC division to Chinese vendor Lenovo, a move that could yet scupper the $1.25bn deal.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2005

Music biz serves writ on German IT site

German IT site Heise Online has received a writ preventing it from publishing links to Slysoft.com, a company that advertises software that can play, copy and rip protected audio CDs.
Jan Libbenga, 31 Jan 2005

SCO parent sued by former execs

SCO is facing legal action from three former senior executives of its parent company who want $100m in damages and their old jobs back.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2005

Man urinates his way out of avalanche

Hot on the heels of the tremendous news that beer can help fight cancer, we are delighted to report that a Slovak man trapped in his car by an avalanche urinated his way to freedom after working his way through 60 half-litre bottles of beer.
Lester Haines, 31 Jan 2005

Intel, Nvidia were Q4's graphics chip winners

Intel and Nvidia both grew their share of the graphics chip market during Q4 2004, but their gain came not from their chief rival, ATI, so much as the smaller players in the field, market watcher Jon Peddie Research (JPR) said today.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2005

Rivals warn of BT 'delaying tactics'

BT's rivals are upping the war of words against the UK's former telecoms monopoly ahead of this week's crucial deadline.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2005

Interview with a link spammer

ExclusiveSam - let's call our interviewee Sam, it's suitably anonymous - lives in a three-bedroom semi-detached house in London, drives a vintage Jaguar and runs his own company. But "it's not not all rock and roll and big money", says Sam. What isn't? Spamming websites and blogs with text to pump up the search engine rankings of sites pushing PPC (pills, porn and casinos), that's what.
Charles Arthur, 31 Jan 2005
Cat 5 cable

Hitachi brings IDE to 1.8in HDD line

Hitachi's hard drive operation has added 40GB and 60GB models to its line of 1.8in hard drives, which it has refreshed with an IDE interface the better to broaden its appeal from MP3 player manufacturers and the like to notebook makers.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2005

Casino rents eBay cleavage for £422

NSFWIt appears that online casino Golden Palace has successfully rented the legally-displayable portion of the Scotswoman's breasts offered as advertising space on eBay.
Lester Haines, 31 Jan 2005

Apple updates G4 PowerBooks with Bluetooth 2.0

Apple has applied the keenly awaited upgrade to its PowerBook G4 line, cutting prices and improving the specs - though sadly, but not surprisingly, minus the much-desired G5 processor.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2005

VIA unveils P4 PCI-E chipsets

VIA will today roll out its latest Pentium 4 chipsets, pitching the parts at mobo makers who want the graphics card flexibility that - the chip maker claims - rival products lack.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2005

Touts flood eBay with black market tickets

Some 340,000 black market tickets to gigs and sports events will be traded on eBay over the next 12 months, according to research from security outfit Group 4 Securicor.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2005

Women warm to online betting

Online gambling in the UK has grown 566 per cent since 2003 and the fast growth is mainly due to a big increase in the number of women betting online. In the early 90s, women represented just four per cent of gamblers but now 20 per cent of British women visit an online casino or betting site more than once a year.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2005

'Thiefproof' car key cracked

Researchers have discovered cryptographic vulnerabilities in the RFID technology used in high-security car keys and petrol pump payment systems. The attack against Texas Instruments DST tags used in vehicle immobilisers and ExxonMobil's SpeedPass system was identified by experts at Johns Hopkins University and RSA Laboratories.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2005

Doom goes back to boardgame origins

If your PC's too weak to pump out acceptable Doom 3 framerates - or you're heart's just getting too old to cope with game-series' ever more frenetic pace, US company Fantasy Flight Games has the answer: the Doom boardgame.
Tony Smith, 31 Jan 2005

Marconi picks Chinese hardware partner

Marconi and Huawei have come to mutually-loving distribution deal. The troubled telecoms firm will sell Huawei's carrier-grade data products, while Huawei will sell Marconi's access radio products. Along with signing a memorandum of understanding the firms have created working groups which will work together to form a stronger link by the end of March 2005.
John Oates, 31 Jan 2005

Computing network warns of massive climate change

The world could be as much as 11°C hotter inside 50 years, according to the first results from climateprediction.net, an experimental distributed computing network set up to simulate climate change.
Lucy Sherriff, 31 Jan 2005

BT biz broadband billing balls-up

BT has forgotten to bill 700 of its business broadband punters, according to a report by the UK Broadband User Group. It's seen a copy of a memo which suggests that some of its business users have been using broadband - but haven't been charged.
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2005

Hormel Spam trademark case canned

The UK High Court has decided that the curse of email - spam - is of greater significance than the meaty heart of a nutritious packed lunch - Spam canned meat.
Kieren McCarthy, 31 Jan 2005

Phishing morphs into pharming

Fraudsters and mischief makers are developing more insidious techniques for tricking users into visiting bogus websites. Rather than using spam to con prospective victims into clicking their way to illicit sites - so called phishing attacks - internet ne'er-do-wells are using DNS poisoning or domain hijacks to redirect users to dodgy urls.
John Leyden, 31 Jan 2005
DVD it in many colours

EMC finds vacuum for backup software upgrades

EMC today opened a second front in its stealth backup software assault on Veritas.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Jan 2005

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