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Mobile operators need IT know-how

Mobile operators attempts to increase revenues through corporate data services are doomed to failure unless they can provide more than just devices and airtime.
ElectricNews.net, 30 Jan 2005

Germany gets tough with spammers

Germany's ruling coalition of Social Democrats and Greens will introduce tough laws to fine spammers. People sending junk email in Germany can expect fines of up €50,000, Reuters reports.
Jan Libbenga, 30 Jan 2005

Classified Dutch military documents found on P2P site

At least 75 pages of highly classified information about human traffickers from the Dutch Royal Marechaussee - a service of the Dutch armed forces that is responsible for guarding the Dutch borders - have been leaked to the controversial weblog Geen Stijl (No Style).
Jan Libbenga, 30 Jan 2005

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