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Man in £20 van makes it to Gambia

After crossing France, Spain, Morocco, the Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal and finally the Gambia, Group One of this year's Plymouth-Dakar rally made it safe and sound to Banjul late last week.
John Oates, 18 Jan 2005

Intel, Pantech talk smart phone development

Is Intel about to enter the crowded mobile phone market? That's one conclusion that might be drawn from reports that South Korean handset maker Pantech is in negotiations with Intel over the joint manufacture of such devices.
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2005
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Data-storage laws fail to drive Euro sales

A survey of European IT directors reveals that although they believe data storage is crucial to business continuity, they are unclear about the role of legislation in forcing businesses to use the technology.
John Oates, 18 Jan 2005

UK onlines sales surge

E-tailers recorded a cracker of a Christmas with online sales jumping 20 per cent as more people shopped online during November and December 2004.
Tim Richardson, 18 Jan 2005

Symantec outlines plans for Veritas

Symantec has hired PricewaterhouseCoopers to help it integrate soon-tobe-acquired Veritas.
John Oates, 18 Jan 2005

Vendors target IBM ThinkPad market share

Notebook makers are hoping to carve up IBM's mobile market share following the sale of Big Blue's PC division to Chinese vendor Lenovo last month.
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2005

Scot in court on DDoS charges

A Scottish man suspected of orchestrating DDoS attacks on online businesses appeared in court yesterday following his arrest in a joint US/British crackdown on cybercrime last weekend.
John Leyden, 18 Jan 2005

Intel 2.13GHz Pentium M 770 arrives

Pentium M 770 processors have begun to appear in Tokyo shops today, ahead of tomorrow's formal launch of the 533MHz frontside bus-supporting chips.
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2005

The mysterious case of the 'gay-bomb' request

The US military, planned to use stink bombs, chemicals that cause bad breath, and a so-called "gay-bomb" that would make enemy soldiers irresistible to one another as part of a range of non-lethal, but disruptive and morale-damaging weapons.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Jan 2005

Lawson lures Peoplesoft punters

Lawson Software is looking to lure Peoplesoft and JD Edwards customers away from Oracle with an improved migration programme.
John Oates, 18 Jan 2005

Sony admits PSP 'update' is genuine

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Portable (PSP) updater that leaked onto the web this past weekend is genuine.
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2005

Telewest, NTL unveil VoD services

The UK's two cablcecos have unveiled their video-on-demand services today as they look to bring greater flexibility to digital TV viewers.
Tim Richardson, 18 Jan 2005

German court rules email blocking 'illegal'

Selectively filtering out emails of a specific sender may constitute an offence, the Higher Regional Court (OLG) in Karlsruhe ruled on Monday.
Jan Libbenga, 18 Jan 2005

Sony Ericsson profits leap 28%

Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson made a net profit of £55m in Q4 FY2004, ended 31 December, an increase of 28 per cent on the same period last year.
John Oates, 18 Jan 2005
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Enterprise WLAN firms update switch tech

WLAN switch makers Aruba and Trapeze today upgraded their enterprise-oriented wireless networking offerings.
Tony Smith, 18 Jan 2005

Sunncomm gets a nod and a wink from Universal

DRM software maker SunnComm has signed another major music label up as a customer - sort of.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jan 2005

ESA shows off Titanic views

The European Space Agency has released a new image of the surface of Titan. The composite shot, made from a jigsaw puzzle of 30 images, shows the moon from a height of around ten kilometres, just over a kilometre higher than Everest.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Jan 2005

Red Hat readies new release

Linux distributor Red Hat is readying the next release of its enterprise operating system which will have improved security and full support for the 2.6 Linux kernel.
John Oates, 18 Jan 2005

Verizon and Yahoo! forge broadband alliance

Verizon Communications Inc - the US's largest telecoms company - is hooking up with Yahoo! to promote a co-branded broadband service.
Tim Richardson, 18 Jan 2005

Airbus rolls out A380

Airbus this morning rolled out its twin deck, 555-seat A380 superjumbo at a celeb-packed ceremony in Toulouse.
Lester Haines, 18 Jan 2005

HP takes on RISC with Itanium 2 gambit

HP threw its weight behind Itanium 2 processors yesterday with the launch of a range of Integrity servers based on Intel's Madison chip. It also debuted a pay-per-use pricing policy for Windows, improved virtualisation software and support for a fourth operating system, OpenVMS 8.2.
John Leyden, 18 Jan 2005
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Veritas retools its Backup Exec baby

Veritas has once again beefed up its popular storage software - Backup Exec - aimed at small- and medium-sized customers by adding a number of tools typically found only with its more expensive products.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jan 2005

Liberty Media and UnitedGlobalCom to merge

Cable TV giant Liberty Media International, Inc. and broadband outfit UnitedGlobalCom, Inc. have agreed to merge.
Tim Richardson, 18 Jan 2005

Worm poses as porn-purging program

A new mass-mailing worm which tries to scare naive users into running it by saying pornographic content has been found on their PCs has begun doing the rounds. Users are told that adult material on their PC can be hidden by running an attached program called "Evidence Cleaner", actually the Baba-C worm.
John Leyden, 18 Jan 2005

Veritas CEO promises Symantec buy will be kind and gentle

Veritas CEO Gary Bloom assured nervous customers that the proposed merger between his company and Symantec will not result in massive layoffs or massive drops in support.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jan 2005

MPs to scrutinise Ofcom's telecoms review

MPs are to scrutinise Ofcom's strategic review of the telecoms industry to assess the regulator's approach to promoting the right framework for a competitive broadband market. The Trade and Industry Select Committee (TISC) wants to examine the progress of the review so far and to make sure that the year-long investigation into the UK's telecoms sector is heading in the right direction.
Tim Richardson, 18 Jan 2005

Readers storm Verizon email blockade

LettersThis week, we'll begin with a selection from the rather large response to Verizon's decision to block all European emails by default. It says the move is designed to reduce spam (uh-huh) and despite reports to the contrary, claims that it only blocks spam messages on an individual basis:
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Jan 2005

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