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Post Office delivers phone service

The Post Office today returned to the telecoms sector with its HomePhone service. The organisation, which ran the UK's telecoms network until BT was spun out in 1981, is gunning for one in 20 of BT's residential fixed line customers by 2008.
Tim Richardson, 10 Jan 2005

BETT hosts finals of F1 in Schools design challenge

The finals of a nationwide design and engineering competition will be held in London this week at the BETT Educational Technology show. More than 300 schools have submitted entries to the National Jaguar F1 Team in Schools competition, but only one team can emerge victorious.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jan 2005

UK leads Europe in VoD

With the most developed digital and pay TV market in Europe, it is hardly surprising that the UK also ranks as the most diverse and developed market for on-demand services. The UK is home to examples of every form of on-demand delivery, from standard cable near-video-on-demand services, through satellite Personal Video Recorders (PVRs), to full-blown IP-enabled DSL television platforms offering true video-on-demand over the telephone line.
Screen Digest, 10 Jan 2005

Consultant 'army' already busy on UK ID card scheme

The UK's ID scheme, which the Government intends to railroad through its commons committee stage within the next three weeks, already has more than 80 people working on it, according to figures obtained by the Liberal Democrats and published in the Daily Telegraph today.
John Lettice, 10 Jan 2005

Exploit code attacks unpatched IE bug

Code which exploits a vulnerability in the HTML Help control of Internet Explorer has been released onto the net. Secunia has upgraded the vulnerability, uncovered in October 2004, to "extremely critical". Even users who have upgraded to Windows XP SP2 with all available patches are affected, the security reporting firm warns.
John Leyden, 10 Jan 2005

Canadian net pharmacies wait for dotcom diagnosis

Canada's thriving online drugs industry could be forced to swallow a bitter pill if the Government proceeds with plans to choke the sale of prescription drugs to the US.
Tim Richardson, 10 Jan 2005

Blair bumps Brown to schmooze with Gates at Davos

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair elbowed aside Chancellor Gordon Brown in order to star alongside Bill Gates and Thabo Mbeki at a Davos World Economic Forum session on Poverty, reports the Sunday Times. Blair, who is currently engaged in an absurdly squalid succession-related battle with Brown in the public prints, even arranged for the date of the session to be brought forward a day in order to fit himself in, as he couldn't make the 28th January.
John Lettice, 10 Jan 2005

Super 3G group flexes its muscles

NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone, the carriers that are most reliant on the survival of the GSM technologies into a fourth generation, have formed the Super 3G group to develop upgrades for W-CDMA.
Wireless Watch, 10 Jan 2005

Make-or-break year for WiMAX

It's clear that 2005 will be the make or break year for WiMAX. Every wireless chip and equipment maker of note bar Qualcomm is now part of the WiMAX Forum; the planned harmonization of 802.16e with Korea’s Wi-Bro could create the first unified global standard for both fixed and mobile communications; WiMAX could quite realistically be the basis, in later iterations, of 4G.
Wireless Watch, 10 Jan 2005

Wobble bottoms get mobile boost

If you're struggling - in common with millions of other Xmas overindulgers - to shed a few pounds in anticipation of hitting the beaches of Rio de Janeiro this summer without being ridiculed as the lardy wobble-bottom you currently are, then look no further than a mobile innovation from Weightwatchers and mobile platform and services provider Extended Systems.
Lester Haines, 10 Jan 2005
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US software pirate jailed for 18 months

A US software pirate has been sentenced to 18 months' jail by a Virginia court for punting illicit programmes via a pay-for-access website, Australian IT reports.
Lester Haines, 10 Jan 2005

IBM exports Liverpool jobs to India

ExclusiveIBM is exporting more UK jobs to India under "strategic" changes to an outsourcing contract with insurer Royal & SunAlliance (RSA).
Tim Richardson, 10 Jan 2005

Southampton Uni goes Open Access

Southampton University has made all of its academic and scientific research output available for free on the web. The University said the decision marks a new era in Open Access to research in the UK; it will host workshops for other academic institutions thinking of making a similar transition.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jan 2005

Stamping Passport

ColumnOnline auction house eBay recently announced that it would discontinue support for Microsoft's Passport authentication service, touching off lively discussions on Slashdot and other forums where anti-Microsoft sentiment runs strong. Passport has long been plagued with criticism and concerns over privacy and security, and for those who oppose Passport, this latest move seems to validate those concerns: clearly, they say, no one trusts Microsoft with their information, and that's why Passport failed. But I just don't buy that argument.
Mark Burnett, 10 Jan 2005

BT attacks Post Office 'dark ages' service

BT has thrown a strop because Postman Pat is muscling in on its telecoms business.
Tim Richardson, 10 Jan 2005

BeCrypt acquires Data Sentry from Serco

Serco today sold the rights to its Data Sentry security software to BeCrypt, a UK encryption specialist. BeCrypt is an established provider of encryption software to UK police forces and will used Data Sentry to offer higher security for government and defence contractors’ mobile devices.
John Leyden, 10 Jan 2005

Skype VoIP threat to Euro telcos

Broadband telephony outfit Skype looks set to become a major threat to Europe's traditional telcos as more and people use the net to make phone calls.
Tim Richardson, 10 Jan 2005

Spammers tax DNS infrastructures

Spammers are straining the world's Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure. eWeek reports that emerging tactics - such as sending bulk mailings at night from very-recently registered domains - are placing a heavy load on DNS servers attempting to look-up non-existent domains.
John Leyden, 10 Jan 2005

The MS spyware experiment, moving calendars...

LettersThere is a wide range of opinion out there on Microsoft's entry into the anti-spyware market...we wouldn't have it any other way:
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jan 2005

Scientists watch matter fall into black hole

An international team of astronomers has made direct observations of clumps of gas, orbiting a black hole at ten per cent of the speed of light. This is the first time scientists have been able to see individual X-ray- emitting lumps of matter go all the way round a black hole.
Lucy Sherriff, 10 Jan 2005

Oracle shy about new mobile database

Oracle has freshened up its database built for mobile devices, adding a couple of new tools that make downloading updates and managing the software easier.
Ashlee Vance, 10 Jan 2005

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