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Patriot Act used to quell laser pointer terror

A New Jersey miracle man has been charged under the Patriot Act for allegedly shining a laser into two pilots' eyes.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Jan 2005

It's official: storage is the new chips

As the world's largest gadget show opens in Las Vegas this week, the storage announcements will be more eagerly awaited than usual. In the past it used to be the semiconductor designers who were the physicists of IT, the scientists supreme. With good reason: not only was chip design and manufacturing immensely difficult to do well, but the capabilities of the computer were defined by raw processing power. Now it's the magnetic storage that defines the device.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Jan 2005

Apple confirms MacWorld rumors with fresh lawsuit

Apple has confirmed the veracity of reports detailing its MacWorld announcements in the most expensive way possible - by filing a civil lawsuit against the website which published them.
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Jan 2005

Tiscali UK slips open broadband price promo kimono

Tiscali UK has unveiled a nationwide ad campaign in the national press to plug a series of New Year deals for its broadband and internet services.
Tim Richardson, 06 Jan 2005
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Fujitsu in the frame for massive Lloyds TSB deal

Lloyds TSB, the retail bank, is set to award a multi-million pound IT systems contract to Fujitsu Services, according to Computer Weekly.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jan 2005

Tsunami relief donors under cyber-attack, says FBI

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reports that Netizens wishing to help victims of the recent tsunami, and who attempt to donate money online to relief organizations, may themselves become victims of a browser exploit that will infect their boxes.
Thomas C Greene, 06 Jan 2005

US goes on Xmas e-spending orgy

According to the holiday e-spending report from Goldman Sachs, Harris Interactive and Nielsen//NetRatings, US online consumers blew $23.2bn in the run-up to Christmas - a rise of 25 per cent from a year ago. Most of the cash went on clothing, toys, video games and consumer electronics, while items like jewellery, flowers and computer gear made big gains.
ElectricNews.net, 06 Jan 2005

Sky charges for repairs to non-faulty digiboxes

ExclusiveBritish Sky Broadcasting has denied accusations that the company tried to profit from a known software fault in its digital video recorders, after customers were charged £65 for engineers to visit their homes.
Andrew Smith, 06 Jan 2005

Boffins to filter duff sperm

Australian scientists from the University of Newcastle in New South Wales reckon they have built a machine that can sort duff sperm from the sort of virile, thrusting, genetically-superior seed required for successful IVF.
Lester Haines, 06 Jan 2005

Aussie crooks recruit teen phishing mules

Phishing fraudsters have sunk to a new low in seeking to recruit Australian school and college students as "money mules". These hi-tech Fagins - Australia-based crooks with links to Russian and Malay crime gangs - have established a network of students able to funnel money from compromised accounts overseas. To date, 61 victims of the gang with combined illicit earnings of $600,000 have been identified, Australia's Daily Telegraph reports.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2005

China fearful of net

China shows no sign of easing up on its tough stand against the internet after an article in the country's leading Communist Party magazine warned that the net threatened the culture of China.
Tim Richardson, 06 Jan 2005

MS on digital content deal rampage

Microsoft has announced deals with TiVo and MTV to provide content for Windows mobile devices, such as portable media centres and some smartphones and Pocket PCs. The company has also launched its own MSN Video Downloads service, which will make clips from sources including FOX Sports, MSNBC and Food Network available to its subscribers.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jan 2005

Council suspends CCTV Peeping Toms

Police are investigating a a trio of municipal "Peeping Toms" from Sefton, Merseyside who reportedly trained a street safety CCTV camera on a woman’s flat in Liverpool's Bootle district, UK tabloid the Sun reports.
Lester Haines, 06 Jan 2005
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Microsoft UK fires seven over staff purchase abuse

ExclusiveMicrosoft UK has sacked seven employees and called in police following the "alleged abuse of [its] employee purchase programme".
Tim Richardson, 06 Jan 2005

eBayer bids $20k for Texas snowball

All is evidently well in the wonderful world of eBay - a fact confirmed by the (quite literally) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a Texas snowball.
Lester Haines, 06 Jan 2005

Sims 2 hacks spread like viruses

Players of Electronic Arts' enormously popular simulated life game are complaining that their artfully-crafted homes and mansions are beginning to resemble the Twilight Zone, thanks to an artifact of the game's design that causes hacks to spread like viruses from user to unwitting user.
Kevin Poulsen, 06 Jan 2005

Cliff Stanford trial date set

UpdatedThe trial of Cliff Stanford, founder of Demon Internet and Redbus, on charges of blackmail and "email poaching" (originally scheduled to begin 10 January) has been put back to 28 January. Stanford along with co-defendant George Liddell are accused of conspiring to intercept emails sent to Redbus chairman John Porter during a boardroom battle at the London-based hosting firm. Both men deny conspiracy to blackmail and interception of communications contrary to the RIPA Act 2000. They face a trial before Judge Geoffrey Rivlin at London's Southwark Crown Court later this month.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2005

ISS plumbing plays up again

The International Space Station's troublesome Elektron oxygen generator is playing up again - despite a recent attempt by a relief crew to repair the Russian-built apparatus.
Lester Haines, 06 Jan 2005

China rejects Siemens phone business

Rumours that Siemens was planning to offload its loss-making hardware division to China were dispelled today by the prospective partner company, Ningbo Bird. The Chinese manufacturer said that it was not considering buying the division from Siemens, and added that neither had it been approached by Siemens about such a deal.
Lucy Sherriff, 06 Jan 2005

Nvidia unveils mainstream GeForce 6 mobile GPUs

CES 2005Nvidia has introduced its first mobile graphics chip with its AGP-style TurboCache memory management system.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2005

Fossil finally ships Palm OS PDA wristwatch

CES 2005Watch maker Fossil has formally revived its previously ill-fated Palm OS-based PDA wristwatch project - a year after it appeared to kill off the product before it even shipped.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2005

Toshiba to ship 2GB 'phone HDD' by month's end

CES 2005Toshiba said today it will begin shipping its mobile phone-oriented 2GB, 0.85in hard drive at the end of the month.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2005

Laser 'marksman' should join Bin Laden hunt

LettersAs reported yesterday, there is a man in New Jersey being publicly flogged for allegedly beaming a green laser into the eyes of two jet pilots. The fellow - David Banach - claims to have been pointing out stars to his young daughter and to have accidentally hit the plane with his beam. The Feds, however, have lobbed very serious threats at Banach, charging him under a provision of the Patriot Act for disrupting the operators of a mass transportation vehicle.
Ashlee Vance, 06 Jan 2005

Transmeta touts Media Center PC design

CES 2005Transmeta today took a leaf out of rival x86-compatible CPU maker VIA's book and launched a fanless reference design to help it pitch its processors at home entertainment systems companies.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2005

Toshiba unplugs stereo 'phones with Bluetooth

CES 2005Toshiba has unveiled a pair of wireless headphones that hook up to a host PC across a Bluetooth 1.2 link.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2005

Archos preps Linux, Wi-Fi enabled portable media player

CES 2005Archos further loosened the ties between portable media players and PC hosts today with the launch of its first Wi-Fi enabled device.
Tony Smith, 06 Jan 2005

eBay aims to thwart phishing

eBay is rolling out a private messaging service to customers to make it easier to distinguish official announcements from fraudulent 'phishing' emails.
John Leyden, 06 Jan 2005
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eBay bids for PC recycling glory

CES 2005eBay is to tackle "e-waste": obsolete PCs that poison the environment when dumped in landfills.
Jan Libbenga, 06 Jan 2005

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