6th January 2005 Archive

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  • Patriot Act used to quell laser pointer terror

    Don't look now

    Bootnotes 06 00:51

  • It's official: storage is the new chips

    5GB flash, 10GB microdrives announced

    Storage 06 09:27

  • Apple confirms MacWorld rumors with fresh lawsuit

    Point legal dept at feet, take aim, fire

    Mac Channel 06 09:34

  • Tiscali UK slips open broadband price promo kimono

    Ooh la la

    Broadband 06 10:44

  • Fujitsu in the frame for massive Lloyds TSB deal

    Up against IBM

    Data Centre 06 10:46

  • Tsunami relief donors under cyber-attack, says FBI

    Trojans and 419ers mobilise

    Security 06 10:47

  • US goes on Xmas e-spending orgy

    Santa blows $23.2bn online

    Small Biz 06 11:40

  • Sky charges for repairs to non-faulty digiboxes

    Bug in our software? That's £65 please

    Personal 06 11:42

  • Boffins to filter duff sperm

    Sorting the sheep from the goats

    Science 06 11:42

  • Aussie crooks recruit teen phishing mules


    Security 06 11:58

  • China fearful of net

    Can 'unsettle a country's foundations'

    Media 06 12:50

  • MS on digital content deal rampage

    TiVo, MTV and FOX Sports all signed up

    Personal 06 12:56

  • Council suspends CCTV Peeping Toms

    Allegedly spied on woman's flat

    Security 06 12:56

  • Microsoft UK fires seven over staff purchase abuse

    Baker 'shocked to hear of abuse by trusted co-workers'

    Security 06 13:55

  • eBayer bids $20k for Texas snowball

    A 'wonderful piece of history'

    Bootnotes 06 13:58

  • Sims 2 hacks spread like viruses

    Surprise, surprise

    Security 06 14:18

  • Cliff Stanford trial date set

    Redbus Interhouse founder

    Media 06 14:20

  • ISS plumbing plays up again

    Oxygen generator on the blink

    Science 06 14:39

  • China rejects Siemens phone business

    Ningbo Bird not interested in deal

    Mobile 06 15:34

  • Nvidia unveils mainstream GeForce 6 mobile GPUs

    First TurboCache chips for notebooks

    System Builder 06 17:51

  • Fossil finally ships Palm OS PDA wristwatch

    Second-generation model launched

    Mobile 06 18:21

  • Toshiba to ship 2GB 'phone HDD' by month's end

    Announces 4GB version for mid-year release

    Mobile 06 18:48

  • Laser 'marksman' should join Bin Laden hunt

    Get him on Our Side

    Letters 06 20:17

  • Transmeta touts Media Center PC design

    Courts CE vendors with 'fanless' reference platform

    System Builder 06 20:23

  • Toshiba unplugs stereo 'phones with Bluetooth

    Wireless hi-fi

    Peripherals 06 20:56

  • Archos preps Linux, Wi-Fi enabled portable media player

    What, no host computer? No, and no PDA either

    Mobile 06 21:24

  • eBay aims to thwart phishing

    My Messages heading for the UK

    Security 06 23:21

  • eBay bids for PC recycling glory

    Assembles PC coalition

    Management 06 23:38