4th January 2005 Archive

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  • LA sues travel sites for hotel tax chicanery

    Internet math is bad math

    Media 04 07:37

  • AMD unveils portable video player chip

    Integrated video engine to offer DVD quality on a handheld

    Mobile 04 09:51

  • Global chip sales edged up in November 04

    Just about...

    The Channel 04 10:06

  • Police grab 60,000 AMD CPUs

    Chips said to be duds, re-marked for sale

    PCs 04 10:25

  • Intel Smithfield chipsets said to support SATA 2

    Grantsdale updated in the meantime

    System Builder 04 10:53

  • HSBC systems cock-up blights holiday sales

    Hack attack ruled out

    Data Centre 04 11:20

  • Samsung Q30 ultra-portable notebook

    Very thin, very light - but totally desirable?

    Reviews 04 11:39

  • BT engineers head for Indonesia

    Volunteer to help rebuild comms links

    Broadband 04 13:44

  • Mum defends tsunami 'wave rat'

    Tsunamirelief.com auction outrage

    Media 04 13:47

  • Apple ships Xsan 64-bit cluster file system

    Upgrades Xserve to dual 2.3GHz CPUs, too

    Storage 04 14:36

  • Stelios eyes Europe for easyMobile service

    Germany, Greece and the Netherlands get the look

    Mobile 04 15:17

  • Nortel given more time to file updated fiscals

    Risks NYSE delisting if it doesn't

    Financial News 04 15:22

  • Napster trades on Nasdaq

    Arrivederci, Roxio

    Media 04 15:57

  • Bids made for Tiscali France

    To flog or not to flog

    Broadband 04 16:26

  • Cough up $27m, appeals court orders disgraced Cisco exec

    The Great Stock and Roll Swindle

    Bootnotes 04 19:56

  • Judge blocks Microsoft from banking Utah software piracy winnings

    MBC gets a new day in court

    The Channel 04 21:07