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LA sues travel sites for hotel tax chicanery

The city of Los Angeles has sued a group of internet travel sites for allegedly skimping on hotel room taxes.
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AMD unveils portable video player chip

AMD has unveiled its latest Alchemy MIPS-based embedded processor, the Au1200, pitching the part at digital video consumer electronics kit.

Global chip sales edged up in November 04

World chip sales rose sequentially in November 2004, with 1.2 per cent more product sold than the industry managed in the previous month, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) said this week.
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Police grab 60,000 AMD CPUs

Taiwanese police have seized some 60,000 allegedly dud AMD processors believed to have been made ready for sale as fully functioning product.

Intel Smithfield chipsets said to support SATA 2

Intel's next-generation Pentium 4 desktop chipsets, 'Glenwood' and 'Lakeport', will support Serial ATA 2, 667MHz DDR 2 and a 1066MHz frontside bus clock frequency, according to Taiwanese motherboard-maker sources of DigiTimes.

HSBC systems cock-up blights holiday sales

Technical problems left HSBC's UK customers unable to withdraw cash from ATMs or use the bank's online facilities yesterday. Customers were also unable to use HSBC cards to pay for purchases in shops from around midday yesterday because of the same fault.
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Samsung Q30 ultra-portable notebook

Review Last year I reviewed Sony's Vaio X505 notebook and was stunned at just how wafer-thin and light it was. Although I've looked at a number of ultra-portable notebooks since then, I've yet to see anything as slim, light or sexy as the Sony - until now. There are few technology products that I'd describe as beautiful, but the Samsung Q30 definitely falls into that category, writes Riyad Emeran.
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BT engineers head for Indonesia

Seven BT engineers have volunteered to help rebuild communications in disaster-hit Indonesia following the devastating Boxing Day tsunami.
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Mum defends tsunami 'wave rat'

A Canadian student who tried to flog the domain name "tsunamirelief.com" for $50,000 on eBay was only trying to raise relief funds, his mother claims.

Apple ships Xsan 64-bit cluster file system

Apple today got some of its less consumer-friendly New Year announcements out of the way ahead of next week's Macworld Expo keynote and its more mainstream focus.
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Stelios eyes Europe for easyMobile service

EasyMobile - the yet-to-be-launched discount mobile phone outfit headed by serial entrepreneur Stelios Haji-Ioannou - could be prepared to launch its service in Europe, according to the Financial Times.

Nortel given more time to file updated fiscals

Nortel Networks has been granted an additional three months to file restated financial figures. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has extended a deadline for Nortel to file its 2003 annual report with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to 31 March 2005.
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Napster trades on Nasdaq

Napster has begun its life as an independent company, following the completion of the sale of former parent Roxio's software operation.
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Bids made for Tiscali France

The financial future of Europe's third biggest ISP is once again in the spotlight following reports that it's looking to flog its French business.
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Cough up $27m, appeals court orders disgraced Cisco exec

A disgraced former Cisco exec has failed in his bid from behind bars to reduce the amount he will have to repay for swindling his former employers.

Judge blocks Microsoft from banking Utah software piracy winnings

An appeals court has temporarily rescued a small Utah software distributor from the legal clutches of Microsoft by throwing out an earlier decision that confirmed software piracy charges.