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‘In Europe you have watches but in Africa we have time’

Reg hack John Oates took time out from the Plymouth-Banjul rally — “just like the Paris-Dakar event, but for poorer, more stupid, people” — to file this report from Mauritania.
John Oates, 03 Jan 2005

Man, 40, admits tsunami hoax emails

A 40 year-old man today pleaded guilty to sending hoax emails to friends and relatives of British people missing following the Tsunami disaster.
Drew Cullen, 03 Jan 2005

Heathrow x-ray weapons scanner, just say no

A Register reader passes us an eye-witness account of progress with the see through clothes scanner currently being tested at Heathrow Terminal 4. As one might expect from a country that deploys stuff without considering health implications, the testing is splendidly incoherent, and unlikely to produce anything in the way of valid data.
John Lettice, 03 Jan 2005

Fujitsu Siemens loses German PC levy case

A German court has ordered PC maker Fujitsu Siemens to pay a royalty of €12 for every PC it sells in Germany. A Munich district court believes that as with blank media such as audio and video cassettes, the levy should compensate rights holders for lost royalties.
Jan Libbenga, 03 Jan 2005

FBI clears terrorists of shining laser pointers at pilots

Terrorists have not engaged in a nationwide plot to annoy pilots with laser pointers, according to the FBI.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Jan 2005
Cat 5 cable

Run from Sun ahead of Q2 - analyst

Sun Microsystems has benefited from some misplaced optimism and will likely see its share price fall in the coming weeks, according to one of the most respected financial analysts.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Jan 2005

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