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Trojan Horse Christmas

ColumnMy wife Denise is really a brilliant woman, probably the smartest person I know. Earlier this year, we went to see the movie Troy, about, obviously, the Trojan War. At the end of the movie, just in line with the world famous story, the Trojans find an enormous wooden horse on the beach and, after some discussion, drag it into the city. They proceed to celebrate wildly, celebrating what they think is the abandonment of the war by the Greeks, and eventually everyone collapses into a drunken stupor. Cut to the waiting Greek ships, hidden a few miles away, just waiting for the signal. Cut back to the center of Troy and the horse, bathed in soft moonlight, when slowly, slowly, a door in the belly of the great wooden horse creeaaaks open, and out softly slither the Greeks who were hidden inside ...
Scott Granneman, 31 Dec 2004

Processors and semiconductors

2004 in review2004 was a year of two distinct halves for the semiconductor industry, the first characterised by boom, the latter not so much bust as a vaguely downward slide. Final figures are not yet in for the last months of the year, but the start of the second half showed a clear decline. This prompted numerous revisions of forecasts made during the first, more vigorous half.
Tony Smith, 31 Dec 2004

IBM hands Lenovo billion-dollar PC loser

IBM sold Lenovo a real clunker of a PC business, according to a new filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Ashlee Vance, 31 Dec 2004

Firm gives P2P networks adware infection

Not content with poisoning P2P networks with fake music files, an ally of the big media companies has decided to lob pop-ups and adware at users, according to research done by reporters at PC World.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Dec 2004

Oracle sends pesky PeopleSoft brass packing

Oracle has canned four PeopleSoft executives, including the company's CFO, as it marches on with the $10.3bn acquisition.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Dec 2004

BitTorrent hub ready to rumble with Hollywood

A brave BitTorrent server operator has decided to pick a fight with the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and is asking for donations to help it mount a legal defense against the movie studios.
Ashlee Vance, 31 Dec 2004

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