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Tesco claims 500,000 mobile sign-ups

Tesco has signed up 500,000 subscribers for its UK mobile phone service, just 14 months after setting up in business.

Intel invests in three digital home firms

Intel continues to pump money into companies developing products for the so-called 'digital home'. Three more of these firms have received undisclosed investments, the chip giant said today.

Samsung founds $100m antitrust fines fund

Samsung has put $100m to one side just in case the US Department of Justice fines it for allegedly conspiring to fix memory prices.
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Union slams MoT IT system delays

A computer system which will enable people to check out the MoT status of cars they want to buy is running two and a half years late. The original launch date for the database, designed by Siemens Business Services, was May 2002, but since then it has missed three "go live" dates, most recently today, according to the Public and Commercial Services Union.

JVC preps dual DVD/Blu-ray disc

Japanese consumer electronics company JVC has created an optical disc that contains both regular DVD and Blu-ray Disc zones.
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BT has 'Big Brother' wobbles over ID scheme bids

British Telecom may not bid for ID card contracts because of concern that its involvement would make it seem like a 'Big Brother' company in the eyes of the public. According to This is London, BT has been talking to consultants and public bodies, including Liberty, in order to gauge how close involvement with the ID scheme would be perceived.
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FCC to auction three 3G bands from June 06

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will auction off the States' 1710-1755MHz and 2110-2155MHz spectrum bands to prospective 3G telephony providers by June 2006 at the earliest.
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Microsoft revokes Passport service

Microsoft has given up on trying to hawk its controversial Passport sign-on service to other companies, according to a report in the LA Times
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Windows XP users Phelled by new Trojan

A new Trojan horse - named Phel - that punishes users of Microsoft Windows XP operating system is in the wild.

Snowed-in code blamed for Comair's Xmas flight collapse

Aging server software has been blamed for Comair's holiday collapse that left thousands of travelers stranded.