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Apple preps sub-$500 iMac - report

Apple is said to be preparing a return to the 'pizza box' casings last seen in its classic LC and Performa Macs in the mid-1990s, but at this stage it's not entirely clear who the machine will be aimed at.
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PalmSource beats Street with pint-sized profit

Palm OS developer PalmSource made a modest profit during its most recently completed fiscal quarter, the company said this week, beating analyst expectations into the bargain.
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Symbian worm source code slips out

Cabir, the Symbian OS and Series 60 UI-targeting malware, is expected to spread significantly in the coming months after the source code was posted on the Internet this week.
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Tulip offloads Commodore brand

PC maker Tulip is to sell the Commodore brandname to US company Yeahronimo Media Ventures for €24m ($33m), the Dutch company revealed this week.
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DSL in Germany gets cheap and dirty

Internet users in Germany can now have a DSL line for as little as €3.99 per month. Germany's biggest ISP, T-Online, has launched its no-frills DSL brand Congster in a fight back against low-cost rivals, Reuters reports.
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Oracle completes regime change at PeopleSoft

Oracle has boldly claimed that it now has full control of PeopleSoft, although its takeover is actually not quite done.

Hitachi lobs lawsuit at Chinese disk drive maker

Hitachi's disk drive business has sued a young Chinese disk drive maker, charging the Chinese rival with patent infringement.
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Appeals court tells state to keep hands off VoIP

A Minnesota agency has again been blocked from regulating VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services by a federal appeals court.