29th December 2004 Archive

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  • Apple preps sub-$500 iMac - report

    Low-cost, TiVo-like living room media computer, anyone?

    Mac Channel 29 10:15

  • PalmSource beats Street with pint-sized profit

    Next quarter not so hot, though

    Mobile 29 10:39

  • Symbian worm source code slips out

    Cabir variants go forth and multiply

    Mobile 29 11:06

  • Tulip offloads Commodore brand

    €24m sale to US media company

    Consoles 29 11:19

  • DSL in Germany gets cheap and dirty

    No thrills at knockdown prices

    Broadband 29 13:04

  • Oracle completes regime change at PeopleSoft

    Tries to woo stubborn shareholders

    Financial News 29 19:30

  • Hitachi lobs lawsuit at Chinese disk drive maker

    Big dispute over little disks

    Storage 29 20:07

  • Appeals court tells state to keep hands off VoIP

    Vonage victorious in Minnesota

    Broadband 29 22:26