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AMD told not to execute 'no execute' ad campaign

Chip manufacturer AMD can no longer claim in a Dutch advertising campaign that users of its Athlon 64 processors don't have to worry about viruses.
Jan Libbenga, 24 Dec 2004
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2005: huge turbulence in IT market

2005 will be a year of enormous turbulence for the high-tech sector, IDC says.
ElectricNews.net, 24 Dec 2004

Let's play the Magic Quadrant game

What do the following have in common?
Philip Howard, 24 Dec 2004

Gizmondo gears up for US launch

Gizmondo is expected to announce the exact timing of its eponymous handheld games console's US launch next month, most likely at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.
Tony Smith, 24 Dec 2004

Orange beams jam-busting TV to your mobe

Those readers currently facing the prospect of a long Xmas Eve car journey to see loved ones - or simply to find a pub which does not have Slade's Merry Christmas on the jukebox - might be interested in a jam-busting initiative from Orange and Trafficmaster.
Lester Haines, 24 Dec 2004

US couple seeks cash for Hobbit Hole

Long-term readers will remember well the case of the American college student who rattled her tin online to raise cash for a bigger pair of jubs. Successfully, as it turns out, and now a US couple has adopted the web begging process in an attempt to finance the construction of a real-life Hobbit Hole.
Lester Haines, 24 Dec 2004

Killer hoover attacks Scotsman

An Aberdeen man has won more than £10k in compensation from vacuum cleaner outfit Dyson after one of the manufacturer's machines attempted to total the 59-year-old, the Scotsman reports.
Lester Haines, 24 Dec 2004

Cloned kitten sold for $50,000

Califoria-based biotech firm Genetic Savings & Clone (GSC) has made its first sale: a cloned male kitten, for $50,000.
Robin Lettice, 24 Dec 2004

Downloading digital music

2004 in reviewIt wasn't quite the 'Year of Digital Music', but 2004 certainly paved the way for 2005 to take that title.
Tony Smith, 24 Dec 2004

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