22nd December 2004 Archive

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  • 'Metal Gear' Trojan targets Symbian phones

    Skulls up to no good again

    Security 22 09:41

  • PCI Express push ATI sales up

    Q1 FY2005 breaks record

    Financial News 22 10:10

  • RIM revenues rise

    Anticipates rosier earnings ahead, too

    Financial News 22 10:46

  • Self-heating latté stirs controversy

    Strange brew

    Science 22 10:59

  • Register responsible for Suprnova's demise

    Cor blimey!

    Letters 22 11:06

  • Onyx hooks up with unbundler Easynet

    And Nildram does telephony

    Broadband 22 11:12

  • Creative Audigy 2 ZS Notebook PCMCIA sound card

    Ideal audio for laptops?

    Reviews 22 11:31

  • WD ups Caviar HDD capacity, lowers thermals

    Cooler than slower drives, apparently

    Storage 22 11:46

  • Software patents: the fight in Europe

    Did you want fries with that patent?

    Media 22 12:13

  • Nintendo ships 2m DS consoles worldwide

    Expects to ship almost 1m by year's end

    Consoles 22 12:28

  • Mobile phones 'alter human DNA'

    Low-power microwaves cause mutations, claims study

    Mobile 22 12:39

  • MS loses Europe appeal, will ship WMP-free Windows version

    No terminal damage likely, says court

    Operating Systems 22 12:40

  • Topless teen wins trivia game ban

    Only 17 when software's 'hotties' video taken, plaintiff alleges

    Consoles 22 13:17

  • Apple sues three over 'Tiger' Mac OS X leak

    Pre-release builds offered for download via BitTorrent

    Media 22 13:34

  • HMV to spend £10m to catch up with Napster, Apple

    Pledges to be a 'major force' in the music download market

    Financial News 22 14:03

  • Institutions pour $25.2m into digital music firm

    Loudeye won't run out of office stationery just yet

    Financial News 22 14:45

  • Anti-piracy scrooges slammed for Red Cross threats

    Bah, Humbug

    Letters 22 15:05

  • New 'scope snaps Orion in infrared

    Belt up

    Science 22 15:20

  • 'Cosmic' baker attacks phone mast

    Radiation fears for biodynamic bread

    Mobile 22 15:29

  • MS gives Welsh a fat LIP

    Language Implementation Pack, that is

    Operating Systems 22 15:33

  • Sony ships Vaio Pocket MP3 support update

    Bugs fixed too

    Peripherals 22 16:15

  • EMC gets itself some SMARTS

    Going rate: $260m

    Financial News 22 21:26

  • SCO's vanishing licensing biz hits Q4 revenues

    McBride hails 'progress'

    Financial News 22 22:11