20th December 2004 Archive

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  • US ISP wins $1bn damages from spammers

    More chance of winning the Lottery than collecting

    Security 20 09:26

  • Dutch companies fined €7k for eBay typosquatting

    WIPO ruling

    Financial News 20 09:55

  • We were sold into porn slavery, cry African islands

    Sao Tome and Principe denounce own Internet domain

    Financial News 20 10:28

  • BT connects 4m to broadband

    Wholesale division goes into overdrive

    Broadband 20 11:02

  • eBay India boss cuffed in porn vid scandal

    No bail for US national

    Media 20 11:03

  • Mugging the truth to spin Blunkett's comeback

    Would you buy an audit trail from this Government?

    Media 20 11:25

  • Dutch eDonkey site owners released

    Criminal procedures still pending

    Media 20 11:32

  • Music biz threatens International Red Cross

    Demands freeze on cash from Kazaa-funded trust

    Media 20 11:46

  • Grid Computing: mainstream, or not?

    Analyst firm takes issue with IBM claims

    Data Centre 20 11:59

  • Trading Standards, ASA confirm BT 'Advent Calendar' probe

    Ding dong merrily on high

    Financial News 20 12:01

  • Apple sues unnamed whistleblower

    Leak-plugging legal ploy

    Media 20 12:04

  • Web inaccessibility 'creates net underclass'

    Access denied

    Media 20 12:13

  • Harry Enfield fronts Madasafish broadband ad

    Oi! Einstein! Nooooooooooo!

    Broadband 20 12:20

  • Destroy your old emails for Xmas, UK gov tells civil servants

    Bracing new 3 month policy

    Media 20 12:49

  • NASA hacker jailed for six months

    You've uploaded warez onto the wrong server, buddy

    Security 20 13:36

  • Sonic buys Roxio software biz

    But not Napster, which goes it alone

    Applications 20 13:51

  • Government keeps the secrets on ID scheme legal advice

    'Trust us, it's OK on human rights'

    Media 20 14:01

  • Dissolute youth plan mass pillow fight

    London Pillow Fight Club II terrorises capital

    Media 20 14:12

  • Punters warned over 'matrix' web scam

    Cheap trick turns sour

    Media 20 14:47

  • EU fish ministers to vote on software patents

    A nice change from debating cod stocks

    Developer 20 15:11

  • Hotmail ditches McAfee for Trend

    Turning up the frequency

    Security 20 16:41

  • Watchdog groans as email hoax returns to life

    £50 a minute phone scam does not exist

    Media 20 16:58

  • The chip and PIN insecurity card

    Point of sale theft

    Security 20 16:59

  • Teenage British Trojan distributor escapes jail

    Randex worm used to launch DDoS attacks

    Security 20 17:03

  • UK's biggest spammer charged with more offences

    Accused of blackmail, fraud and criminal damage

    Security 20 17:09

  • Major flaw found in Google Desktop

    Already fixed

    Security 20 19:44