15th December 2004 Archive

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  • It came from the vaults! Google seeks to open the library

    Digitization project raises hopes and concerns

    Financial News 15 09:25

  • RIM infringed NTP patents, appeal court rules

    But RIM can continue selling product anyway

    Financial News 15 10:08

  • Free data-wipe tools for *nix systems

    Making data hygiene easy

    Security 15 10:30

  • Apple iPod out of tune with Real's Harmony

    But how come no one noticed until now?

    Media 15 10:44

  • Five important fixes in MS December patch batch

    Buffer overflow bugs, mostly

    Security 15 11:10

  • BT faces £4.5m NHS claim over broadband delays

    Contract penalties

    Policy 15 11:21

  • Intel 'to cut' Celeron D, Grantsdale prices

    Trimming here, trimming there

    System Builder 15 11:41

  • Cryptography Research wants piracy speed bump on HD DVDs

    The rush is on

    Media 15 11:49

  • Mainframe Catalogs: the untold story

    Registries and catalogs - a comparison

    Applications 15 11:49

  • Q3 chip stockpile bigger than thought - researcher

    Excess inventory topped $1.6bn

    Financial News 15 12:04

  • Europe kicks UK out of biometric passport club

    Like we need compelling to fingerprint ourselves...

    Media 15 12:44

  • Sony PSP takes off on schedule

    First run sold out in a day

    Consoles 15 13:40

  • Polyglot virus is Xmas party pooper

    Zafi-D turns PCs into zombies

    Security 15 13:43

  • Businesses failing to recognise cybercrime dangers

    IT security not a high enough priority

    Small Biz 15 13:45

  • Dutch raid eDonkey sites, seize servers

    No more mister nice guy

    Media 15 13:55

  • Dell UK stung by bungled server sale

    Customers are revolting

    Servers 15 14:02

  • Wireless broadband comes to South Korea

    Fastest WAN in the Far East

    Mobile 15 14:08

  • Ratty pilots worry sci-fi fans

    And cheap tinsel worries wifi fans

    Letters 15 14:09

  • Business PCs riddled with porn

    Majority of companies discipline staff

    Management 15 14:14

  • Excite rises again like a turkey from the ashes

    Will this be third time lucky for dotcom boom darling?

    Financial News 15 14:15

  • NASA throws Deep Impact spacecraft at comet

    Cosmic darts

    Science 15 14:17

  • Atheros unveils 'world first' Wi-Fi access-point-on-a-chip

    Cheaper base-stations ahoy

    Mobile 15 14:19

  • iRiver N10 512MB Flash MP3 player

    Dedicated follower of fashion?

    Reviews 15 14:27

  • NEC licenses Honeywell LCD tech

    Legal action yields first public result

    Peripherals 15 14:41

  • Nvidia apes ATI to revive mid-1990s AGP feature

    Separated at birth: TurboCache and HyperMemory

    System Builder 15 15:14

  • Nintendo preps DS media module

    Add-on to bring PSP-like movie, music playback to console

    Consoles 15 15:37

  • Microsoft halted in phonetic domain crusade

    Mocosoft a step too far in IP madness

    Financial News 15 17:11

  • Don't use Google desktop search in your business, warns Gartner

    Well, hang on there, let's give them a chance

    Financial News 15 17:20

  • Nextel Sprints into mega merger

    The wallflower of telecoms gets hitched

    Mobile 15 20:21

  • HP sends Itanic boat people to Intel

    Marketing dollars over manpower

    Servers 15 21:14

  • Blunkett hands in cards after prints found on visa

    Clarke gets black spot

    Media 15 23:11

  • Sun must acquire Red Hat or Novell - analyst

    If it knows what's good for it

    Channel 15 23:42