14th December 2004 Archive

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  • UK customers get your skates on

    Last order date today

    Site News 14 09:33

  • Women are crap with PIN numbers - shock survey

    One PIN to rule them all

    Security 14 10:04

  • Toshiba unveils 80GB 'iPod drive'

    Clever 'perpendicular recording system' boosts storage capacity

    Storage 14 10:05

  • Eurostar brings Wi-Fi to termini

    Today, London Waterloo; next year, Paris and Brussels

    Broadband 14 10:42

  • Mentec buys British Great Plains reseller

    Bulking up

    The Channel 14 10:44

  • Tunable surfaces prevent Wi-Fi leaks

    No more borrowing access points

    Broadband 14 10:46

  • Online extortion works

    Pay up, or your server gets it

    Security 14 10:50

  • MPAA to serve lawsuits on BitTorrent servers

    Targeting movie sharers, not enabling technology

    Media 14 11:17

  • Blunkett names kite as B52 base terror weapon

    Tooled-up drug-crazed anarchists...

    Media 14 11:27

  • Guildford runs out of broadband

    Join the queue

    Broadband 14 11:48

  • Sony, Samsung agree to share toys

    Patent cross-licence deal cover all but cutting-edge techs

    The Channel 14 11:52

  • Tories come out in support of UK ID card scheme

    Nice stake, Michael - is it a good fit?

    Media 14 12:24

  • Oracle finally has its prize

    The curtain falls

    Applications 14 12:34

  • Kodak EasyShare DX7590

    Can it appeal to novice and pro alike?

    Reviews 14 14:01

  • T-Mobile widens UK airport Wi-Fi cover

    Something to do when your flight's delayed

    Mobile 14 14:47

  • Bestselling programming guides, going cheap

    Save 30 per cent and claim your free book

    Site News 14 14:54

  • Gait advances in emerging biometrics

    I can tell by the way you walk

    Security 14 15:07

  • BT denies fiddling prices on Advent Calendar sales promo

    URL 'manipulation' yields unpublished discounts

    Financial News 14 15:12

  • UK forecasts 96% e-gov hit rate

    Electronic services aplenty

    Policy 14 16:00

  • 'Horoscopes' is AOL's most searched word

    People like hairstyles too

    Media 14 16:02

  • Intel confirms dual-core desktop 'Smithfield'

    But is it two Prescotts in one package or a single-die part?

    PCs 14 16:27

  • Insight exits PlusNet, raises £15.8m

    PlusNet snuggles up to BT

    Broadband 14 16:43

  • The new world's A to Z, courtesy of Google

    A is for Amazon, P is for Paris Hilton

    Media 14 16:44

  • Symantec eyeing Veritas for $13bn - report

    Data protection on the grandest scale

    Applications 14 17:40

  • MS NAP aims to kill off Nimda-style outbreaks

    More recruits for network dewormer initiative

    Security 14 18:14

  • ICANN goes domain crazy

    New .mobi and .jobs, a shift in the ownership of .net

    Financial News 14 18:28

  • Oracle gets really, really virtual with VMware

    Partitioning together

    Applications 14 19:01

  • Software patents: the UK Patent Office pleads its case

    Sceptical audience

    Developer 14 19:18

  • IBM secures China server biz with Great Wall

    Lenovo loved and then attacked

    Servers 14 21:31

  • Finnish police raid BitTorrent site

    'Millions of euros' of downloads

    Media 14 23:51