13th December 2004 Archive

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  • NCD to 'cease operations'

    Slim pickings for thin clients

    Servers 13 09:56

  • UK public sector unready for Freedom of Information Act

    Select committee is not impressed

    Policy 13 10:09

  • IBM, AMD, Sony boost chip speeds by 24%

    Chip-making technique to fuel AMD64, PowerPC, 'Cell' production

    The Channel 13 10:43

  • ID checks could have stopped cockler deaths, says Blunkett

    Or more properly, could have lost them their jobs

    Media 13 10:53

  • Siemens to sell mobile phone biz to China - report

    Chinese distributor lined up as 'potential buyer'

    Financial News 13 11:06

  • OFT checks out online grocers over price gouging claims

    Just looking

    Financial News 13 11:07

  • HTC revenues break record - again

    November sales soar for major Windows Mobile phone maker

    Financial News 13 11:27

  • SyChip to add Wi-Fi to Windows smart phones

    Drivers to be ready next month - but will the handsets be?

    Mobile 13 12:07

  • Dutch 'anti-social' net reality show cancelled

    Tokkies too feral

    Media 13 12:08

  • BT debuts sound and light interface

    Teletext for the 21st Century

    Peripherals 13 12:09

  • SavaJe wins LG mobile OS gig

    While Palmsource points to Linux

    Mobile 13 12:12

  • German police to take 16,000 warez buyers to court

    Fines or jail for copyright violators

    Media 13 12:25

  • PeopleSoft says 'Yes' to $10bn Oracle offer

    Lawsuits put on hold

    Applications 13 12:38

  • Wi-Fi extensions should breathe new life into 802.11a

    Extension ratified for Japanese and US public safety band

    Broadband 13 12:53

  • Galileo launches will go ahead

    EU thumbs-up for satellites

    Science 13 13:04

  • Mobile operators put the squeeze on retailers - report

    Come to our stores

    Mobile 13 13:04

  • Yahoo! halves! domain! prices!

    Loss leader

    Small Biz 13 14:08

  • iPass aggregates BT Openzone hotspots

    But how many access points will it add?

    Data Networking 13 14:27

  • Vodafone to offer in-flight Wi-Fi

    Reach for the Skype

    Mobile 13 14:30

  • iTunes now accepts PayPal

    Take your Virtual Wallet music shopping

    Financial News 13 14:34

  • ATI Radeon Xpress 200G reference board

    Quite a tempting package?

    Reviews 13 15:29

  • Easynet squares up to BT with wholesale broadband

    LLU doors thrown wide open

    Broadband 13 15:33

  • Ethical fair trade - you knew it made sense until MS embraced it

    A new take on 'confronting your weaknesses head-on'

    Software 13 15:43

  • The PeopleSoft vs. Oracle clash


    Financial News 13 16:34

  • Wanadoo UK begins major broadband drive

    France Telecom makes 'substantial and significant' investment

    Broadband 13 16:54

  • Sun shows pleb-ready thin client

    Masses can now ignore the future

    Servers 13 18:32

  • 3Com buys TippingPoint

    Intrusion prevention bolt-on

    Security 13 22:47

  • Customers pay billions for storage software in Q3

    EMC and Veritas cash in

    Storage 13 23:03

  • IBM's storage software owns all of EMC kit

    All your arrays belong to us

    Storage 13 23:54