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NCD to 'cease operations'

ExclusiveOne of the older thin client vendors appears to be closing shop, The Register has learned. Network Computing Devices (NCD) will stop all operations by year end, according to a company memo. Calls to NCD's CEO and CFO were not returned, and a spokeswoman said the company has no comment at this time.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Dec 2004

UK public sector unready for Freedom of Information Act

Public bodies are unready for the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA), according to an MPs report from the Department of Constitutional Affairs (DCA) Select Committee. With less than a month to go before the act becomes law, compliance among the 100,000 or so public sector organisations affected by the act is patchy at best.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Dec 2004
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IBM, AMD, Sony boost chip speeds by 24%

IBM and AMD have found a way to improve transistor performance by up to 24 per cent - without increasing the power draw - using a tweaked implementation of Big Blue's 'strained silicon' process.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2004

ID checks could have stopped cockler deaths, says Blunkett

A claim by David Blunkett that he could have saved the lives of the 21 cockle pickers who died in Morecambe Bay last February provides further evidence of his intention to force employers to operate immigration controls for him. Speaking to Stephen Pollard, the author of his biography, Blunkett said: "Take the gangmasters. We were working on it months before the cockle pickers died. We tried to get agreement to put something in the asylum bill, but it was blocked by the DTI" (Sunday Times news report)
John Lettice, 13 Dec 2004

Siemens to sell mobile phone biz to China - report

Is Germany's Siemens about to do an IBM and flog off a loss-making hardware division to the Chinese?
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2004

OFT checks out online grocers over price gouging claims

Online grocery shopping is under the spotlight today over allegations that customers are being overcharged by some of the UK's top supermarkets. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is understood to be sniffing around Asda, Sainbury's and Tesco amid concerns that shoppers are getting a rough deal.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2004

HTC revenues break record - again

Smart phone and PDA manufacturer High Tech Computer (HTC), which lists T-Mobile, Orange, Audiovox, Vodafone, O2, i-mate and others among its customers, said November was its third consecutive month of record-breaking revenues.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2004

SyChip to add Wi-Fi to Windows smart phones

Windows Mobile 2003 smart phones that support IO-capable SD card slots are set to get Wi-Fi add-in support early next year, WLAN device maker SyChip has revealed.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2004

Dutch 'anti-social' net reality show cancelled

An experiment with a Dutch internet Big Brother reality show, which was to unveil the unorthodox lifestyle of an Amsterdam low income family, has ended after just two weeks. Not enough advertisers were prepared to sponsor the controversial show, which was produced by Dutch portal Ilse.
Jan Libbenga, 13 Dec 2004

BT debuts sound and light interface

John Leyden, 13 Dec 2004

SavaJe wins LG mobile OS gig

SavaJe, the start-up mobile OS maker heavily backed by the cellcos, has won its first major handset supporter, LG, an alliance that fits well with the Korean manufacturer's strategy of keeping close to the large operators to win western markets. This would have been more serious for Nokia two years ago than it is now - the Finnish giant is increasingly looking to dominance of the user interface and the higher software layers, rather than the base OS, for its power, appealing to developers on the same level as Microsoft. The same thought has occurred to PalmSource, which aims to preserve its life by bringing the advantages of its software environment to the Linux platform.
Wireless Watch, 13 Dec 2004

German police to take 16,000 warez buyers to court

German police have exposed the names of thousands of users of an illegal Internet piracy site, in a crackdown on swapping illegal copies of movies, games, music and computer software.
Jan Libbenga, 13 Dec 2004

PeopleSoft says 'Yes' to $10bn Oracle offer

PeopleSoft has at last accepted Oracle's offer to buy the company in a deal that values it at about $10.3bn. At $26.50 per share, the offer was noticeably higher that the "best and final offer" of $24 per share that Peoplesoft rejected in November.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Dec 2004

Wi-Fi extensions should breathe new life into 802.11a

One reason for the relatively slow uptake of 5GHz 802.11a Wi-Fi, compared to its 2.4GHz cousin 802.11g, has been the complexity of licensing regulations affecting the 5GHz band - also an issue for WiMAX in the unlicensed spectrum. Two extensions to the 802.11 standard are easing the situation and should boost the adoption of the 'a' variant. One is the 802.11j specification, ratified last week, which supports the Japanese opening of the 4.9GHz band for Wi-Fi; the other is 802.11h, already finalized but mandatory in many areas from the start of 2005, which defines mechanisms to prevent WLans interfering with radar.
Wireless Watch, 13 Dec 2004

Galileo launches will go ahead

The European Council has at last given the green light to the Galileo satellite constellation. Ministers on Friday finalised the technical specifications of the system, and approved the construction and launch of the satellites. The decision means the first satellites should go up in 2006.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Dec 2004

Mobile operators put the squeeze on retailers - report

Life could be about to get tougher for independent mobile phone resellers following reports that the big operators are cutting back the commissions they offer for sales.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2004

Yahoo! halves! domain! prices!

Yahoo! has halved its domain name charges from $9.95 to $4.98 a year up until the end of the 2004. The offer is limited to one domain per customer.
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

iPass aggregates BT Openzone hotspots

Corporate remote access provider iPass is to add the "1500" Wi-Fi hotspots owned and maintained by UK WISP BT Openzone to the list of access points open to its customers worldwide.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2004

Vodafone to offer in-flight Wi-Fi

Vodafone has agreed to allow its mobile data customers to use Boeing's Connexion in-flight Wi-Fi service, the mobile phone network said last week.
Tony Smith, 13 Dec 2004

iTunes now accepts PayPal

Apple and PayPal announced on Friday that the iTunes Music Store in the US now accepts payment via PayPal's Virtual Wallet.
Robin Lettice, 13 Dec 2004

ATI Radeon Xpress 200G reference board

ReviewATI is something of an underdog in the chipset market and some of its early products had, shall we say, low appeal. However, with the introduction of the Radeon 9100 Pro IGP, ATI gained a lot of ground in the mobile market, writes Lars-Goran Nilsson.
Trusted Reviews, 13 Dec 2004

Easynet squares up to BT with wholesale broadband

Easynet is to go head-to-head with BT by providing wholesale broadband to telcos and ISPs at prices it claims are 30-35 per cent cheaper than its rival's.
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2004

Ethical fair trade - you knew it made sense until MS embraced it

British consumers have double standards when it comes to ethical purchasing, claims Microsoft. According to YouGov research commissioned by the company, 89 per cent of the population believe themselves to be ethically-driven consumers, buying fair trade coffee and organic produce for example, but nevertheless 43 per cent own goods or material they know to be counterfeit, and 23 per cent have knowingly bought pirate software. Er, so?
John Lettice, 13 Dec 2004

The PeopleSoft vs. Oracle clash

A Register HistoryThe tale of Oracle's attempt to buy Peoplesoft is a story of Larry Ellison's relentless pursuit of his target in the face of implacable hostility from the PeopleSoft board. The slanging matches between then-PeopleSoft-CEO Craig Conway and Oracle's Ellison were often spectacular.
Lucy Sherriff, 13 Dec 2004

Wanadoo UK begins major broadband drive

France Telecom has begun making a "substantial and significant" investment in the UK's telecoms industry to provide broadband services direct to users of its UK ISP, Wanadoo. The move could see thousands of Wanadoo UK broadband punters whipped off BT's network and provided with services via local loop unbundling (LLU).
Tim Richardson, 13 Dec 2004

Sun shows pleb-ready thin client

At long last, Sun Microsystems has delivered a new set of thin client technology that could well push the slim computing devices into the hands of the average consumer.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Dec 2004

3Com buys TippingPoint

3Com is to acquire TippingPoint Technologies, a publicly held supplier of intrusion prevention systems, for $430m cash. It says teh acquisition "further demonstrates its commitment to delivering secure, converged networks".
John Leyden, 13 Dec 2004

Customers pay billions for storage software in Q3

The storage software market continues to thrive with customers spending $1.9bn on applications during the third quarter, according to market researcher IDC.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Dec 2004

IBM's storage software owns all of EMC kit

IBM has infiltrated deeper into EMC's storage line with a new version of its SAN (storage area network) Volume Controller software.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Dec 2004

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