8th December 2004 Archive

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  • IBM sells PC biz to China

    Notebooks, PCs in five-year franchise

    Business 08 Dec 04:10

  • Toshiba touts DVD/HD DVD hybrid

    Dual-layer disc to smooth hi-def format adoption

    Storage 08 Dec 09:51

  • Google News' chief robot speaks out

    Bleep - it's not my fault - bleep

    Developer 08 Dec 10:03

  • Dell turns on too pricey Red Hat

    Novell has what we need

    Operating Systems 08 Dec 10:05

  • IBM CEO's memo clarifies PC biz sell-off

    The Palmisano email to the troops in full

    Financial News 08 Dec 10:06

  • Update for Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 secures new beta status

    May result in unexpected behavior

    Operating Systems 08 Dec 10:08

  • 'Pukka celeb' to front Madasafish ad

    Funny man

    Broadband 08 Dec 10:22

  • PeopleSoft customers learning to love Oracle

    Says Oracle man...

    Applications 08 Dec 10:25

  • Meet Frank Fowlie, ICANN Ombudsman

    Canadian mountie, Olympics organiser and now the internet's physician

    Media 08 Dec 10:28

  • Nvidia to unveil 'nForce for Intel' Q1 05

    'Crush 19' sampling now, sources suggest

    System Builder 08 Dec 10:38

  • Think tank survey claims 81% support UK ID cards

    'Nothing to hide' lobby still strong

    Media 08 Dec 11:05

  • O2 unveils compact PocketPC phone

    Sports Bluetooth 1.2 but no Wi-Fi

    Mobile 08 Dec 11:25

  • Flashing Xmas lights down DSL connection

    It works! It's down! It works! It's down! It works... etc

    Broadband 08 Dec 11:42

  • IBM gives up on Schlumberger Ireland buyout

    Competition Authority intervenes

    Financial News 08 Dec 11:51

  • HP discussed divorce

    "It's not you, it's me..."

    Financial News 08 Dec 11:51

  • Singapore Airlines plans in-flight live TV via Wi-Fi

    Wireless Net access goes live Q1 05

    Broadband 08 Dec 12:02

  • Cisco charts course for sustained growth

    San Jose Bulls

    Financial News 08 Dec 12:11

  • Sprint spends $3bn on 3G

    Contracts all round

    Mobile 08 Dec 12:41

  • Dutch govt Microsoft desktop deal riles MPs

    Love me Tender

    Applications 08 Dec 12:46

  • Offshoring letters keep coming in

    Letters: Roundup of Reg readers' writings

    Letters 08 Dec 12:56

  • GM cocaine 'grown in Colombia'

    But it could just be the compost...

    Science 08 Dec 13:00

  • Tough-talking Ofcom boss slaps BT

    You can't wriggle out of this one...

    Broadband 08 Dec 13:06

  • Intel 'firing on all cylinders' - CEO

    But chip production costs won't fall as much as planned

    Financial News 08 Dec 13:19

  • Sprint sued over alleged vice hacks

    Adult services operator seeks $30m in damages

    Security 08 Dec 13:39

  • FTC punishes porn dialler firm

    $17m in disputed bills

    Media 08 Dec 13:42

  • Nortel finally readies accounts

    Light at the end of the tunnel - let's hope it's not a train...

    Financial News 08 Dec 14:59

  • AOL confirms 750 job cuts

    Merry Christmas

    Broadband 08 Dec 15:06

  • PalmSource to build Palm OS on Linux

    Buys Chinese phone software firm to speed release

    Operating Systems 08 Dec 15:21

  • UK failing CO2 targets

    Gassing about greenhouses

    Science 08 Dec 15:37

  • Virgin Mobile goes to China

    Seeks JV partner

    Mobile 08 Dec 15:50

  • Wippit to gain over 1m major-label tracks

    Gets content from last-two-to-licence 'big four' recording firms

    Media 08 Dec 16:12

  • London Bridge Software fined for using unlicensed software

    Debt recovery software outfit pays out £39,500

    Software 08 Dec 17:53

  • Amazon's 'morning nightmare' lasts 11 days, and counting

    Peak-time woes bedevil merchants, customers

    Media 08 Dec 21:53

  • One in four Brits on net for Porn

    Sod blogs - take us to the filth!

    Media 08 Dec 22:59

  • Supremes evaluate Internet booze shopping

    For the love of God, think of the middlemen

    Financial News 08 Dec 23:35