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'Clicks and bricks' trick tempts window shoppers

A posh stationers in London's Covent Garden has unveiled an "interactive shop window" (ISW) which lets window shoppers see what's on offer before going into the store. Described as a "merging of 'clicks and bricks'", this latest shopping gimmick to hit the Bureau stationery shop is a "blend of the on and offline shopping experience".
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2004

Energis appoints new CFO

Energis has a new chief financial officer after Eamonn O'Hare decided to quit the UK telco and "move on to his next challenge".
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2004

Motorola free to sue Telsim owners in UK

Handset maker Motorola yesterday won the right to pursue the Uzan family for money it claims was obtained fraudulently. Members of the Uzan family used to control Turkish mobile operator Telsim. They are accused by Motorola and Nokia of making fraudulent use of vendor financing arrangements.
John Oates, 07 Dec 2004

iSuppli cuts 2005 chip sales growth target

iSuppli, the bullish semiconductor market watcher, yesterday slashed forecasts for 2005 sales, cutting the level of expected growth by almost half.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2004

Samsung maps huge chip biz expansion

Samsung is to spend KRW25tr ($24.07bn) expanding its semiconductor production capacity over the next six years, the South Korean giant said this week.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2004

IBM to take 5% of Lenovo to seal PC biz deal - report

Lenovo looks set to pay $1.5bn in cash and shares for IBM's Personal Systems Group (PSG) in a deal that would see IBM gain a five per cent share in the Chinese company.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2004

NetApp's storage virtualisation evolves

Product development in the storage management market shows no signs of slowing down. Within this large domain, storage virtualisation continues to hold its position at the leading edge of advancement. Last month saw one of the leading suppliers of storage solutions, Network Appliance (NetApp), give details of its vision of the Storage Grid when it released details of its Data ONTAP 7G software.
Tony Lock, 07 Dec 2004

Orange 3G arrives

L'Orange is launching consumer 3G services in the UK and France. It is claiming the most comprehensive range of handsets - four are available immediately and two more on the way soon. Tariffs start at £30 a month including mobile internet access and video calling.
John Oates, 07 Dec 2004

Tapwave offers Zodiac Wi-Fi pack to UK users

Tapwave's newly announced Wi-Fi package for its Zodiac handheld games consoles will be coming to the UK, The Register can confirm.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2004
Cat 5 cable

IBM CICS legacy at the heart of SOA

As I mentioned in a recent article IBM is to make a series of software announcements that will bring z/series to the heart of SOA (service oriented architecture). The first announcement included CICS Transaction Server V3.1 and CICS Transaction Gateway V6.0. They include several significant enhancements that show that IBM intends that CICS will not just be a passive legacy system but will be driving new applications and users into the web services world.
Peter Abrahams, 07 Dec 2004

Aged entrepreneur seeks Italian telco

A veteran Italian businessmen is considering an offer for Wind, the Italian telco.
John Oates, 07 Dec 2004

Cambridge wireless network to close

Mesh Broadband is pulling the plug on its Cambridge wireless broadband network on December 15. It took over the running of the Cambridge network when it acquired wireless broadband operator Invisible Networks (IN) last year after the operator went titsup.
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2004
vulture tv reporter

Nvidia nabs PS3 graphics contract

ATI may have wrested the Xbox 2 graphics contract away from Nvidia, but its arch-rival today revealed an alternative console design win: Sony's PlayStation 3.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2004

Apple 'readies' 5GB iPod Mini

Apple may announce a 5GB iPod Mini next month, alongside the anticipated Flash iPod, reports on the web suggested this week.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2004

Musicians 'unconcerned' about file sharing

A survey of artists and musicians in the US has revealed that a large majority have embraced the internet and consider it to be a helpful tool to their careers.
Deirdre McArdle, 07 Dec 2004

V Two One told to pull 'UK's cheapest ISP' claim

V Two One, the Surrey-based ISP, has been asked to ditch an advertising slogan after a punter complained it was misleading.
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2004

Mystery bidder snaps up Commerce One patents

A mystery bidder, representing the equally mysterious JGR Acquistions, has paid $15.5m for software patents owned by Commerce One.
John Oates, 07 Dec 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

3Com issues profit warning

3Com yesterday warned that Q2 earnings will come in below expectations. For the quarter ending November 26, the networking firm expects sales of $149m - $153m, compared to earlier forecasts of $170m - $180m.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2004
vulture tv reporter

Is IBM PC sell off preparation for a Power chip attack?

OpinionFaultline would like to put forward another explanation of why IBM's PC business is suddenly up for sale, one that we haven't yet seen proffered in the various publications that have covered the news in the last few days.
Faultline, 07 Dec 2004

Good Tech touts over-the-air PDA set-up

Good Technology is to push further into Europe, the company said this week, with the creation of sales and support channels in six countries. The mobile data specialist also announced the expansion of its North American channel.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2004

Leadtek WinFast PX6600TD GeForce 6600 card

ReviewThis may come as a surprise, but according to id Software you shouldn't play Doom 3 with the Leadtek WinFast PX6600TD. As you'll see on the Doom 3 system requirements here: a GeForce 4 MX graphics card is fine, and so is a GeForce 6800, but the GeForce 6600 doesn't get a look-in. This is nonsense of course, as the Leadtek plays Doom 3 amazingly well, especially since we can't help but think of the Leadtek as a budget graphics card, writes Leo Waldock.
Trusted Reviews, 07 Dec 2004

Massive game advertising startup to aid desperate brands

AnalysisAdvertisers are desperate, says Katherine Hays, Chief Operating Officer of Massive, the US company that has just come out of stealth mode to lay claim to the world's first advertising network for multiple games on multiple gaming platforms.
Faultline, 07 Dec 2004

Fake Lycos screensaver harbours Trojan

Virus writers have begun distributing their wares in emails that pose as Lycos's abandoned "Make love not spam" screensaver.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2004

Asia-Pacific piracy still rampant

Piracy, especially optical disc piracy, is big business in the Asia-Pacific. The Motion Picture Association (MPA) estimates that Asia-Pacific piracy costs the US motion picture industry over $718m a year in potential revenue. This does not include the impact piracy has on employment and the cost imposed on countries in terms of lost tax revenues and missed investment opportunities.
Screen Digest, 07 Dec 2004

Jambo OpenOffice released

Jambo OpenOffice, the Swahili version of OpenOffice, has been released, the Open Swahili Localization Project (Kilinux), announced on Saturday.
Robin Lettice, 07 Dec 2004

Tiscali denies France sell-off reports

Tiscali denies it is prepping the sale of Liberty Surf, its French operation, to France Telecom.
Tim Richardson, 07 Dec 2004

'White collar' virus writers make cash from chaos

Virus writing has changed from a cottage industry to a commercial enterprise, according to Sophos, the anti-virus firm Sophos. It reports a 51.8 per cent increase in new viruses in 2004.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2004

TSG buys Scottish dealer

Technology Services Group (TSG) has bought a ESCO, small Scottish networking reseller based in Cumbernauld, its third acquisition in as many weeks. Terms are undisclosed. All 17 ESCO staff are moving to TSG offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh. TSG now employs 100 staff across the border, serving 2,200 customers.
Drew Cullen, 07 Dec 2004

Rat brain flies jet

Florida scientists have grown a brain in a petri dish and taught it to fly a fighter plane.
Robin Lettice, 07 Dec 2004

Hitachi disk drive biz closed for the holidays

The vast majority of staffers at Hitachi's US disk drive center have been told to take an extended vacation whether they like it or not.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Dec 2004

Security bugs take a bite out of Apple

Apple has posted security updates to fix 16 security vulnerabilities in its Mac OS X operating system. Both client and server versions of the software need patching.
John Leyden, 07 Dec 2004

AMD ships 90nm Opterons

AMD will today begin shipping the 90nm incarnations of its Opteron 1xx, 2xx and 8xx processor lines, The Register has learned.
Tony Smith, 07 Dec 2004

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