6th December 2004 Archive

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  • Telecom Italia to mop up mobile minorities

    Buys more shares in Plain English

    Mobile 06 10:01

  • IBM, Lenovo to announce JV 'this week'

    Big Blue PC division sell-off not on the cards, apparently

    Financial News 06 10:03

  • Cable broadband regs draw high court review

    FCC, Bells to slug it out before the Supremes

    Broadband 06 10:03

  • US health secretary resigns

    We're still all going to die

    Policy 06 10:34

  • Aussie jailed for flogging bogus Canon servers

    Rebadging scam

    The Channel 06 10:35

  • AMD pitches PowerNow! at servers

    Opteron to gain power preservation tech - and other goodies

    Servers 06 10:52

  • Pipex gift-wraps VoIP for business

    And other VoIP stuff

    Broadband 06 10:52

  • Congress moots intelligence overhaul bill

    Another layer of federal bureaucracy

    Policy 06 11:07

  • High-school drop-out to become Homeland Security Czar

    Sounds about right

    Security 06 11:07

  • Intel updates price list

    Chip tariff catches up with recent launches

    The Channel 06 11:28

  • Apple of IBM's eye?

    Stranger things have happened at sea ...

    The Channel 06 11:32

  • Cisco and Fujitsu pool R&D for big routers, switches

    First Japan, then the world

    Data Networking 06 11:43

  • Offshoring, not just for IT...

    Reg readers respond

    Letters 06 11:57

  • IDG: e-magazines 'not good value'

    'Sometimes discouraging'

    Financial News 06 12:03

  • German Supreme Court rules in favor of 'generic domain grabbing'

    First-come, first-served system 'not unethical'

    Financial News 06 12:15

  • Linux and the job market

    Labour problems

    Management 06 12:50

  • BCS certifies Freedom of Information

    Deadline looms...

    Policy 06 12:53

  • mmO2 hikes 3G speeds

    On the Isle of Man, admittedly...

    Mobile 06 12:56

  • BT stands firm against Ofcom

    Wants to tango with army

    Broadband 06 13:00

  • The post-PC era is upon us

    What comes next?

    PCs 06 13:29

  • Who would you like to attack today?

    Tailor-made malware

    Security 06 13:58

  • Tulip Computers freezes Dutch aid to Bangladesh

    Plays hardball, wins $5m court case

    The Channel 06 17:29

  • Akamai and C&W kiss and make up

    Patent dispute resolved

    Broadband 06 17:33

  • Disruptive IT forces gather in London hotel

    Wise men speaking - and it's not even Christmas yet

    Management 06 17:39

  • Cisco unveils 'mini' monster router

    Look at the backplane on that

    Data Networking 06 17:56

  • IBM wins £500m Lloyds TSB VoIP gig

    Big deal

    Management 06 18:04

  • Apple threatens iTunes.co.uk owner

    Something rotten in the digital music world

    Financial News 06 18:11

  • Internet fraud is easy, says judge...

    ...as he sentences eBay UK fraudster

    Media 06 18:59

  • Oracle's data center of the future doesn't include HP or Sun

    Dell is our favorite

    Applications 06 19:01

  • Sun shooting for double-digit piece of the x86 market

    A real playa

    Servers 06 21:36

  • Lycos goes straight

    One way to avoid criminal prosecution

    Security 06 22:52

  • Amazon unavailable for holiday shopping madness

    Things are really complicated

    Financial News 06 23:05