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US netizens: white, wealthy and full of it - shock!

"The Internet is becoming more and more widespread and will increasingly represent a scientific random sample of the population," claims ICANN's newest board member, Joi Ito. Quite what scientific experiments he will wish to perform, once the desired sample size has been reached, remains a mystery. But like many people who spend too long in front of their computers, he's talking about a Platonic ideal rather than the real world.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Dec 2004

Creative unveils 'smallest' MuVo MP3 player

Creative has launched its latest MuVo Flash-based players in the UK: the Micro N200 and V200.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2004

0wn3d in 200 seconds

An unprotected Windows XP machine was breached within four minutes, and became a zombie in less than ten hours, tests conducted by USA Today show. The paper set up six honeypot PCs and monitored the results.
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Dec 2004

Sony extends native MP3 support to Vaio Pocket

Sony's move to support the MP3 audio format natively on its hard drive-based music players will be extended to the recently released Vaio Pocket device, The Register can confirm.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2004

Microsoft opens India research labs

Microsoft's research arm is opening a lab in India - it's third centre outside the US.
John Oates, 01 Dec 2004

Cabir added to payload of Symbian mobile Trojan

Virus writers have packaged the Skulls mobile Trojan with Cabir to create a more potent threat against Symbian Series 60 smart phones. Vulnerable phones include those from manufacturers such as Nokia, Siemens, Panasonic and Sendo.
John Leyden, 01 Dec 2004

Kingston Comms buys Omnetica for £169m

Hull-based telco Kingston Communications is splash out £169m in cash and shares to acquire rival telco Omnetica to help boost its voice and data service to large organisations.
Tim Richardson, 01 Dec 2004

DoCoMo looks abroad for handsets

NTT DoCoMo, Japan's top mobile firm, is looking overseas for new handsets - traditionally the operator has relied on local, Japanese handset makers such as Fujitsu, NEC and Matsushita.
John Oates, 01 Dec 2004

Goodmans readies portable video player

UK budget consumer electronics maker Goodmans is set to launch an updated portable video player early next year.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2004

Apple iTunes adds Band Aid 20 - for 79p

UpdateApple has posted Band Aid 20's single, Do They Know it's Christmas? on its UK iTunes Music Store (ITMS).
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2004
DVD it in many colours

Sybase partners with IBM

Sybase has just announced a partnership with IBM to market the former's database on the latter's hardware. If that doesn't make you sit up and take notice then nothing will. Why would IBM, with more than enough databases of its own (at least seven) want to encourage Sybase, of all people?
Philip Howard, 01 Dec 2004

Cingular signs for 3G

Cingular, the largest mobile operator in the US, has signed Ericsson, Lucent and Siemens to build a 3G network.
John Oates, 01 Dec 2004

World's Biggest Luddite set for London job

The "World's Biggest Luddite" could be getting a cushy job in the UK amid reports that Richard Alston has been fingered for the Aussie post of high commissioner to London.
Tim Richardson, 01 Dec 2004

MOM grows up as DSI takes off

It is fair to say that for the first decade or more of its existence, Microsoft paid comparatively little attention to the manageability of its increasingly diverse range of offerings. Indeed, as the company's products grew in their capabilities they became ever more widely deployed in almost every area of business. However, such expansion was not without its headaches, notably in the considerable effort on the part of skilled IT staff to keep the tools working safely and effectively. Fortunately, over the last few years Microsoft has committed itself to making its software easier, and therefore cheaper, to manage.
Tony Lock, 01 Dec 2004

Intel next-gen Centrino chipset ships

Intel has begun shipping limited quantities of its 'Alviso' Pentium M notebook chipset ahead of full-scale production on 18 January 2005.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2004

Thales secures broadband access for government

Thales has launched a hardware-based encryption device for broadband connections. The new IP version of its SafeDial+ encryptor PC card is certified by GCHQ to protect information up to the CONFIDENTIAL level. It will enable UK government employees to use broadband out of the office to access sensitive information.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Dec 2004

Police cuff 28 in £10m counterfeit haul

Scottish police have arrested 28 in a five-day operation which netted an estimated £10m in counterfeit goods. The dragnet has been hailed as the most successful in Scottish history.
Lester Haines, 01 Dec 2004

PCCW cautious in UK broadband wireless rollout

One of the key lessons learned from the failure of many broadband wireless services around 2000 was that providers need to avoid the big bang approach. Companies like Winstar and Teligent built far reaching and expensive networks and waited for the customers to turn up, rather than adopting the step-by-step approach favored by more successful ISPs planning for WiMAX.
Faultline, 01 Dec 2004

Merrill Lynch looks to 'killer' Apple home media server

Apple's next "killer" product could be a home entertainment system, investment house Merrill Lynch has claimed.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2004
fingers pointing at man

MS sues resellers for counterfeit certificates

Microsoft is taking action against US resellers who are using dodgy Certificates of Authenticity (COA) to pass off counterfeit software as the real deal.
John Oates, 01 Dec 2004
homeless man with sign

AMD took bigger slice of x86 server market in Q3

AMD saw its processor market share rise to its highest level in almost three years during Q3, market watcher IDC said this week.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2004

SkillSoft to cut 120 Dublin jobs

US e-learning company SkillSoft is to cut 120 jobs in Dublin in an outsourcing move.
Matthew Clark, 01 Dec 2004

'Dial 9' email (still) a hoax, says watchdog

Net users are being urged to bin an email doing the rounds (yet again) warning them of a premium-rate phone scam. Telephone watchdog, ICSTIS, says its received dozens of calls in the last few days from people concerned that they could be ripped off if they fall for the con.
Tim Richardson, 01 Dec 2004

ISP finds pubic hair in keyboard

A probe into the the nutritional content of the average keyboard has discovered that it contains an unhealthy balance of bread crumbs, crisp fragments, meat, sugar, salt and jam. Worse still, this inadequate diet is supplemented with toe and fingernail clippings, grit, glue and pubic hair.
Lester Haines, 01 Dec 2004

ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition

ReviewWay back in May I looked at the ATI Radeon X800 XT Platinum Edition graphics card. This was ATI's next generation graphics solution, and it took graphics performance to the next level. However, even though the X800 XT PE was a great card, it soon became apparent that no one could buy one. As the days, weeks and months ticked by, finding a retail X800 XT PE didn't become any easier and many potential buyers settled for X800 Pro cards instead, writes Riyad Emeran.
Trusted Reviews, 01 Dec 2004

Liquid lenses for camera phones

Camera phones will soon have lenses made from nothing more substantial that a couple of drops of oil and water, but will still be capable of auto focusing, and even zooming in on subjects. So says Etienne Paillard, CEO of French start-up Varioptic.
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Dec 2004

3G kicks off in Norway

Telenor Mobil today turned on Norway to 3G. The cellco claims launch-day coverage for its UMTS network in "70 cities and densely populated areas", reaching half of Norway's population. It aims to delive full coverage to all areas with more than 200 people by 2007.
Drew Cullen, 01 Dec 2004

BCS says skills beat outsourcing

The British Computer Society says offshoring is now a fact of life but represents an opportunity for UK IT professionals as well as a threat.
John Oates, 01 Dec 2004

Commuting is stressful: official

An HP survey - the actual point of which remains unclear - has deduced that commuting is stressful and therefore bad for you, Making Money reports.
Lester Haines, 01 Dec 2004

Visa 'fast track' row threatens to engulf Blunkett

David Blunkett's private and public lives collided spectacularly over the weekend, putting his future ministerial career in peril at just about the worst possible moment. Security legislation from Blunkett's Home Office forms the centrepiece of the Government's programme for next year, and will be the central plank of its election campaign; if Blunkett goes on an integrity issue, Tony Blair himself will be dangerously exposed, and will be hard-put to find a replacement with the current Home Secretary's special talents.
John Lettice, 01 Dec 2004

Hackers nobble Lycos anti-spam plan

Lycos's vigilante attack on spammers has been hit by a vigilante attack. Spammers are suspected.
John Oates, 01 Dec 2004

RIM ships Blackberry Enterprise Server 4.0

Research in Motion (RIM) has released version 4.0 of its enterprise-oriented server push email software.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2004

Populace asked: Do you like ID cards?

David Blunkett has written to around half a million British voters, canvassing their opinions on the introduction of a national identity card .
Lucy Sherriff, 01 Dec 2004

Nintendo lauds 500,000 first-week DS sales

Nintendo today ebulliently confirmed reports that the console company has sold more than half a million Nintendo DS handhelds in the US last week.
Tony Smith, 01 Dec 2004

Home Office defends ID card plans (again)

The UK government today renewed its attack against critics of its ID card proposals. Home Office minister Des Browne MP said opponents are campaigning on a false prospectus based on "myths and misinformation" about its scheme to require every UK resident to have a biometric ID card within eight years or so.
John Leyden, 01 Dec 2004

Itanium inventor bobs to surface as chip's savior?

ExclusiveSome start-ups are comprised of wide-eyed wheelers and dealers with little technical expertise. Others have a decent mix of business types and technology talents. Then there are start-ups like Secure64 Software Corp. that have nothing but the richest pedigree of pure, unadulterated genius running through their giddy veins.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Dec 2004

Philly sells Pennsylvania to Verizon

When Philadelphia begs, Verizon listens. The telco has given Philly permission to build out a citywide wireless network. However, the deal indirectly blocks other Pennsylvania towns from coming to a similar arrangement. Smaller cities and towns will have to do more than get down on their knees if they want cheap broadband because Philadelphia has sold the rest of the state to Verizon.
Ashlee Vance, 01 Dec 2004

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