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Youth jailed for court camera phone pics

A nineteen year-old has been given a six month custodial sentence for using his camera phone to take pictures in court. Shaun Nash, who was at a Bristol Crown Court for the robbery trial of a friend, was taking pictures and videoing proceedings from the public gallery. One of the jurors noticed what he was doing, and the trial was abandoned.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Nov 2004

China moots foreign software crackdown

Microsoft has reportedly lost a contract to supply Beijing council with software. The $3.5m deal was announced last week and was heavily criticised by local software providers and government officials. They called on local authorities to do more to support local software companies. The contract is now on hold, Hong Kong business paper The Standard reports.
John Oates, 29 Nov 2004

World chip sales edge up in October

Worldwide chips sales hit $18.8bn in October, up 1.5 per cent on September's total, possibly a sign the industry may be moving out of the mini downturn that it has suffered through the most of the latter half of 2004.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2004

Kazaa trial opens with 'massive piracy' claim

Kazaa owner Sharman Networks was back in the Australian Federal Court in Sydney today facing allegations that it had not only created the world's largest music piracy network, but also knew for what illegal purpose its software was being put and even encouraged such usage.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2004

PCCW to spend £21m on UK wireless broadband

Hong Kong-based telco PCCW Ltd is to splash out US$40m (£21m) on wireless broadband in the UK next year.
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2004

QXL sells itself for £12m

Online auctioneer QXL looks set to be sold to its managers for £12m.
John Oates, 29 Nov 2004

IBM, Sony to detail 'Cell' PS3 CPU February 2005

IBM, Sony and Toshiba - the three companies behind the 'Cell' microprocessor - will formally detail the chip's workings at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) on 6 February 2005, the trio said today.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2004

Sony points to 2006 PS3 ship date

Sony's PlayStation 3 will not appear until 2006 at the earliest, the company tacitly confirmed today.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2004

SCO hacked in apparent IP protest

Visitors to SCO's website this morning were treated to a rare moment of corporate self-awareness after hackers apparently replaced an image linking to the undoubtedly scintillating "Extending Legacy Applications and Databases to the Web and Wireless Devices with SCOx Web Services Substrate" with a graphic bearing the rather more promising "We own all your code - pay us all your money":
Lester Haines, 29 Nov 2004

easyMobile set for March launch

A new discount mobile telephone business from the man behind no-frills airline easyJet is set to open for business next March following confirmation today that T-Mobile is to be the network operator for easyMobile service.
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2004

Dutch actress's breasts confound doubters

Dutch actress Georgina Verbaan has confounded those critics who doubted the authenticity of her mams by publishing impressive x-ray profiles of the suspect assets on her website - as promised last week.
Lester Haines, 29 Nov 2004

New lab to study mobile mast risks

A new electromagnetics and health laboratory will open today at the University of Essex. The lab will house a system, designed by Cellular Design Services (CDS), that will be used to study the effects of mobile phone masts on human health.
Robin Lettice, 29 Nov 2004

Blair's broadband scheme canned

The Government's broadband plans are in tatters today following the implosion of a key strategy designed to aggregate public sector demand for broadband.
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2004

Creative Zen Micro 5GB music player

Reg reviewSome market watchers say that mobile phones will eventually supersede standalone MP3 players. Creative's latest device certainly anticipates such a move, in design if not functionality. If ever there was a digital music player that looks and feels like a handset, it's the Zen Micro (ZM). With it's compact size, gently curvaceous casing and one-thumb operation, it's hard not to bring the ZM up to your ear and start nattering.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2004
DVD it in many colours

Major studios back HD DVD

Warner, Paramount, Universal and New Line Cinema have all agreed to issue movies in the upcoming HD DVD format, the disc's co-creator, Toshiba, said today.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2004

iTunes, Band Aid battle over Xmas song price

Apple has refused to offer the re-recorded Band Aid single Do They Know It's Christmas? because the charity won't let it sell the track at its standard price.
Tony Smith, 29 Nov 2004

BIG has a pop at BT dominance

The Broadband Industry Group (BIG) reckons Ofcom's got a tough job ahead knocking BT down to size and opening up the UK's telecoms market to competition. In a report published today BIG - made up of Cable & Wireless, Centrica, Energis, Wanadoo, Tiscali and Brightview - concludes that BT "maintains an alarming 90 per cent stranglehold on the non-cable wholesale broadband market - despite intervention from the new regulator Ofcom and constant pressure from the industry".
Tim Richardson, 29 Nov 2004

Autonomy offers desktop search

UK search specialist Autonomy is joining the battle for searching on corporate desktops by launching IDOL Enterprise Desktop Search. Google and Microsoft have both announced desktop search engines in recent months.
John Oates, 29 Nov 2004

Germans crucify Jesus on mobile mast

A new solution to "mast hysteria" might be (they think in Germany) to make phone antennae look more like religious icons.
Guy Kewney, 29 Nov 2004

Is Microsoft creating tomorrow's IE security holes today?

OpinionInternet Explorer's problems can be traced to Microsoft's shortsightedness during the browser wars of the 1990s. Is the company sowing tomorrow's security woes today?
Mark Burnett, 29 Nov 2004
SGI logo hardware close-up

MS wins Isle of Man government IT deal

The Isle of Man government is to migrate its IT infrastructure onto the Windows Server 2003 platform. It has begun the move from its current mix of Novell, Sun and UNIX and expects to complete the transfer by 2006.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Nov 2004

UK's biggest spammer goes AWOL

Britain's most prolific spammer, 23-year-old Peter Francis-Macrae, is on the run from both the police and UK domain registry Nominet after he finally pushed his luck too far.
Kieren McCarthy, 29 Nov 2004

Work begins on Hubble's replacement

Work has begun on the primary mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope at a new, state-of-the-art facility in Alabama. The mirror pieces will be shaped, but not polished, in a $1.2m, 20,000 square foot facility opened this month.
Lucy Sherriff, 29 Nov 2004

Sun snacks on SevenSpace's software services

Sun Microsystems today made a somewhat unusual move by acquiring a small software outsourcing firm - SevenSpace.
Ashlee Vance, 29 Nov 2004

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