29th November 2004 Archive

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  • Youth jailed for court camera phone pics

    Six months to think about it

    Mobile 29 09:31

  • China moots foreign software crackdown

    It's a local shop, for local people...

    Operating Systems 29 09:57

  • World chip sales edge up in October

    PC chip inventory correction over?

    PCs 29 10:28

  • Kazaa trial opens with 'massive piracy' claim

    Sharman 'encouraged' illegal file-trading, lawyers allege

    Media 29 10:30

  • PCCW to spend £21m on UK wireless broadband

    60 base stations

    Broadband 29 10:33

  • QXL sells itself for £12m

    Management buyout

    Financial News 29 11:04

  • IBM, Sony to detail 'Cell' PS3 CPU February 2005

    Massively parallel, 64-bit POWER-based processor to debut at ISSCC

    Consoles 29 11:17

  • Sony points to 2006 PS3 ship date

    Cell production timeline indicates PS3 release

    Consoles 29 11:48

  • SCO hacked in apparent IP protest

    'We own all your code - pay us all your money'

    Security 29 12:06

  • easyMobile set for March launch

    T-Mobile confirmed as network operator

    Mobile 29 12:20

  • Dutch actress's breasts confound doubters

    X-ray proof of authenticity

    Media 29 12:26

  • New lab to study mobile mast risks

    Essex uni health project

    Mobile 29 12:37

  • Blair's broadband scheme canned

    The ADITs have 'ad it

    Broadband 29 12:55

  • Creative Zen Micro 5GB music player

    Mobile phone styling comes to the MP3 world

    Reviews 29 13:18

  • Major studios back HD DVD

    Owners of 45 per cent of US pre-recorded disc market signed

    Storage 29 13:49

  • iTunes, Band Aid battle over Xmas song price

    CD sales will be huge in any case

    Mac Channel 29 14:45

  • BIG has a pop at BT dominance

    Report sticks the boot in

    Broadband 29 14:52

  • Autonomy offers desktop search

    For things that are right under your nose

    Software 29 15:53

  • Germans crucify Jesus on mobile mast

    Bavarians unimpressed by Calvary antenna

    Mobile 29 16:13

  • Is Microsoft creating tomorrow's IE security holes today?

    Seeds of disaster

    Security 29 16:16

  • MS wins Isle of Man government IT deal

    Open Source didn't make the shortlist

    Applications 29 17:25

  • UK's biggest spammer goes AWOL

    Peter Francis-Macrae wanted by the police and Nominet

    Security 29 17:40

  • Work begins on Hubble's replacement

    Mirrors for the James Webb telescope

    Science 29 18:01

  • Sun snacks on SevenSpace's software services

    Ready to outsource

    Software 29 18:40