26th November 2004 Archive

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  • AMD roadmap drops Athlon XP

    Greater focus on Sempron, 90nm

    PCs 26 09:15

  • DWP kills 60k+ PCs in Windows XP upgrade lash-up

    Down for four days and counting...

    Operating Systems 26 09:30

  • Final bids in for MoD's £4bn IT project

    Winner announced in March

    Policy 26 09:54

  • IT boss barred from directorship for eight years

    Failure to pay taxes

    The Channel 26 10:41

  • BT flogs Eutelsat stake for £363m

    To pay for Danon's leaving party?

    Broadband 26 10:43

  • India pioneers the webcast cremation

    Distance grieving via the net

    Media 26 10:51

  • Magirus reports strong trading

    Surging oil prices come in handy

    The Channel 26 11:11

  • Families fight over PCs shock

    At least it can't get lost down the back of the sofa...

    Personal 26 11:19

  • Bat bite 'miracle' girl survives rabies

    No vaccination, but prayer prevails

    Science 26 11:27

  • Customs and tax merger to cost £75m

    Most of spend will be on IT

    Policy 26 11:28

  • NSW police email child abuse pics to school heads

    Picture cropping goes awry

    Media 26 11:29

  • Woman blows $950k on Amex card

    Then sues company for letting her

    Security 26 11:41

  • Baltimore cleans house, plans de-listing

    Cost cutting

    Financial News 26 11:50

  • Microsoft excluded from DoCoMo's ecosystem

    Linux and Symbian support

    Mobile 26 11:51

  • NPfIT must win medical hearts and minds

    'Implementation' director appointed

    Policy 26 12:18

  • Social engineering - where the user is the weakest link

    Human nature causes security holes

    Security 26 12:19

  • IBM, Moore's Law and the POWER 5 chip

    The benchmark to end all benchmarks

    Servers 26 13:15

  • BT broadens £1-a-month Wi-Fi trial

    BT Mobile customer get a look-in too

    Mobile 26 13:26

  • Phishers tapping botnets to automate attacks

    Is your PC hosting a bank fraud site?

    Security 26 13:55

  • Digital music a long way from displacing CDs

    But consumers will favour downloads over subs

    Media 26 14:00

  • WLAN switch makers fight for survival

    Battlelines drawn

    Data Networking 26 14:09

  • Napster UK song sheet passes 1m mark

    Where's iTunes?

    Financial News 26 14:43

  • UK CD album shipments break Q3 record

    Downloads soar too

    Media 26 14:50

  • Sapphire Hybrid X700 Pro graphics card

    Stuck between rock, hard place?

    System Builder 26 15:20

  • Hydrogen Solar nabs $400k R&D grant

    Get thee to sunny Vegas

    Science 26 15:40

  • Gimme clean bandwidth

    ISPs (but not big telcos) to offer bandwidth filtering

    Security 26 15:43

  • Lycos screensaver to blitz spam servers

    When is a DDos attack not a DDoS attack?

    Security 26 16:31

  • Oracle plots PeopleSoft board takeover

    PeopleSoft likes board just the way it is

    Applications 26 21:58

  • Telcos could block free wireless in Philly

    Not so much brotherly love

    Mobile 26 22:23