25th November 2004 Archive

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  • Don't offshore, pay us instead

    It's cheaper, says Interactive Software

    Management 25 08:41

  • Ecommerce to rocket in 2005

    But online fraud set to increase

    Financial News 25 10:02

  • Q3 chip production up despite downturn

    But more plant stood idle

    Financial News 25 10:17

  • More transparency will fuel egovernment

    Let's get benchmarking

    Policy 25 10:37

  • Q3 integrated graphics chip shipments soar

    Discrete parts didn't do so well

    System Builder 25 10:38

  • Hacking tool 'draws FBI subpoenas'

    Nmap author warns users

    Security 25 10:42

  • Lastminute.com floored by increased losses

    'Fallen short of expectations'

    Financial News 25 10:54

  • Broadcom sues seven over 'stolen' chip secrets

    Alleges start-up engaged in industrial espionage

    Financial News 25 11:20

  • Oracle must wait for poison pill decision

    Judge wants to hear more evidence

    Applications 25 11:35

  • Warning: critical Winamp vuln

    Play it again, hacker

    Security 25 11:40

  • MS offers real Windows XP to users of counterfeit software

    Testing the waters in the UK?

    Operating Systems 25 12:00

  • Danon quits BT


    Broadband 25 12:15

  • Napster nips into newsagents

    Fags, mags and... er... digital music download vouchers

    Media 25 12:20

  • Novell, CCIA evidence may be tossed out in MS EC case

    Judge to review case

    Operating Systems 25 12:21

  • SCO board member flees

    Busy bunny

    Operating Systems 25 13:09

  • PCCW hits back at wireless broadband roll-out report

    Phase two in the pipeline

    Broadband 25 13:15

  • Infinium chases further funding for Phantom

    Needs $11.5m just to sell first 10,000 consoles

    Consoles 25 13:36

  • NTT DoCoMo, mmO2 to 'partner' on UK i-mode

    Formal announcement next week, reports suggest

    Mobile 25 13:56

  • Nintendo to spill Euro DS plans in January

    Pricing, launch date to be revealed

    Consoles 25 14:13

  • PalmOne to give Treo 650 users 128MB SD cards

    Short-term fix for memory glitch

    Mobile 25 14:40

  • Exeter uni cans chemistry department

    Chemists lament 'disastrous' news

    Science 25 15:09

  • Smart phone predicts owner's behaviour

    I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you have another beer

    Mobile 25 15:53

  • Finland threatens to scrap Tele2 3G licence

    Oh no, they can't take that away from me

    Mobile 25 16:18

  • Last shout on the Inova Microlight keyring

    Final clearance at £9 inc VAT and P&P

    Site News 25 16:18

  • Eidos does due diligence on would-be buyers

    Merger or purchase coming soon?

    Financial News 25 16:30

  • LLU dogged by 'significant operational problems'

    Watchdog growls

    Broadband 25 16:34

  • Dell eclipses Sun in server sales

    x86 leads the way

    Servers 25 22:02

  • Music giants feed the Wurld

    Embrace P2P network

    Financial News 25 22:17