23rd November 2004 Archive

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  • CA eyes IBM software exec for CEO post

    Swainson in waiting

    Financial News 23 02:19

  • Griffin, Froomkin join EFF board

    New broom time (we can but hope)

    Business 23 02:29

  • Register restores ad service

    Some rough figures

    Site News 23 09:24

  • Google sued by smut peddler

    Pornmeister complains of piracy

    Financial News 23 09:54

  • Tech bubble banker banned for life

    I'm sorry Mr Dell, but Frank can't come to the phone right now

    Financial News 23 09:56

  • Vodafone Ireland puts price tag on 3G

    First 3G phones in Ireland

    Mobile 23 10:00

  • Apple shares hit four-year high

    iPod sales accelerating PC-to-Mac switching, says analyst

    Financial News 23 10:06

  • 'iPod Flash chip partner' hikes Q4 sales forecast

    Big demand from leading MP3 player makers, says SigmaTel

    Financial News 23 10:22

  • Thomson takes 33% stake in MS-backed DRM developer

    Vodafone selects Open Mobile Alliance's alternative

    Mobile 23 11:06

  • Australian Idol fans directed to gay porn site

    Poptastic ad gaffe

    Bootnotes 23 11:10

  • JFK assassination game branded 'despicable'

    'Docu-game' gets it in the neck

    Personal 23 11:14

  • PeopleSoft holds firm

    Rejects Larry's offer again...

    Applications 23 11:20

  • Revolutionise your software development with UML

    Save 30% on thousands of great books

    Site News 23 11:21

  • Suicide pigs fly to support Blunkett's War on Terror

    NotaScare sighted near Canary Wharf

    Media 23 11:44

  • Kazaa signs up with Skype

    File sharer offers VoIP

    Financial News 23 11:49

  • Compliance costs UK.biz dear

    How much are new regulations costing you?

    Management 23 11:54

  • BMA tells doctors: avoid NPfIT's flagship project

    Patient data still at risk

    Policy 23 11:55

  • Firefox.de in adware rumpus


    Financial News 23 12:25

  • Motorola e1000 3G phone

    After the A1000, can Moto get it right this time?

    Mobile 23 12:32

  • Broadband prices fall in Europe


    Broadband 23 12:32

  • Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft's 'enemy within'?

    Alien browser spotted in PR shots

    Bootnotes 23 13:04

  • Microsoft, Dell win $500m US Air Force contract

    One Air Force, One Network

    Software 23 13:09

  • eCasino snaps up Virgin Mary cheese sarnie

    Praise be

    Financial News 23 13:24

  • UK.biz prefers pets to backup systems

    And who can blame them?

    Storage 23 14:07

  • AMD ships Mobile Sempron 3000+

    Targets thin'n'light laptops

    System Builder 23 14:10

  • ATI to spend $10m on Korean R&D plant

    Exploring PDA 'transmission technologies', apparently

    Mobile 23 14:13

  • Linus and friends lead charge against software patents

    On, on, you noblest coders

    Developer 23 14:38

  • Battered mail-order bride awarded $430k

    Ukrainian internet wife in the money

    Media 23 14:50

  • T-Online spends, spends, spends to win customers

    Short term pain for long term gain

    Broadband 23 15:22

  • 15,000 shareholders hire 630 lawyers to sue Deutsche Telekom

    They do things differently in Germany

    Financial News 23 15:29

  • BT preps pre-fab digital music store service

    Hop on the download bandwagon with ease

    Media 23 15:29

  • Enterprise software faces 50 per cent price hike

    Gartner says talk to vendors now...

    Servers 23 15:30

  • Google sues website over click fraud

    We want our money back. And more ...

    Financial News 23 16:19

  • Chicago's bits and pieces to be sold on eBay

    Auctioning for art

    Financial News 23 16:20

  • Reg readers stick it to big tech

    And just how long is a piece of string?

    Letters 23 16:36

  • Spanish eBayers in open revolt

    International agitators join mass protest

    Financial News 23 16:37

  • Biofuels key to UK farming future

    More handouts, please

    Science 23 16:51

  • CA finds Big Blue exec for CEO role

    Inherit the sin

    Management 23 17:37

  • Microsoft sees bespoke Windows everywhere

    Premium hand-tuning service available

    Operating Systems 23 23:29

  • We're not so inEFFectual

    Just you try battling the pigopolists, mate

    Letters 23 23:54