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Blunkett moots 'proof-lite' internet and banking banning orders

UK Home Secretary David Blunkett today promised to widen the 'terror suspect' net further to impose internet and banking banning orders on people suspected of "acts preparatory to terrorism". Legislation to support this will come in addition to the raft of measures he will announce in the Queen's Speech this coming week, and is not likely to be unveiled prior to the general election expected next year.
John Lettice, 21 Nov 2004

Clarke's x-ray specs - police swoops, detectors for schools

Education secretary Charles Clarke today joined in the law and order bidding wars by confirming that he was considering using x-ray weapons detectors in schools, and encouraging schools to invite the police to mount surprise raids on their premises. The Register wishes to thank Clarke for his prompt confirmation of our suggestion just last Thursday that he might be considering unleashing x-ray machines on our children - his proposal to subject them to area stop and searches can be seen as an added bonus.
John Lettice, 21 Nov 2004

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