20th November 2004 Archive

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  • It's War! - PeopleSoft investors side with Oracle

    The fun begins

    Financial News 20 18:34

  • Our kids deserve better than a Google™ future

    Can collective database licensing cure this tragedy of the commons?

    Media 20 20:43

  • Gatwick.com owner wins WIPO battle

    But decision sparks more big questions over fairness

    Financial News 20 20:54

  • ICANN pitches the internet's future

    Ten years late. But better late than never

    Media 20 22:46

  • Judge dismisses keylogger case

    'I'm a whistleblower, and I'm getting the shaft'

    Security 20 22:58

  • Novell makes profit in Q4

    Netware sales carry on falling

    Security 20 23:21