19th November 2004 Archive

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  • Microsoft offshores patent war - so goes the WTO?

    Firing blanks?

    Software 19 01:33

  • 'Primary vendor' turns screw on Computacenter

    Shares down 15 per cent

    The Channel 19 09:50

  • PlusNet sponsors Sheffield Wednesday

    On me 'ead, son

    Broadband 19 09:53

  • Apple eyes Bluewater, Kent for third UK retail site

    Regent Street store officially launched

    Mac Channel 19 10:17

  • EMI looks to digital as download sales quadruple

    But look to lawsuit stick rather than iTunes carrot for the cause

    Media 19 10:51

  • Stop picking on BT, says rival

    Anti-BT lobby fingered

    Broadband 19 10:53

  • Intel CEO touts 'much improved' H1 '05 growth

    P4 6xx, 'Sonoma' launches to boost sales?

    PCs 19 11:11

  • Complacent UK corporates 'easy meat' for crooks

    BCS issues wake-up call

    Security 19 11:14

  • Ecommerce getting cheaper and easier

    Actinic report shows

    Small Biz 19 11:25

  • Elpida offers 800MHz 1Gb DDR 2 chip

    You want it, we can make it

    System Builder 19 11:27

  • Intel prepares to kill off last few 130nm P4s

    By June 2005, Northwood will be just a fond memory

    System Builder 19 11:50

  • Callserve WLTM partner with VoIP, GSOH etc.

    UK VoIP outfit in acquisitive mood

    Broadband 19 11:56

  • Greenpeace blockades HP with great wall of PCs

    Utrecht protest against toxic material

    PCs 19 12:23

  • From Indymedia to the Moon: your musings in full

    An eclectic postbag

    Letters 19 12:40

  • The Register is band full of s**t

    AV specialist throws wobbler

    Letters 19 12:44

  • Digital music download coin-op to offer 'all formats, all DRMs'

    Inspired thinks big but lacks the content

    Media 19 12:51

  • RAF fighters intercept 'silent' Jumbo

    Major security alert over Manchester-bound flight

    Science 19 13:08

  • MS predicts stampede for Hotmail.co.uk

    Get yer Brit email addys while stocks last

    Broadband 19 13:19

  • UK looks at 'integrating' ID card with health care

    To 'maximise benefits for patients', of course...

    Media 19 13:27

  • 3G battle centres on consumers

    End of the phoney war

    Mobile 19 14:28

  • Gov delays new extended warranty rules

    One more Xmas of rip-offs

    The Channel 19 14:34

  • BT and O2 finalise divorce

    Who gets the Phil Collins CD collection?

    Mobile 19 14:38

  • Nvidia signs Intel bus licence deal

    nForce 4 for Pentium 4 ahoy!

    PCs 19 14:40

  • Operators wake up to mobile enterprise needs

    Starmap points the way forward

    Mobile 19 14:54

  • Sigourney Weaver books flight with Virgin Galactic

    Alien star turns space tourist

    Bootnotes 19 15:13

  • Gigabit Wi-Fi looms large

    But 'Gi-Fi' pointless without robust security

    Broadband 19 15:54

  • Voq Pro smart phone

    A great idea - just a year too late?

    Reviews 19 16:16

  • AMD's Opteron loses ground where it kind of counts

    Not in my HPC cluster

    Servers 19 17:21

  • UK boffins sniff for Higgs boson

    Large Hadron Collider hits CERN

    Science 19 18:01

  • Sober worm speaks with forked tongue

    Bilingual Windows virus attack

    Security 19 18:06

  • Linux set for ERP ascendency

    Windows and Unix on the back foot

    Applications 19 18:26

  • Oracle moves to quarterly patch cycle

    Extended delivery

    Security 19 18:30

  • Introducing the big, bad BOFH polo shirt

    Essential kit for the marauding sysdamin

    Site News 19 18:37

  • Business leaders respect Gates (true)

    More than Jesus

    Management 19 20:14

  • Intel is killing Itanium one comment at a time

    It's for mainframes only now

    Servers 19 21:08