18th November 2004 Archive

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  • TiVo loses its MoJo

    Pop-up ads, DRM lock-down coming soon

    Media 18 09:20

  • Telecoms review? What telecoms review?

    UK.biz in the dark

    Broadband 18 09:22

  • Rucksacks: an evaluation and comparison

    Are freebies reliable?

    Bootnotes 18 09:48

  • Ofcom tells BT: shape up, or split up

    Telecoms review published today

    Broadband 18 09:49

  • Creative declares 'war' on Apple's iPod

    MP3 player firm commits $100m to out-spend rivals' ad campaigns

    Mobile 18 09:53

  • People want to pay by phone

    But m-commerce 'inadequate'

    Mobile 18 10:15

  • Use Linux and you will be sued, Ballmer tells governments

    Lawsuit doom over 228 'stolen' patents predicted

    Operating Systems 18 10:34

  • Nokia demos mobile IPv6 call

    It's for you

    Mobile 18 10:49

  • RIM takes active-user total to 2m

    Doubles subscriber tally in nine months

    Mobile 18 10:59

  • UWB approved, standard imminent

    And if you believe that...

    Broadband 18 11:24

  • PowerVR MBX gains OpenGL ES Linux support

    HI Corp ports over its 3D engine, too

    Mobile 18 11:24

  • Petco settles with FTC over cyber security gaffe

    Sentenced to 20 years' maximum security

    Financial News 18 11:27

  • IE in fresh security drama

    Three bugs, two critical

    Security 18 11:30

  • Virgin Mobile ups customers, drops profits

    Float costs bite

    Mobile 18 11:56

  • Maxtor ups desktop, enterprise HDD warranty periods

    Same cover in whatever territory you buy

    Storage 18 12:42

  • Seagate ships 'world first' 400GB PC HDDs

    A 7200rpm unit that's as fast as a 10,000rpm job, apparently

    System Builder 18 12:58

  • HTC 'Blue Angel' Wi-Fi PocketPC phone

    Aka i-mate PDA 2k, O2 XDA IIs, Orange M2000 etc, etc

    Reviews 18 13:07

  • Russian fined for virus-writing exploits

    29A's Whale gets harpooned

    Security 18 13:24

  • Salesforce sales up

    But outlook disappoints

    Financial News 18 13:47

  • Website blamed for student suicide

    22-year-old found hanged in room

    Media 18 13:49

  • MSN signs up Overture for another year

    And then what?

    Financial News 18 14:31

  • CSA boss falls on sword over £456m IT system fiasco

    EDS: 'badly designed, badly developed, badly tested, badly implemented'

    Management 18 14:35

  • DiData back in profit

    'Substantial progress in the last year'

    The Channel 18 16:10

  • Sony talks to Grokster

    Can legit P2P be far away?

    Media 18 16:11

  • MoD forms electronic warfare 'Tower of Excellence'

    Aka 'collaborative research group'

    Science 18 16:11

  • Poland scuppers EU software patent directive

    Support withdrawn

    Developer 18 16:18

  • AOL goes a bundle on consumer security

    AOL 9.0 Security Edition

    Security 18 16:25

  • PeopleSoft threatens to sue Oracle

    Oracle threatens to buy PeopleSoft

    Applications 18 16:40

  • Ofcom review 'misses golden opportunity'

    Reactions mixed on regulator's big day

    Broadband 18 16:53

  • IBM benchmark leaves server rivals breathless

    Power5 crushes Itanium for record score

    Servers 18 17:58

  • Home Office stalls on weapons scanner health risks

    'Er, dunno', says trustworthy Home Secretary

    Media 18 18:00

  • Sun's finishing of the year with a storage run

    Five spot of new kit

    Storage 18 18:59

  • Google shares fall on less-than-stellar growth fears

    More competition

    Financial News 18 22:14