15th November 2004 Archive

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  • Ebookers cuts losses

    Job cuts help

    Financial News 15 09:40

  • Dow Jones acquires CBSMarketwatch

    $519m website play

    Financial News 15 10:06

  • Elpida IPO raises $967m

    Memory maker announces first half-yearly profit, too

    Financial News 15 10:24

  • AMD updates roadmap

    Adds Pacifica, Presidio - multi-core and/or 65nm parts

    System Builder 15 10:51

  • Online roulette has Germans in a spin

    Punters enjoy live action via webcam

    Financial News 15 10:52

  • Government IT laid bare

    Read it and weep...

    Policy 15 11:22

  • Boris Johnson website falls eerily silent

    No foppish wit from Tory lothario? For shame

    Bootnotes 15 11:58

  • Intel 3.8GHz P4 570J slips out

    Sony touts desktop based on new chip

    System Builder 15 11:59

  • Sony enhances tiny wireless pen PC

    Speed, storage boost

    Mobile 15 12:00

  • Thus squeezed by tough conditions

    Remains chipper

    Financial News 15 12:00

  • Will 3G save the phone repair industry?

    Nokia fixers predict rise in faults

    Mobile 15 12:01

  • Apple iPod Flash said to ship January

    Into production next month, apparently

    Mac Channel 15 12:25

  • Alleged software piracy CADs collared

    Greek and Brit on '£360m' counterfeit rap

    Applications 15 12:42

  • Tiscali eyes profit in 2005

    Revs up, losses down

    Broadband 15 12:45

  • Boffins unleash robotic cockroach

    Rise of the Machines™ scuttles a little closer

    Science 15 12:45

  • UK group preps public digital music 'ATMs'

    Two pints of lager and the latest White Stripes single, please

    Media 15 14:13

  • European online sales to outpace US

    Ecommerce a-go-go

    Financial News 15 14:44

  • RIM signs BT to sell Blackberry

    Mobile email domination plan proceeds

    Data Networking 15 14:46

  • SCH profits grow a little

    European buying spree paying off

    The Channel 15 15:15

  • NetApp says gFiler is its Trojan horse

    Virtualised SAN and NAS bid for your storage grid

    Storage 15 15:42

  • Was Einstein a plagiarist?

    Lend us your gravitational field equation, would'ya?

    Science 15 15:57

  • Grokster touts 'legal, licensed' p2p music share system

    Licenses Mercora 'person-to-person' radio software

    Media 15 16:14

  • Taser-happy cops floor suicidal six-year-old

    Electric justice, US style

    Bootnotes 15 16:19

  • Pentax Optio X digicam

    Extremely pocketable?

    Reviews 15 16:37

  • Aruba to bring WLAN-level security to LANs

    Security at the switch, not the wiring closet

    Security 15 16:44

  • Lexmark denies spyware allegations

    No black helicopters here, says printer outfit

    Security 15 17:15

  • Dell re-enters the blade-o-sphere

    Cheap, thin and middle of the road

    Servers 15 18:08

  • Sun stares down Red Hat with Solaris 10

    The price is right for war

    Operating Systems 15 19:42