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PeopleSoft board rejects Oracle's best and last offer

Defining the word unsurprising, PeopleSoft's board of directors unanimously rejected Oracle's "best and final" $24 per share offer for the company. Along with its rejection, the PeopleSoft board advised investors not to tender their shares in support of Oracle's bid.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Nov 2004

AOL axes Nullsoft - whither Winamp, Shoutcast?

AOL split itself into four this week, and one of the casualties is the team that provided its musical credibility. And of course, we don't mean Spinner.com. After hemorrhaging employees for months, only three Nullsoft employees are left after the shake-up.
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Nov 2004

Intel nuances Itanium; Microsoft ignores it

It's no longer Sun Microsystems and IBM working to undermine the Itanium processor. Both the chip's maker - Intel - and close software partner Microsoft are doing the dirty work now.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Nov 2004

Source code loss excluded from insurance, says court

A company that lost critical software after it had the misfortune to be hit by both a computer virus and a burglary has been unable to recover its losses after the High Court ruled that exclusions in the firm's insurance policy applied to the claim.
OUT-LAW.COM, 11 Nov 2004

World phone shipments to slip in Q4 - analyst

Global mobile phone shipments will fall during the last three months of 2004, market watcher iSuppli has warned, as inventory stockpiled during Q3 hits production.
Tony Smith, 11 Nov 2004
vulture tv reporter

Intel poo-poos 65nm delay claim

Intel has denied claims that the development of its 65nm chip fabrication process has fallen behind schedule.
Tony Smith, 11 Nov 2004

Broadband - BT's new wave saviour

BT's traditional telephone business continues to take a beating in the face of an increasingly competitive marketplace. Turnover from traditional products declined by 8 per cent on the year as more people opt for rival Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) services and use their mobiles more often. Throw in the fact that BT's domestic customers are spending less each year as lower prices kick in and the scale of the problem facing BT really hits home.
Tim Richardson, 11 Nov 2004

Banks brace for cashpoint attack

An international group of law enforcement and financial industry associations hopes to prevent a new type of bank robbery before it gets off the ground: cyber attacks against automated teller machines.
Kevin Poulsen, 11 Nov 2004

The Great War remembered online

This morning at 11am thousands of people across the UK will observe two minutes' silence to mark the anniversary of the end of the Great War in advance of this Sunday's Remembrance Day ceremonies across Britain.
Lester Haines, 11 Nov 2004

Gadzooks! My PC has the pox

WorkshopThere's no shortage on advice of how to avoid catching a computer virus: use up to date anti-virus software and install a firewall. Be careful about unsolicited attachments. Use an alternative browser. Stop using Windows! But when it comes to advice about disinfecting contaminated PCs advice is thin on the ground.
John Leyden, 11 Nov 2004

XXX text man's wife blows gasket

Stuart Maiden can consider himself lucky to have escaped with all his dangly bits still attached to his body after wife Sally discovered steamy text messages on his mobe, the Sun reports.
Lester Haines, 11 Nov 2004

Vodafone Blackberry 7100v

ReviewBlackberry's dominance in the push-email arena seems to be letting up not one little bit, and its popular 7230 QWERTY keyboard-equipped handset also seems to be finding its way onto the belts of business users around the world, writes Stuart Miles.
Pocket Lint, 11 Nov 2004

France rules Apple's DRM denial not anti-competition

A French retailers attempt to force Apple to license its DRM technology has failed.
Tony Smith, 11 Nov 2004

New US Attorney General nominated

On Wednesday, one day after US Attorney General John Ashcroft announced his resignation, President Bush nominated Chief White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales to assume the top job at the Justice Department.
Thomas C Greene, 11 Nov 2004

We seize servers, you can't complain - US gov

Indymedia seizuresThe US Government is attempting to block efforts to find out who seized Indymedia's servers in London last month. The Government has filed a motion in San Antonio District Court opposing the Electronic Frontier Foundation's motion to unseal the court order which resulted in the seizures, and arguing among other things that unsealing would "seriously jeopardize" an "ongoing criminal terrorism investigation".
John Lettice, 11 Nov 2004

Sony, Disney VoD JV wins EC approval

MovieCo, the video-on-demand service formed by Disney, Sony and UK-based VoD specialist On Demand, will be permitted to set up shop in the UK and Ireland, the European Commission (EC) has ruled.
Tony Smith, 11 Nov 2004

Boeing and Northrop Grumman forge space alliance

Boeing and Northrop Grumman have inked a memorandum of agreement which will see the two aerospace giants join forces to compete for the contract to build NASA's Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) - part of the Agency's Constellation project to send robotic and human missions to the Moon and beyond.
Lester Haines, 11 Nov 2004

eBay snaffles Dutch classifieds website

eBay has acquired Marktplaats, the leading classifieds website in the Netherlands, for approximately US$290m in cash. It bought the operation from a Dutch second-hand retail shop outfit. Founded in 1999 and based in Emmeloord, Marktplaats.nl is the most popular classifieds website in the Netherlands. With more than one million listings at any given time and two million visitors a month, the website offers a wide array of items, from clothing and collectibles to cars and household goods.
Jan Libbenga, 11 Nov 2004

Major telcos tout Wi-Fi roaming pact

Wi-Fi hotspot owners BT Openzone, Singapore's StarHub, Malaysia's maxis, Japan's NTT Com, T-Mobile, Australia's Telstra and Telecom Italia have entered into a broad roaming agreement to allow each company's customers to access the others' networks.
Tony Smith, 11 Nov 2004

For sale: missiles, heroin and exploding Barbies

With all the highly depressing spam we have to trawl through each and every day - including lamentable 419 solicitations and offers of instant penis engorgement and cheap Rolex watches - it always nice to get a missive which might actually prove useful. In this case, any reader who feels he's a bit underendowed in the ordnance department will certainly find something to make his Xmas go with a bang:
Lester Haines, 11 Nov 2004

WorldPay retreats from South Africa

UK-based online payments outfit WorldPay has sent its customers in South Africa, South Korea and Mexico an email announcing its intention to cease trading in those countries from 5 January 2005. The company cites "economic uncertainty and new regulations" as the reason, the Sunday Times, a South African newspaper, reports.
Lester Haines, 11 Nov 2004

ESA's lunar probe closes on target

In a matter of days the European Space Agency's (ESA) SMART-1 spacecraft will enter orbit around the Moon. It will adjust its position and prepare for the scientific investigation of the lunar surface that will begin in January.
Lucy Sherriff, 11 Nov 2004

UWB group completes key radio spec

The Multiband OFDM Alliance (MBOA) has finished its ultrawideband (UWB) radio physical layer (PHY) specification.
Tony Smith, 11 Nov 2004

WTO rules against US gambling laws

US laws banning cross-border gambling break international trade rules, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) ruled yesterday.
John Leyden, 11 Nov 2004

MS launches third annual Imagine Cup

Microsoft today announced the start of the third annual Imagine Cup in Reading, UK. The challenge involves teams of students from around the world competing against each other to win a share of the $215,000 total prize fund and the chance to kick-start careers in various fields including software design, film-making, business planning and computer game design.
Robin Lettice, 11 Nov 2004

E-pass defeats HP, MS' case dismissal demand

Microsoft and HP have suffered a set-back in their attempt to defend themselves against allegations made by a patent holding company that their PDA software and hardware violates its intellectual property.
Tony Smith, 11 Nov 2004

Stressed-out Spaniards attack computers with hammers

Stress-frazzled Spaniards are paying £40 a pop to smash technology with sledgehammers, Ananova reports. The initiative in Soria allows access to the city's main scrapyard where enraged suits vent their frustration on cars, computers and mobile phones.
Lester Haines, 11 Nov 2004

Sun deputizes Versora for Microsoft attack

Sun Microsystems has signed up a new recruit to help it move customers off of Microsoft server software and onto either Sun's own products or open source code.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Nov 2004

FBI captures Intel staffer with Texas-sized gun cache

It's not often that "AK-47" and "Intel" make it into the same sentence, but that's exactly what just happened after it was learned that a former Intel employee has been charged with plotting to attack one of the company's plants in Arizona.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Nov 2004

Fahrenheit DRM: Michael Moore's iTunes playlist

Well, well, well. Michael Moore - the corpulent crusader - appears to be a bigger lackey of The Man than he would have you believe. Yes, friends, the attacker of big media has his very own iTunes celebrity playlist. Think of it as a gift-wrapped suggestion package for leading music fans right into the decaying arms of the pigopolists.
Ashlee Vance, 11 Nov 2004

Psion sees bright spot in Symbian sales

Around 8.69 million Symbian smart phones were shipped to the end of September, more than double the 3.91 million shipped by the same point in 2003.
ElectricNews.net, 11 Nov 2004

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