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Oracle makes last bid for PeopleSoft

Oracle has dangled its "best and final" offer of $24 per share in front of PeopleSoft shareholders.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Nov 2004

Qualcomm builds video network

Qualcomm is to spend $800m building a nationwide US network to serve multi-media content to mobile phone users.
John Oates, 02 Nov 2004

KPN doubles profits on falling sales

Dutch telco KPN doubled profits in the third quarter despite a fall in sales. For the period ended 30 September 2005 KPN made net profits of €288m, up from €139m for the same period of 2003. Sales for the period were €2, 948m down from €3, 009 in the third quarter of 2003.
John Oates, 02 Nov 2004

More IT jobs for space-bound dolphins

LettersWe'll kick off today with a beautiful rant from a young computer science graduate, struggling to find his feet in a hostile world. The IT skills shortage identified by Gartner does not, it seems, mean that companies are falling over themselves to employ newbies:
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Nov 2004

September chip sales edge up 1%

The world's chip makers are in danger of letting down the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) as it emerged that September's semiconductor sales left the organisation falling behind its bullish forecast for 2004's total.
Tony Smith, 02 Nov 2004

Vonage: recipe for success?

AnalysisSay Vonage to anyone in the communications industry and they say: "Oh the VoIP people." Ask if they'll make it, and you may get responses like, "well the RBOCs hate them and they have hundreds of lookalike competitors."
Faultline, 02 Nov 2004

Marconi chief falls on own axe

Mike Donovan, chief operating officer of Marconi since 2001, is looking for opportunites outside the company this morning. Fortunately, he is taking a £4m severance package with him to help salve the pain.
John Oates, 02 Nov 2004

IT industry urged to fight online child abuse

The IT industry must do more to prevent children being abused online, according to a manifesto published today by police and leading children's charities.
Tim Richardson, 02 Nov 2004

BT heralds satellite breakthrough

British Telecom has announced that it has developed a satellite modulation technology that can use existing satellites and triple their existing capacity. If this is a genuine breakthrough, it could improve satellite competitiveness globally overnight.
Faultline, 02 Nov 2004

Intel to debut 9MB Itanic 2 'on Monday'

Intel will release an Itanium 2 processor with 9MB of L3 cache for four-way systems and up next Monday, according to reports on the web.
Tony Smith, 02 Nov 2004

NBC deploys 'I can't vote' rant-line

NBC News has set up an 'I can't vote!' helpline using contact centre technology from Intervoice. The Voter Alert Line application will allow US voters to "notify local polling officials about voting problems or irregularities at their local polling location" and forms part of NBC News' political coverage of today's presidential election.
John Leyden, 02 Nov 2004

Moody managers need more kip

One in four British managers is in a bad mood today because they aren't getting enough sleep, according to a report by think-tank Demos on behalf of flat-pack furniture monolith IKEA.
John Oates, 02 Nov 2004

Ten-foot origami penis meets its match

In response to those readers who requested, nay demanded, a picture of pornogamist Nick Robinson and his rampant 10ft paper penis, we are delighted to report that we have managed to secure a snap of said virile member proudly erect in front of the London Assembly building.
Lester Haines, 02 Nov 2004

Intel 'plans' December Grantsdale price cuts

Intel will cut the prices of its i915 chipset family, aka 'Grantsdale', right after Christmas, Taiwanese motherboard maker sources have claimed.
Tony Smith, 02 Nov 2004

AOL to slash 700 jobs - report

AOL is set to eliminate more than 700 jobs at its HQ in Northern Virginia, according to the Washingston Post. It reports that the cull, due in early December, is necessary as the internet giant continues to cut costs as it battles to cope with the slide in customer numbers. Although no formal announcement has yet been made, it seems that speculation is growing after staff at AOL were told to prepare themselves for a new round of job cuts.
Tim Richardson, 02 Nov 2004

Whatdya mean, free software?

The situation surrounding open source is getting increasingly complex; partly because of the legal issues that SCO's apparently doomed case against IBM has raised and partly because open source products are seeing extensive use. There is no point in pretending that open source is not a major software trend that is changing the industry - it surely is. However, it also difficult idea for commercial organizations to get their minds around and this is limiting its take-up to some degree.
Robin Bloor, 02 Nov 2004

Lack of cash killed Beagle 2

If there had been as many people taking care of the Beagle 2 project as there have been reports into why the lander got lost, we'd have reams of data on the composition of the Martian soil flooding back from a perfectly functioning vehicle, right now.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Nov 2004

Free training offer is latest spam scam

Surfers were yesterday urged to be wary of unsolicited emails offering training and well paid jobs in the financial sector. Rather than offering a route into a lucrative job such emails are likely part of a devious scam masterminded by Russian spammers, security vendor Sophos warns.
John Leyden, 02 Nov 2004

Olympus Mju-mini digicam

ReviewNever wishing to be seen to stand idly by while the competition innovates, Olympus is always looking for ways to develop its Mju cameras. Last time the sacrosanct design was refined, it brought about a format evolution, from film to digital. This time it's a 'streamlining and downsizing' exercise, to offer more camera in less body, giving Olympus the perfect product to challenge Casio's Exilim and Canon's Ixus I ultra-compacts, writes Charlie Brewer.
Pocket Lint, 02 Nov 2004

Nokia to bring Good push email to business phones

Nokia today launched a partnership with mobile messaging company Good Technology to port the latter's GoodLink push email/PIM software to the handset maker's "business class" phones.
Tony Smith, 02 Nov 2004

Timico snaps up Atlas Internet

London-based ISP Atlas Internet has been bought by new-kid-on-the-block telecoms outfit Timico Ltd. Financial details surrounding the deal were not disclosed.
Tim Richardson, 02 Nov 2004

Sage rebadges CRM for smaller biz

Sage is releasing its mid-market CRM product created through the acquisition of ACCPAC earlier this year. The product, Sage CRM Mid-Market edition, was previously available in the UK as ACCPAC CRM.
John Oates, 02 Nov 2004

mmO2 eyes German i-mode service

NTT DoCoMo is in talks with KPN to alter its license terms to allow telecom operator mmO2 to launch the i-mode service in Germany. KPN how holds the exclusive rights to market the i-mode service in the Benelux and Germany and has insisted it has no plans to change its contract, according to several newspaper reports.
Jan Libbenga, 02 Nov 2004

Phishing for dummies: hook, line and sinker

Recent "phishing" episodes, and two new browser vulnerabilities, show how the bad guys are tricking people into exposing their passwords and bank accounts. Couldn't happen to tech-savvy users, right? Unless you consider how entire nations have been fooled.
Scott Granneman, 02 Nov 2004

Flying golden Daleks menace the web

The last few days have seen a little frisson of excitement spread round the world of Doctor Who aficionados after snaps of the latest Dalek model - soon to be seen battling Christopher Ecclestone and Billie Piper - invaded the web.
Lester Haines, 02 Nov 2004

UK.biz urged to get online

Companies are being urged to set up their own website if they are to take advantage of the 76 per cent of consumers who prefer to search for businesses on the internet, according to research by web hosting and domain name company easily.co.uk. The findings show that the internet has replaced business directories as the first port of call for consumers trying to find a business.
Startups.co.uk, 02 Nov 2004

Wales to host new £1m CRT recycling plant

A new recycling plant in Wales is set to create 70 jobs by turning old computer waste into something useful.
Tim Richardson, 02 Nov 2004

Follow the Vendee Globe on your mobe

Ellen McArthur's latest boat is packed to the gills with mobile technology to keep fans up-to-date with its progress in the Vendee Globe round-the-world yacht race.
John Oates, 02 Nov 2004

Get down and rock via 3G

Register readers feeling too tired to get on their dancing shoes and get down with the kids this evening can take solace from a new service from mobile network "3" which is broadcasting, sorry "phonecasting", a 45-minute concert by London-based Rooster from the Institute of Contemporary Art.
John Oates, 02 Nov 2004

IE exploits top web security threat list

Internet Explorer exploits posed the fastest growing web security threat to enterprises in the last quarter, according to web security services firm ScanSafe. The top exploit (Exploit.HTML.Mht) was used to attack twice as many businesses as any other web security threat in Q2 2004.
John Leyden, 02 Nov 2004

Sainsbury's suspends online discounts

Sainsbury's has had to cancel a series of discounts offered to online shoppers after voucher codes posted on a web forum were used by literally hundreds of people.
Lucy Sherriff, 02 Nov 2004

SCO not sure pro-SCO site is a good idea

Legal concerns of all things have caused The SCO Group to rethink it plans to launch a pro-SCO propaganda web site meant to counter the popular Groklaw site.
Ashlee Vance, 02 Nov 2004

Nokia revives media phone concept with pen mini-tablet

Nokia has unveiled its pen-based, mini-tablet smartphone platform once again. The 7710 media phone, announced today, is the second device to feature the Series 90 software, and Nokia hopes it will fare better than the first. A phone that showcased the software, the 7700, was announced exactly a year ago, but in June the company said it was being demoted to a prototype and wouldn't be released to the general public. Series 90 marks a departure for Nokia, which has for several years maintained that one-handed phones don't need any other input method, and two-handed phones really need a full keyboard. This had been the stance since it launched the QWERTY keyboard communicator eight years ago, and neither the success of Palm, nor Sony Ericsson's P900 could convince it otherwise.
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Nov 2004

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