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PalmOne launches Treo 650

PalmOne today introduced 'Ace', aka the Treo 650, the jazzed up successor to the 600. The launch confirms almost everything leaked out about the new smart phone to date.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2004

Consumers hit by net security jitters

A survey released this week by security technology vendor Entrust has highlighted consumer concerns about use of the internet. The results of the survey show that security concerns have not been eased by efforts that companies have taken to ensure the security of transactions made over their websites.
Fran Howarth, 25 Oct 2004

WiMAX roadshow rolls into town

Calling this "the dawn of the WiMAX era", Trendsmedia is kicking off the first WiMAX World Conference and Exposition, at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, MA on 3-4 November, 2004. Yes, the bandwagon is rolling. But unusually, this conference isn't a cheerleader convention; it has its sceptics lined up.
Guy Kewney, 25 Oct 2004

Fingerprints to become compulsory for all EU passports

EU interior ministers are today likely to sign off regulations making fingerprinting a second compulsory biometric for passports. The latest proposed draft regulation will effectively overturn a decision made earlier this year to make only facial image compulsory, and fingerprint optional, and comes in the face of opposition from Sweden Finland, Estonia and Latvia, "could not accept this re-opening of discussions on the second biometric identifier to become mandatory."
John Lettice, 25 Oct 2004

Google passes on portal

Google is not interested in re-starting the browser wars nor is it about to become a portal, says chief executive Eric Schmidt.
John Oates, 25 Oct 2004

Mac OS X rootkit surfaces

One of the first pieces of malicious code targeting Apple's Mac OS X operating system has been discovered. The Mac OS X malware, dubbed Opener, is a rootkit for Mac OS X machines that contains a variety of destructive functionality including a keylogger and backdoor components.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2004

Ofcom accused of helping premium-rate scammers

Ofcom has been accused of issuing telephone numbers to rogue operators that rip off punters with premium-rate phone scams. The damaging accusation was made by George Kidd, the head of premium-rate telephone regulator ICSTIS, who claims that Ofcom is undermining its work to protect consumers from fraudsters.
Tim Richardson, 25 Oct 2004

NHS OSS white paper is 'disappeared'

In a weirdly Maoist piece of public self-criticism the National Health Service Information Authority has withdrawn a white paper on Open Source Software and the NHS. As the hole where it used to be now says: "The Information Authority regrets the publication of the internal discussion paper - Open Source. Any proposed actions expressed in the paper were personal views and did not represent NHS IA or government policy."
John Lettice, 25 Oct 2004

Firefox 1.0 limbers up for launch

Mozilla will today launch the nearly-final version of Firefox, its open source web browser, ahead of the 1.0 product launch on 9 November. The organisation says it aiming for 10 million downloads in the 100 days after inauguration, sparking much discussion of a return to the days of the browser wars, when Microsoft, AOL and Netscape battled for market share.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Oct 2004

Sony Ericsson P910i smart phone

Reg reviewSony Ericsson's smart phone just keeps on getting better. A year ago, the P900 addressed many of the P800's shortcomings in a slick, business-friendly redesign. Now, a further 12 months down the line, the P910i smartens up the P900 and bumps up the spec. to boot.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2004

ECS unveils nForce 4 Ultra board

Elitegroup today launched a motherboard based on Nvidia's nForce 4 Ultra chipset and geared toward Socket 939 Athlon 64 CPUs.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2004

Guardian US vote wheeze down in flames

UK broadsheet The Guardian has called a day on its US presidential election letter writing campaign, declaring Operation Clark County a success, but reporting substantial flaming and a hacking attack. So it does look a bit like they decided the campaign was more trouble that it was worth.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2004

Harry Potter games outfit loses its magic

Argonaut Games plc - the UK games developer which brought Harry Potter to the video screen - has called in the administrators ten days after suspending its shares.
Tim Richardson, 25 Oct 2004

UK WISP offers two weeks' free Wi-Fi access

UK wireless ISP Broadreach Networks, which operates under the ReadyToSurf brand, today inaugurated a two-week free-for-all for users connecting to its Wi-Fi hotspots in London's 12 major railway stations.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2004

Small.biz goes a bundle on SBS 2003?

It’s been nearly a year since Microsoft launched a Small Business Server - a strategic move into a market that everyone wants a piece of.
Ben King, 25 Oct 2004

BT completes B.I.C. Systems Group buy-out

BT has completed the £17m acquisition of Northern Ireland IT Company, B.I.C. Systems Group Ltd, after being given the green light by the Competition Authority in the Republic of Ireland. The sale was given the OK more than a week ago and was completed last week, the UK's dominant fixed line telco said in a statement today.
Tim Richardson, 25 Oct 2004
Robot on road photo via Shutterstock

Farting robot wins toy of the year

A toy robot designed by a former NASA engineer has been named Britain's toy of the year by Hamley's, the nation's finest/most expensive toy shop.
John Oates, 25 Oct 2004

Sony launches 1GB Flash MP3 player

Sony will ship its latest Flash-based music players at the end of November 2004, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2004

Cisco adds scrambler to IP telephony

Cisco is beefing up the security of IP telephony kit with an upgrade to its software available from today. A new version of the network giant's IP PBX software, Cisco CallManager 4.1, comes with new enhanced encryption facilities, including Voice over Virtual Private Network (V3PN) functionality.
John Leyden, 25 Oct 2004

NASA re-schedules Swift launch

The launch date for NASA's Swift satellite - designed to detect and analyse gamma ray bursters - has been delayed thanks to a faulty third stage rocket on an unrelated launch. The mission has been given a new provisional launch date of 11 November. Scientists involved in the project expect this to be confirmed within days.
Lucy Sherriff, 25 Oct 2004

BT ponders music downloads for payphones

UK telco BT could soon be selling digital music through its 70,000 payphones if talks with a major online music provider prove fruitful.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2004

RIM rises as PalmOne slides in Euro device market

Western Europeans continue to favour standalone PDAs, with enough of them being bought during Q3 to push shipments up four per cent, market watcher IDC said today.
Tony Smith, 25 Oct 2004

Blunkett, Blair and the wonderful world of EU opt ins

While in the background the EU's interior ministers hatched plans to fingerprint all 450 million of us, the foregrounded story in the UK was our opt-out/opt-in/veto. Shadow Home Secretary David Davis claimed that actual Home Secretary (arguably the shadowier one) David Blunkett was selling the UK down the river by accepting qualified majority voting and losing the veto, while Blunkett insisted that we were getting the best of both worlds.
John Lettice, 25 Oct 2004

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