22nd October 2004 Archive

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  • IBM gives in to call for Liberty services for all

    Joins the 'other' alliance

    Developer 22 07:24

  • Security Report: Windows vs Linux

    An independent assessment

    Security 22 07:26

  • Chip makers' efforts fail to cut excess inventory

    Q3 figures show stockpiles still rising

    The Channel 22 08:40

  • Amazon profits up (but not enough for Wall Street)

    Pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap

    Financial News 22 08:45

  • BOFH: How to survive a Boring Geek Alert

    Every man for himself

    BOFH 22 08:49

  • Wi-Fi trade body approves first WLAN mobile phones

    Interoperability assured

    Broadband 22 09:12

  • Cisco buys 'network bouncer' firm Perfigo

    No jeans, no trainers, no unpatched XP kit

    Security 22 09:37

  • Yahoo! acquires searchable email outfit

    Looking for a Google grabber?

    Broadband 22 09:38

  • Life is good for shiny, happy PeopleSoft

    Solid results at 'healthy and vibrant' company

    Financial News 22 09:45

  • Stop calling George 'Dubya', you a**sholes

    A Republican writes

    Letters 22 09:46

  • Intel 'ends' chip digital TV tech work

    Liquid Crystal on Silicon too expensive, apparently

    Peripherals 22 09:51

  • AT&T restructuring swallows $7bn

    The price of change

    Broadband 22 10:05

  • AMD to revive information appliance concept

    'Emma' to herald cheap net access for developing world?

    PCs 22 10:25

  • O2 in SMS contraception harassment rap

    Take ur pill now

    Bootnotes 22 10:27

  • Safer Apple-lifting is new Reg reader pastime

    We've seen the future, and it has a writ on it

    Letters 22 10:29

  • IBM advances in storage arms race

    TotalStorage DS6000 and DS8000

    Servers 22 10:32

  • Egg finally flees France

    An oeuf is an oeuf

    Financial News 22 10:34

  • Crackers force apology from Euro 2004 Swiss ref

    Goal outrage official's website hacked

    Media 22 11:02

  • Intel kills 1066MHz FSB 130nm P4EE

    Faster bus to debut with first 90nm Extreme part

    PCs 22 11:03

  • Navman PiN GPS PocketPC

    Is an integrated antenna enough?

    Reviews 22 11:27

  • TI launches 'digital TV on a phone' scheme

    DVB-H chip due late 2006 in time for broadcasts

    Mobile 22 12:00

  • Cassini approaches Titanic flyby

    Moment of truth for Huygens team

    Science 22 12:49

  • SAP ups profits

    Rude health

    Financial News 22 12:51

  • Three-quarters of Brit workers drunk after lunch

    'I'm just nipping out for a sarnie and six pints'

    Management 22 14:18

  • Naked News flashes onto European mobile phones

    US must wait for kitless coverage

    Mobile 22 14:39

  • MPs slam government over EDS secrecy

    CSA IT controversy rumbles on

    Policy 22 14:59

  • Phreakers will rape and pillage your mobile

    Java flaws to blame, claims security bod

    Mobile 22 15:04

  • Windows v Linux security: the real facts

    Nicholas Petreley stacks them up

    Software 22 15:30

  • DDoS vigilante militia could tackle net porn, says pundit

    You look like a fish with your mouth like that

    Bootnotes 22 17:41

  • Spitzer the Blitzer goes after music label payola

    This is for the children

    Media 22 17:43

  • IBM touts poor man's blade server box

    Cheaper, more basic

    Servers 22 20:18