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IBM gives in to call for Liberty services for all

IBM has given in to industry and customer pressure and joined the Liberty Alliance.
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Security Report: Windows vs Linux

Executive Summary Busting The Myths Myth: There’s Safety In Small Numbers Myth: Open Source is Inherently Dangerous Myths: Conclusions Based on Single Metrics Windows vs. Linux Design Windows Design Windows has only recently evolved from a single-user design to a multi-user model Windows is Monolithic by Design, not …

Chip makers' efforts fail to cut excess inventory

The volume of excess chip inventory in the channel during Q3 was higher than expected, market watcher iSuppli has revealed, despite aggressive attempts to eliminate the stockpile.
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Amazon profits up (but not enough for Wall Street)

Amazon made net income of £54m in the third quarter ended 30 September 2004 on net sales of $1.46bn. This compares with net income of $16m and net sales of $1.13bn for the same period last year.
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BOFH: How to survive a Boring Geek Alert

Episode 36 "So he says: 'You'd think Nicholas would have shown us his chopper last nig...' look out!" the PFY says dropping to the floor like a stone while pressing the lockout footpad under his desk.
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Wi-Fi trade body approves first WLAN mobile phones

The Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) has certified the first devices the integrate 802.11 wireless networking with mobile phone network communications for their successful interoperability with other WLAN products.
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Cisco buys 'network bouncer' firm Perfigo

Cisco yesterday announced plans to acquire privately-held network security firm Perfigo for approximately $74m in cash. The acquisition, which is subject to various standard closing conditions, is expected to close by the end of January 2005.
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Yahoo! acquires searchable email outfit

Yahoo! has bought Stata Labs for an undisclosed amount of money. Stata makes Bloomba - an email client which allows you to search emails and their attachments. It also makes spam filter SAproxy.
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Life is good for shiny, happy PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft proved that the unwanted attentions of Oracle are not scaring off too many customers.
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Stop calling George 'Dubya', you a**sholes

FoTW We are a fairly hardy bunch, here at The Register - virtually flame-proof, in fact. So, Flame of the Week has to be pretty impressive, one way or another.
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Intel 'ends' chip digital TV tech work

Wave goodbye to the era of cheap, large-format high-definition digital TVs. Intel has apparently cancelled its LCoS chip development programme.
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AT&T restructuring swallows $7bn

Giant US telco AT&T revealed the cost of its restructuring - $7.1bn in the three months ended 30 September 2004. In the third quarter of last year the firm made income of $418m. The telco blamed an $11.4bn reduction in the value of its long-distance network for the loss which works out at $8.95 per share.
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AMD to revive information appliance concept

AMD's 'Emma' - a low-cost information appliance designed for the developing world - looks set to be formally unveiled next week, according to a variety of reports on the web.
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O2 in SMS contraception harassment rap

The perils of automated text services by which mobe operators send regular, user-defined set reminders are not something we'd particularly considered - until we heard the story of stereo_steve and his "Massive O2 problem". Read on:
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Safer Apple-lifting is new Reg reader pastime

Letters Apple's kind-hearted advice to owners of its shiny new iMac has gone down a storm with Reg readers this week. Guidelines for moving the computer included a reminder to Apple owners to "make sure all cables and cords are disconnected". Useful, indeed.

IBM advances in storage arms race

If there is one certainty today in the wonderful world of Information Technology it is that competition between vendors in almost all areas is still fierce. This is especially so in the area of storage platforms where a relatively small number of vendors dominate, at least in a marketing sense, the market. Last week witnessed IBM making bold claims for its latest storage platforms, the IBM TotalStorage DS6000 and DS8000, built using IBM's highly regarded Power processors.
Tony Lock, 22 2004
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Egg finally flees France

Online bank egg has finally rid itself its unloved French subsidiary.
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Crackers force apology from Euro 2004 Swiss ref

Crackers have broken into the website of Euro 2004 ref Urs Meier and posted a fake apology for a controversial ruling against England during a vital knockout game.
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Intel kills 1066MHz FSB 130nm P4EE

Desktop roadmap Intel has cancelled the 3.63GHz Pentium 4 Extreme Edition, originally due to ship early Q4 2004, according to roadmap information released this week.
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Navman PiN GPS PocketPC

Reg review Once known for its expensive, dedicated in-car satellite navigation systems, Navman has found itself moving increasingly expanding downmarket over the last year or so. Look to the likes of Germany's Medion for the reason: its combination of low-cost PocketPC devices and wired GPS receivers has taken the European PDA market by storm and brought in-car navigation to a whole new group of consumers.
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TI launches 'digital TV on a phone' scheme

Texas Instruments yesterday pledged to allow mobile phones to pick up and show digital TV broadcasts, with the goal of putting the technology in consumers' hands by the end of 2006.
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Cassini approaches Titanic flyby

This time next week, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft will be making its closest approach to Titan, Saturn's largest moon. The craft will come within 1,200km of Titan's surface, and space scientists are eagerly awaiting the data it will send back.
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SAP ups profits

SAP software brought in €491m for the third quarter of 2004 ended 30 September, up 13 per cent from the same period in 2003. Total revenues were €1.8bn, an 11 per cent year-on-year increase at constant currencies (excluding the impact of shifting currencies). Software revenue in Europe was €249m, up from €201m in the third quarter of 2003. Asia Pacific made sales of €69m, up from €56m last year. The Americas contributed €173m down from €176m in the same period last year.
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Three-quarters of Brit workers drunk after lunch

An alarming 76 per cent of employees are coming back to work drunk after taking a "liquid lunch", according to a new survey carried out by Peninsula employment law constancy. The results show that an increasing number of employees are consuming alcohol during their lunch break - a trend that could harm the reputation and productivity of a business.
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Naked News flashes onto European mobile phones

For any Register readers still pining for the visual delights provided by Live TV! - particularly the stripping news and weathergirls - help is quite literally at hand.
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MPs slam government over EDS secrecy

The committee of MPs investigating the failure of IT systems at the Department of Work and Pensions has reacted angrily to the government's response to their highly-critical report.
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Phreakers will rape and pillage your mobile

Phreakers could seize control of users' mobile handsets, send arbitrary messages or render phones unusable because of a brace of Java-related security vulnerabilities, a security researcher warns. The problems have been demonstrated on a Nokia 6310i handset and might also apply to other phones running flawed implementations of mobile Java (J2ME).
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Windows v Linux security: the real facts

Report Considering the publicity that has surrounded - and, despite super new security-focused Service Packs, continues to surround - Windows security issues, Microsoft's determination to demonstrate that Linux is less secure than Windows shows a certain chutzpah. The company has however had some support here; Forrester, for example, provides some numbers that can be used to support the contention that Microsoft flaws are less severe, less numerous and fixed faster. And although there's a general readiness among users to believe that Windows is a security disaster area, there's also a reasonable amount of support for the view that Linux would get just as many security issues if it had anything like Windows' user base.
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DDoS vigilante militia could tackle net porn, says pundit

Brainstorm of the week Considering events earlier in the week, this possibly is not an absolutely ideal time for us to find some blockhead commending the efficacy of DDoS attacks as a mechanism for eradicating anything. We have however been able to draw on our legendary supply of patience, fairness, balance and integrity prior to arriving at a considered judgment.
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Spitzer the Blitzer goes after music label payola

The music labels, accustomed to bullying teenagers, appear to have pissed off the wrong man. New York attorney general Eliot "The Blitzer" Spitzer has served up subpoenas to the major labels, as he digs for information on their relationships with promoters who are thought to pay radio stations to play certain songs, according to a report in The New York Times.
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IBM touts poor man's blade server box

IBM next month will add a new, lower-cost blade server chassis to its product line, hoping to attract mid-sized customers to the compact servers.