21st October 2004 Archive

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  • Maxtor loss balloons on job cuts, falling ASPs

    Tough Q3 for HDD maker

    Financial News 21 08:29

  • eBay beats expectations

    Big Q3, bumper Xmas to follow

    Financial News 21 08:36

  • Swearing makes you impotent: official

    We kid you effing not

    Bootnotes 21 08:44

  • Man flogs wedding invite on eBay

    Evidently not keen to attend nuptials

    Media 21 08:45

  • Transmeta loss widens as revenues miss target

    But big licensing deal in the wings

    Financial News 21 08:52

  • Intel follows Centrino price cuts with 2.1GHz Pentium M

    Say hello to the 765

    System Builder 21 09:17

  • Intel said to have set 'Sonoma' launch at 17 Jan '05

    Despite delay whispers

    System Builder 21 09:39

  • Student-designed satellite set for space

    Internet collaboration thumbs lift on commercial launch

    Science 21 09:59

  • No Japanese pinball for Adolf Hitler

    Authorities block Fuhrer-themed pachinko machine

    Bootnotes 21 10:00

  • Brazil cybercrime bust nets 50

    Online accounts pillaged, cuffs duly deployed

    Security 21 10:03

  • Intel puts back 90nm P4EE to Q1 '05 - report

    First desktop 7xx part to accompany 6xx series chips

    System Builder 21 10:19

  • Samsung X10 Plus slimline notebook

    Samsung tackles Sony, Toshiba on style

    Reviews 21 10:42

  • Introducing the Nitepalm Palm4 LED torch

    Plenty of lumens for your bucks

    Site News 21 10:44

  • iRiver ships Linux portable media players

    PMP series arrive ahead of firm's Microsoft Media Center-based offerings

    Mobile 21 11:09

  • Fibre-provider lights up UK network

    Geo punts access to British business

    Broadband 21 11:35

  • A bumper crop of browser glitches

    Patches required for Firefox, Opera, Konqueror and IE

    Security 21 11:41

  • US cops taser battling granny

    Sparky OAP floored

    Bootnotes 21 11:54

  • Grand Theft Auto sequel leaked onto web

    San Andreas slips out

    Consoles 21 11:56

  • Indymedia: the tale of the servers 'nobody' seized

    Home Office now also in denial

    Media 21 13:27

  • Eclipse approves BIRT

    But will it only be good for Actuate?

    Developer 21 13:41

  • Lucent posts full-year profits

    Net income more than tripled

    Financial News 21 13:42

  • Sage acquires profits

    Aquisitions bring in cash

    Financial News 21 13:45

  • Avis £30m ERP system crashes and burns

    Terminate with extreme prejudice

    Management 21 13:46

  • Cetacean community thwarted in Dubya sonar suit

    Court rules against Flipper et al

    Science 21 13:49

  • Operators announce mobile classification board

    ICSTIS subsidiary to classify adult content

    Mobile 21 14:54

  • Campaign warns of software patent menace

    FFII-UK launches 'Project Innovation'

    Developer 21 15:00

  • Viruses leap through window of opportunity

    AV scanners left standing

    Security 21 15:03

  • Apple issues critical alert for iMac G5 owners

    Don't move your machine until you've read this

    Bootnotes 21 16:01

  • Music sales rise despite RIAA's best efforts

    We need to suffer!

    Media 21 16:58

  • Ballmeromics: the hardware way to end software piracy

    As always, he's totally Ballmer...

    Software 21 17:18

  • Google finally fixes Desktop security vuln

    Staff: 'Gone phishing'

    Security 21 23:07

  • Scientists slice graphite into atom-thick sheets

    Turn it sideways and it vanishes

    Science 21 23:29

  • Microsoft cruises in Q1

    Ups forecast on rosy server revenues

    Financial News 21 23:32

  • Sauce settlement sours Google results

    It's a one-off

    Financial News 21 23:56