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Gates: PC will replace TV, TV will become a giant Google

Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates must see Google everywhere he looks these days. He must even see Google when he closes his eyes, and enters that lucid dreaming state from which all of Microsoft's great strategies eventually emerge. What he sees at that moment, we imagine, is a Tellytubby landscape that looks a lot like the Windows XP default wallpaper - perhaps with Chairman Bill himself as the sun. But bouncing across this happy vista are the red, green and blue colored balls that have rolled out of the Google playpen.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Oct 2004

Powergen wins whistleblower case

A long-running civil trial between Powergen and a customer who highlighted a serious breach in consumer security more than four years ago has ended in victory for the utility firm.
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2004

Bulldog investigated over 'unfair contract terms'

Communications regulator Ofcom is investigating broadband ISP - Bulldog Communications - following a complaint about "unfair contract terms".
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2004

Botnets trawl for phishing victims

A small number of zombie networks are responsible for all Internet phishing attacks worldwide, according to CipherTrust, the messaging security appliance firm.
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2004

O2 sues 3UK over ad bubbles

Two of the UK's biggest mobile phone operators are to meet in the High Court next month after O2 issued a writ against Hutchison Whampoa's 3 UK.
Tim Richardson, 20 Oct 2004

Freescale 1000-worker cull to cost $65m

PowerPC maker Freescale yesterday told 1000 staffers they would lose their jobs in order to allow the chip maker to "accelerate new product development and.... drive greater customer intimacy", whatever that is.
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2004

Hello Moto, hello increased Q3 profits

Motorola continued an upbeat 2004 by announcing sharply increased profits in its third quarter earnings today. Revenues were $8.62bn, up from $6.83bn a year ago. Profits rose to $479m. The company had its phone division to thank, shipping more than 23 million units and generating $390m profits on revenues of $3.9bn.
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Oct 2004

Fur flies in AT&T union punch-up

A war between AT&T and the largest US telecommunications workers union has degenerated into a tit-for-tat spat.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Oct 2004

Feds probe huge California data breach

The FBI is investigating the penetration of a university research system that housed sensitive personal data on a staggering 1.4m Californians who participated in a state social program, officials said on Tuesday.
Kevin Poulsen, 20 Oct 2004

Tul blasts PowerColor VGA 'forgeries'

Taiwan's Tul has denied it has shipped 128MB PowerColor Radeon 9600 Pro graphics cards based on the older, less sophisticated Radeon 9550 chip.
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2004

Canon Ixus 430 digicam

ReviewCanon's huge-selling Ixus 400 has been given a makeover and rechristened the Ixus 430. It continues along the same vein as the older model, but has been encased in an attractively finished aluminium shell, instead of the metal and ceramic body of the 400, writes Andy Jameson.
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2004
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Nvidia accused of patent violation

Nvidia has become the latest technology manufacturer to be tackled by an intellectual property holding company.
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2004

Big Apple stamps on guinea pigs

You know how it is - you wait years for a decent guinea pig story and then two turn up at once. Just yesterday we reported on the Peruvian Breed super-rodent - a hefty porker packing a couple of pounds of nutritious, rabbit-flavoured meat. Now we are receiving news that New York has clamped down on the sale of guinea pig as a tasty snack.
Lester Haines, 20 Oct 2004

JBoss moves up to business processes

After a series of announcements last month JBoss has announced JBoss jBPM, their first step into business process management.
Peter Abrahams, 20 Oct 2004

HP wins $500m WestLB outsourcing gig

HP has won a five-year, $500m contract to look after IT for German bank WestLB. HP will take over from 1 January 2005 and 450 WestLB employees will move across to the ink giant.
John Oates, 20 Oct 2004

AOL Europe dumps Overture, plumps Google

Google has ousted Yahoo!'s Overture to win AOL's European ad-placement business. Google already provides targeted advertising for AOL in the US and now it is adding the ISP's European business. AOL said its partnership with Overture had been successful, but it had decided to work with Google in future. AOL and Overture started working together in 2002.
John Oates, 20 Oct 2004
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CE drive demand pushes Seagate into the black

Hard drive manufacturer Seagate exceeded its expectations during the first quarter of its 2005 fiscal year, when it reported today Q1 revenues of $1.56bn, just above its $1.48-1.52bn forecast range.
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2004

EDS allies with Cisco, Dell, EMC, MS and Sun

EDS this week announced the formation of the Agility Alliance which aims to improve procurement relationships for the firm to improve customer service.
John Oates, 20 Oct 2004

Motorola bares its Bluetooth grin and points to the PMG

We had hints, before, that Motorola was following the IXI path, and designing a personal mobile gateway wireless hub - with phones, text pads, cameras and other toys all being Bluetooth peripherals. Now, the veil is lifting a family of new Bluetooth peripherals. And plans including stereo audio devices.
Guy Kewney, 20 Oct 2004

Falling prices hit COLT profits

COLT Telecom reduced losses for the three months ended 30 September 2004 and increased turnover seven per cent to £303.7m. Losses fell 11 per cent from £35.7m to £31.8m.
John Oates, 20 Oct 2004
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Toshiba preps HD DVD notebook PC

Toshiba will release a notebook PC with an HD DVD drive this time next year, the Japanese company said today, returning fire after an initial salvo from Sony in the battle for the future of blue-laser optical media.
Tony Smith, 20 Oct 2004

ATMs in peril from computer worms?

Some anti-virus firms are trying to carve out a new market for their technology by trying to persuade banks that Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) running Windows need protecting from computer worms. Trend Micro and Computer Associates have both identified this niche, but some rivals question the immediate need for content filtering on cash points.
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2004

Web design challenge for kids

Arts minister Estelle Morris yesterday launched a web design competition for students aged 11-14 and studying at school in England.
Robin Lettice, 20 Oct 2004
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C2000 offers lessons in software

Computer 2000 is running a series of seminars and web-training events to teach resellers about software and how to sell it.
John Oates, 20 Oct 2004

Nesta invests in drive-thru rad scanner

A prototype drive-through scanner that can distinuish between various sources of radioactivity is being developed for use in airports and other high-security areas.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Oct 2004

Lycos gets jiggy with webmail

Lycos is upping the amount of storage available to its free email subscribers to 300MB while those paying for its premier service will get a whopping 10GB. Subscribers pay £3.49 a month for 10GB storage. This beats Yahoo which offers 100MB and Hotmail which is still offering just 2MB, depsite promising an expanded service this summer. Google's Gmail service offers 1GB.
John Oates, 20 Oct 2004

Google launches search-in-a-box

Google has finally launched its enterprise Search Appliance in the UK. The appliance is designed to provide an internal search function for medium to large sized corporations and universities. Google says it can also be used to provide a public site-search.
Lucy Sherriff, 20 Oct 2004

DrinkOrDie London trial opens

The long awaited trial of a pair of men accused of playing a key role in the DrinkOrDie international computer piracy ring began at London's Old Bailey this week.
John Leyden, 20 Oct 2004

StorageTek turns nifty Q3 profit

A streamlined StorageTek managed to turn a nice profit in its third quarter despite flat revenue.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Oct 2004
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NEC brings supercomputing crown back to Japan

NEC has trumped US computer makers once again by announcing a new supercomputer that destroys previous performance marks. The "SX-8" is a follow on to NEC's Earth Simulator, which held the supercomputing top spot for some time. The new machine can reach a peak performance of 65 teraflops (trillion floating point operations per second). The Earth Simulator topped out at 40 teraflops.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Oct 2004
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Quantum inserts the Certance

Quantum is looking to build out its tape storage business in the most obvious of ways - by picking up a fellow tape storage maker.
Ashlee Vance, 20 Oct 2004

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