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Doctors give sickly outlook for NHS IT

Doctors working within the NHS have delivered a damning prognosis for the future of the government's planned upgrade to its IT systems.
John Oates, 18 Oct 2004

Much smoke to BPI's fileshare suits, but where's the fire?

AnalysisAs we've learned recently, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) has finally decided to bite the bullet and sue a first batch of 28 illegal filesharers in the UK. In doing so, it's following the example of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which has mounted a series of high profile strikes. The BPI remains 'kinder and gentler' than its US counterparts: "We have resisted legal action as long as we could," says chairman Peter Jamieson but: "We believe we have no alternative..."
John Lettice, 18 Oct 2004
Broken CD with wrench

LTO bids to regain its pace

Storage ExpoWith the first LTO-3 drives now appearing, the LTO Consortium says it will add WORM capabilities "soon" and has confirmed its plans for another three generations of the Ultrium tape format.
Bryan Betts, 18 Oct 2004

Intel slashes Centrino prices

Intel yesterday cut the prices of its Pentium M and Celeron M mobile processors, and its Centrino bundles, knocking up to 31 per cent off the cost of CPUs and associated components.
Tony Smith, 18 Oct 2004

Intel to maintain 775-pin P4 prices to 2005 - report

Intel will not be cutting the price of its Socket T Pentium 4 chips before 2005, the chip giant has told customers.
Tony Smith, 18 Oct 2004

Watch out, there's a scammer about

The British government has unveiled a new website to help punters "wise up to scams". Coinciding with the beginning of National Consumer Week, the consumer direct site has been created to provide help and advice for anyone who has been the victim of a scam.
Tim Richardson, 18 Oct 2004

AT&T to deploy WiMAX in 2006

Many of America's former Baby Bells are now looking to integrate mobile and wireline operations and move to a broader, multi-network platform for the future, embracing VoIP, mobility and filling broadband gaps with wireless. SBC is unexpectedly proving itself the most aggressive of all with its hotspot strategy and now moves to dual-mode handsets with Cingular and WiMAX. With BellSouth, its partner in the Cingular venture, also holding MMDS spectrum, there is a wide range of options that could also include future subsidiary AT&T Wireless, whose CTO has joined the board of Aperto and is looking to WiMAX to lower backhaul costs.
Wireless Watch, 18 Oct 2004

Montavista claims real time support for Linux mobile

In the cellphone world, Linux has been caught uncomfortably between two worlds. It is not as high level as SymbianOS or Windows Mobile, requiring significant work by handset makers to provide a full application downloading platform; but it lacks the full real time support of the proprietary, native cellphone operating systems. Now MontaVista Software, the main distributor of phone-specific Linux, claims to have overcome the latter problem, potentially making the open source OS a mainstream platform for midrange and low end cellphones, as well as many other embedded devices.
Wireless Watch, 18 Oct 2004

Football League clubs to offer Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is coming to the terraces, it emerged today, when the UK's Football League (FL) announced it has signed wireless service provider The Cloud to install WLANs at every one of its soccer stadia over the next three years.
Tony Smith, 18 Oct 2004

Too few games could set back PSP launch - Sony exec

Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) will miss its Japanese shipment schedule if games developers don't get titles finished in time, a company executive confessed last week.
Tony Smith, 18 Oct 2004

Griffin radioShark

Reg reviewGriffin Technology has been offering a nice line in Mac accessories for over ten years now, but it's only in the iPod era that its add-ons have become seriously cool. Its iTrip - a beautifully designed, AA battery-sized FM radio transmitter - has become one of the key accessories every iPod user should own.
Tony Smith, 18 Oct 2004

Amex prevents punters gambling online

Two major credit card companies have taken steps to prevent their punters from using their cards to gamble online. American Express and Citigroup took the decision to block the use of their cards because of concerns over fraud and fears that people might run up debts.
Tim Richardson, 18 Oct 2004

Cisco, IBM and MS in network security love-in

Computer Associates and IBM have both signed up to Cisco's Network Admission Control program over the last few days - proof that the company is enjoying success with its new scheme to stop computer worms running rampage around corporate networks. Microsoft is also reportedly poised to come on board.
John Leyden, 18 Oct 2004

WiderWeb promises accessible net

Moore Innovations has launched WiderWeb, a DTI-backed web accessibility tool that can transcode a website into a more accessible format, in real time.
Lucy Sherriff, 18 Oct 2004

12 arrested in HK phishing scam

A dozen people have been arrested in Hong Kong in connection with a banking phishing scam. Six of the suspects, including a Russian man, have been charged with theft amid allegations that they hoodwinked HK$600,000 (£47,000) in an internet banking scam. If found guilty, the suspects face up to ten years in jail.
Tim Richardson, 18 Oct 2004

Government FOI Act chief trails Data Act 'reform'

Government constitutional affairs secretary Lord Falconer has described the Data Protection Act as "almost incomprehensible" and says that there are "medium term" plans to simplify the Act and its treatment of personal information. The Act was brought in in 1998 by the then-new Blair government, but its near incomprehensibility seems not to have been a major issue at the time.
John Lettice, 18 Oct 2004

Veritas puts finishing touches on i3

As promised, Veritas has prepped a new release of its i3 management software that will tie into existing applications and give customers sophisticated tools for checking on the performance of server and storage systems.
Ashlee Vance, 18 Oct 2004

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