18th October 2004 Archive

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  • Doctors give sickly outlook for NHS IT

    You're sick, very, very sick

    Government 18 Oct 08:18

  • Much smoke to BPI's fileshare suits, but where's the fire?

    Slurry with infringe on top

    Media 18 Oct 08:31

  • LTO bids to regain its pace

    WORM and a spec for LTO-4 due this year

    Storage 18 Oct 08:45

  • Intel slashes Centrino prices

    Pentium M, Celeron M discounted too

    System Builder 18 Oct 09:22

  • Intel to maintain 775-pin P4 prices to 2005 - report

    Despite proximity of faster, cheaper AMD rivals

    System Builder 18 Oct 09:45

  • Watch out, there's a scammer about

    Govt launches consumer help site

    Security 18 Oct 09:53

  • AT&T to deploy WiMAX in 2006

    AT&T Wireless grows close to Aperto

    Mobile 18 Oct 09:57

  • Montavista claims real time support for Linux mobile

    'Linux set to assume the role of a universal platform'

    Mobile 18 Oct 10:11

  • Football League clubs to offer Wi-Fi

    'Ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go

    Broadband 18 Oct 11:05

  • Too few games could set back PSP launch - Sony exec

    Signs of a delay, or just managing expectations?

    Consoles 18 Oct 11:07

  • Griffin radioShark

    Fin Mac Cool

    Reviews 18 Oct 11:25

  • Amex prevents punters gambling online

    Cites fraud concerns

    Financial News 18 Oct 11:50

  • Cisco, IBM and MS in network security love-in

    Approval for Network Admission Control

    Security 18 Oct 11:58

  • WiderWeb promises accessible net

    Sorts wheat from chaff for surfing joy

    Media 18 Oct 12:07

  • The BOFH mobile comms quiz

    How sad is your workplace?

    BOFH 18 Oct 12:17

  • 12 arrested in HK phishing scam

    Six charged with theft

    Security 18 Oct 17:13

  • Government FOI Act chief trails Data Act 'reform'

    DPA is 'almost incomprehensible'

    Media 18 Oct 17:39

  • Veritas puts finishing touches on i3

    Gets precisely synthetic

    Storage 18 Oct 21:12