15th October 2004 Archive

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  • Apple iTunes tops 150m downloads

    Can it make 200m by year-end?

    Financial News 15 Oct 07:27

  • Netflix delays UK launch

    Profits up, churn up too

    Media 15 Oct 07:39

  • PeopleSoft begged for earnings help

    Please! Make us look good!

    Applications 15 Oct 07:42

  • Sharp to ship world's first HDD-based PDA

    Linux-based Zaurus SL-C3000 sports 4GB storage

    Mobile 15 Oct 08:33

  • NetSuite's new offering joins up the dots

    Mature solutions

    Applications 15 Oct 09:02

  • Hydrogen-powered cars creep forward

    All thanks to a 'molecular cat-flap'

    Science 15 Oct 09:17

  • US air traffic control open to attack

    Computers not adequately secured

    Security 15 Oct 09:23

  • Reg road tests the BioNav™ in-car nav wonder

    Sophisticated kit - at a price

    Mobile 15 Oct 09:24

  • Rambus sales, earnings rise on royalties

    Licences signed in 2003 start to pay off

    Financial News 15 Oct 09:39

  • BOFH: Seek, locate and destroy

    Black ops

    BOFH 15 Oct 09:39

  • US plugs into power-line broadband

    FCC gives go-ahead

    Broadband 15 Oct 09:57

  • Intel readies updated 90nm Celeron cores

    Socket 478 parts to get E-0 core

    System Builder 15 Oct 09:58

  • Corel snaps up Jasc

    Digging deeper into digital imaging

    Financial News 15 Oct 09:59

  • 6m South Koreans exposed in slam and spam scam

    Identity theft on an epic scale

    Security 15 Oct 10:12

  • Exabyte slashes media costs

    Hopes to cut losses through cheaper tapes

    Storage 15 Oct 10:36

  • The risks of remote back-up

    Simple? Ooooh no...

    Storage 15 Oct 10:46

  • Colourful US PC company calls it quits

    Liebermann logs off

    PCs 15 Oct 10:49

  • JetGroove culls songs as music biz says 'cease, desist'

    Already made licensing overtures

    Media 15 Oct 11:00

  • Electronic underwear warns of heart attack

    Life-saving cardiopants

    Science 15 Oct 11:27

  • China jails four for running mucky site

    Porn clampdown continues

    Media 15 Oct 11:29

  • Four charged in landmark UK phishing case

    Eastern Europeans in the dock

    Security 15 Oct 11:48

  • Dell to ship iPod Mini rival next month

    Pocket DJ to fly MS' PlaysForSure flag

    Mobile 15 Oct 12:33

  • Archos unveils 20GB iPod Mini-sized player

    Miniature marvel?

    Mobile 15 Oct 12:50

  • US science alliance eyes artificial retina

    Collective effort

    Science 15 Oct 13:32

  • Schools, patents and the future of Linux

    LinuxWorld debate chews the fat

    Operating Systems 15 Oct 14:16

  • Sprint to shed another 700 jobs

    On your marks, get set...

    Broadband 15 Oct 14:20

  • Wobbly footballs and electronic pants

    A typical haul from the postbag...

    Letters 15 Oct 15:03

  • Motorola pilots 'digital wallet' phone trials

    Hello Moto, goodbye wonga

    Mobile 15 Oct 15:43

  • IBM's Power5 beast takes on Sun, HP - and IBM

    Hitting the 64-way barrier

    Servers 15 Oct 16:29

  • Boffin channels god, scares students

    Feel the rage!

    Bootnotes 15 Oct 18:02

  • Google Desktop privacy branded 'unacceptable'

    The Goo that knows you

    Media 15 Oct 22:47