14th October 2004 Archive

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  • Segway LLC imagines futuristic four-wheeled vehicle

    More than a scooter, less than a car

    Bootnotes 14 Oct 07:44

  • Apple results best for nine years

    iPod primes the pump

    Mac Channel 14 Oct 08:14

  • Vodafone reshuffles top jobs

    3G rejig

    Mobile 14 Oct 08:20

  • BT goes green

    'Globally significant'

    Science 14 Oct 08:22

  • Mobile users twice as likely to get tumours - report

    Could be an analogue thing

    Mobile 14 Oct 08:26

  • How to kill a website with one email

    Exploiting the European E-commerce Directive

    Media 14 Oct 08:38

  • Apple profits leap as iPod sales rocket

    Over 2m players sold, masking Mac decline

    Financial News 14 Oct 08:44

  • Removable disks back from the dead

    Iomega punts a hard disk autoloader

    Storage 14 Oct 08:46

  • Europe's SAN avoidance strategy

    Do you want a SAN or a SANity check?

    Storage 14 Oct 08:48

  • IT under threat, says Veritas

    It's 10pm, do you know where your DR plan is?

    Storage 14 Oct 08:48

  • Reg online training offers 'try before you buy'

    Plus 10% off membership - while stocks last

    Site News 14 Oct 09:30

  • Camera phones boost Sony Ericson profits

    Average selling prices up

    Mobile 14 Oct 09:50

  • Servers seized by FBI returned - but who wanted what?

    MPs push Blunkett for answers

    Media 14 Oct 09:51

  • Dixons offers Napster UK pre-pay cards

    Download top-ups coming to other retailers soon

    Media 14 Oct 10:03

  • Halo 2 leaked onto the net

    French version, apparently

    Consoles 14 Oct 10:18

  • ISS crew blasts off

    Two-day orbit, then down to work

    Science 14 Oct 10:20

  • NetSuite moves up the food chain

    Little fish getting bigger

    Applications 14 Oct 10:37

  • MS PlaysForSure™ - GoneForNow™?

    Those the gods wish to destroy, they first make really dumb

    Bootnotes 14 Oct 10:50

  • Evesham e-box Media Center 2005 PC

    All-in-one entertainment box

    Reviews 14 Oct 10:55

  • A digitally United Kingdom

    So how are we supposed to get there?

    Government 14 Oct 11:24

  • ASA rules against Moviechoices.com over bulk mailing

    Beware of buying email marketing lists

    Security 14 Oct 12:35

  • Smut filter in Dick-pulling outrage

    Bites kids' panto

    Media 14 Oct 12:37

  • MS UK security chief moves to Accenture

    Career development

    Security 14 Oct 12:44

  • Brits scan skies for impact threats

    Is it a bird? A plane? A planet-levelling asteroid?

    Science 14 Oct 12:46

  • Identify file-sharers, judge tells UK ISPs

    Given 14 days to comply ... or appeal

    Media 14 Oct 13:02

  • Nokia blames prices for profit fall

    Erstwhile handset supremo still suffering

    Mobile 14 Oct 13:03

  • Paris may favour gradual switch from MS to open source

    'Big bang' costs high, says study

    Operating Systems 14 Oct 13:29

  • WiFi Alliance warns chip makers over 802.11n claims

    Don't jump the gun

    Broadband 14 Oct 13:57

  • Greece to face Euro court over video games ban

    Eurocrats stand up to Tetris, Manhunt et al

    Consoles 14 Oct 14:03

  • Consumer, privacy groups demand seat at Kazaa trial

    To prevent public interest issues being overlooked

    Media 14 Oct 14:38

  • Brit cuffed in US net sex investigation

    Faces extradition

    Business 14 Oct 14:39

  • Undead IE bug rises from grave

    Regression reawakens 'moderate risk' flaw

    Security 14 Oct 14:41

  • UN to debate embryo cloning

    Stem cell controversy goes global

    Science 14 Oct 14:46

  • BT sets heavy mob on El Reg

    Distraught staff receive counselling over unpaid bill

    Bootnotes 14 Oct 14:53

  • Apple eyes Birmingham for next UK store

    Brum chum

    Mac Channel 14 Oct 15:05

  • The Great ISP Buyout

    Consolidation runs and runs

    Broadband 14 Oct 15:05

  • Intel opens ISV testing lab in Swindon

    Joints global network of Innovation Centres

    Developer 14 Oct 15:11

  • Business Objects sets sights on Dublin

    350 jobs in new ops centre

    CIO 14 Oct 15:53

  • EC falls out with UK over nuclear waste

    Failure to comply with Euratom Treaty

    Science 14 Oct 15:59

  • Indymedia seizures: a trawl for Genoa G8 trial cover-up?

    Injunction sought to prevent export of journalists' data

    Media 14 Oct 16:14

  • Compaq's servers save HP from enterprise sales hell

    World to blame for woes

    Servers 14 Oct 17:03

  • Google launches desktop search for Windows PCs

    Mail, Office, and chat indexed

    Media 14 Oct 17:11

  • Intel decides speed matters less these days, kills 4GHz Pentium

    Giant change of heart

    PCs 14 Oct 20:29

  • Sun kicks off fiscal '05 with a $174m loss

    Damn you, Kodak!

    Financial News 14 Oct 22:16

  • 90s retro virus spreads over physical media

    Blast from the past

    Security 14 Oct 23:20

  • Feds approve human RFID implants

    Solution desperately seeking a problem

    Security 14 Oct 23:43