11th October 2004 Archive

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  • Home Office in frame over FBI's London server seizures

    Blunkett had final say on legality of request

    Media 11 06:56

  • How key Microsoft legal emails 'autodestruct'

    Redefining document retention policies...

    Software 11 07:23

  • UK ID cards to be issued with first biometric passports

    'Voluntary' nature of first phase now even more debatable

    Media 11 07:35

  • Deutsche Telekom returns internet unit to the fold

    Share swap a-doo-wap

    Broadband 11 08:18

  • Best Buy sells Motorola MPx220 smart phone

    Launch due later this month, but on sale already

    Mobile 11 08:59

  • Chip biz slowdown to stretch through Q1 '05

    Possibly longer, say foundry chiefs

    Financial News 11 09:32

  • Virgin space tourists will blast off to Bowie

    Ground Control to Major Tom...

    Bootnotes 11 09:33

  • Parents must do more to protect kids online

    Remember how much fun we had with a hoop and stick?

    Media 11 09:39

  • Intel defeats AMD in court

    EC anti-trust probe may not see Intel documents

    PCs 11 10:09

  • 802.11a comes out fighting

    Prospects bright in the Wi-Fi arena

    Broadband 11 10:20

  • Bloated Wi-Fi market brings out its dead

    RIP AirFlow and Bermai

    Broadband 11 10:20

  • Creative, Dell prep iPod Mini rivals

    Five colours? Pah! We're going to offer ten!

    Mobile 11 10:45

  • UK hosts anti-spam summit

    Best practice

    Security 11 11:07

  • US gov targets spyware outfit

    Spam King Sanford Wallace and his new venture

    Security 11 11:08

  • SMEs get Data Protection Act guide

    Never forget the DPA scamsters

    Small Biz 11 11:11

  • Market float for reseller consolidator

    A little less conversation and a little more action

    The Channel 11 11:13

  • StorageTek seizes Storability

    Lifecycle management capability play

    Storage 11 11:15

  • Man sacked for hunting ET at work

    SETI go home

    Management 11 11:16

  • Sony: PSP will ship by year's end

    Panic ye not

    Consoles 11 11:34

  • Germans demo working quantum register

    Qubits behave themselves impeccably

    Science 11 13:29

  • Cisco offers security certification

    Security SMEs get cert

    The Channel 11 13:55

  • NTL disconnects 2,000 Dubliners

    'Safety issue' cuts phone lines

    Broadband 11 14:01

  • The IT security vuln league table of fear

    Top 20 threats to humanity

    Security 11 14:04

  • MP3 music service draws industry fire

    Slammed for touting unavailable but unlicensed content

    Media 11 14:10

  • Nvidia pushes GeForce 6200 at value end

    Doom 3 for low-end PCs

    System Builder 11 14:30

  • 3G must embrace TV

    Television and video key to revenue

    Mobile 11 14:37

  • Atheros unveils 'world first' 802.11a/b/g chip

    Three WLAN specs, one silicon die

    Broadband 11 15:01

  • NASA field tests ISS robosurgeon

    Remote-controlled sawbones

    Science 11 16:08

  • Wi-Fi group says 'no' to pre-standard 802.11n kit

    Unlikely to trouble too many WLAN vendors

    Broadband 11 16:34

  • Phishing websites breed like rabbits

    Population explosion

    Security 11 16:34

  • ID thieves target enterprises

    Grifters Inc.

    Security 11 16:47