7th October 2004 Archive

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  • EMC adds triple-threat to replication software

    Virtual long distance

    Storage 07 07:38

  • Email privacy strikeout suspended

    Wiretapping on demand

    Media 07 07:42

  • 34 tech firms sued for alleged LCD patent theft

    Honeywell demands 'directional diffuser' dues

    Peripherals 07 08:42

  • Peregrine execs charged by FBI

    'Multi-billion dollar securities fraud'

    Financial News 07 09:04

  • OK, so Ellison is not a sociopath...

    More like Genghis Khan

    Applications 07 09:10

  • Swansea IT workers return to work

    More strikes planned as dispute grows

    Management 07 09:57

  • Man in satanic Renault terror ordeal

    The Rise of the Machines™ - on wheels

    Science 07 10:00

  • Monti: Courts must rule on MS anti-trust

    Europe moves to block DRM ambitions

    Operating Systems 07 10:03

  • UK record industry sues 28 file-sharers

    'Major filesharers and large-scale uploaders'

    Media 07 10:08

  • Quarky theory wins Nobel Prize

    That's asymptotic freedom, to you and me

    Science 07 11:27

  • Demon does entry-level DSL

    'Me too' broadband

    Broadband 07 11:30

  • Customer views from PeopleSoft Connect

    Do they want the takeover?

    Applications 07 12:29

  • Broadband could ease traffic congestion

    It's good, but that good?

    Management 07 12:31

  • Google founder ponders Irish R&D unit

    Google Ireland launched

    Financial News 07 12:32

  • Oracle vs Peoplesoft

    Round-up time

    Applications 07 12:34

  • T-Mobile brings Wi-Fi to Borders' UK stores

    Thumb through the book - then buy a clean copy from Amazon

    Broadband 07 12:59

  • Love DRM or my family starves: why Steve Ballmer doesn't Get It

    Ballmer digs pit, inserts whole MS strategy, keeps digging

    Software 07 13:02

  • Dell Axim X30 Wi-Fi PocketPC

    Consumer IR and Bluetooth, too

    Reviews 07 13:29

  • Fraud warning for UK resellers

    Watch out, watch out there's a scammer about...

    The Channel 07 13:56

  • CE giants 'readying Blu-ray camcorders'

    HD-oriented handhelds to use new, 8cm disc

    Storage 07 14:00

  • Unisys to shed 1,400 workers

    Got a tax refund too

    Financial News 07 14:11

  • Lycos cleaner bins thousands of emails

    Dutch inboxes junked, employee canned

    Broadband 07 14:28

  • X-ray fireworks could signal supernovae

    Trio of flashes fuel gamma ray debate

    Science 07 14:58

  • Intel preaches gospel of mobile diversity

    Standardised phones? Pah!

    Mobile 07 15:51

  • Republicans put $1.5m behind internet push

    Attacking Kerry's Mormon love is not cheap

    Media 07 18:33

  • Sun settles Java spat with Kodak for $92m

    Doesn't admit or deny patent problems

    Developer 07 21:11

  • Sun: MS truce clears way to open source Solaris

    If that's selling out, we want to sell out more often

    Developer 07 21:25

  • AMD turns profit on strong 64-bit chip sales

    Flash disappoints

    Financial News 07 23:10