6th October 2004 Archive

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  • IT managers hate buggy software

    Shock results from small survey

    Management 06 07:33

  • Orange's big push into push-to-talk

    From Guildford to Guadeloupe

    Mobile 06 07:40

  • AMD dual-core Opterons gain SSE 3 support

    Prescott New Instructions coming to AMD64

    System Builder 06 09:22

  • Reg in free (ish) wine giveaway

    Sign up for newsletter, get £20 Virgin plonk voucher

    Site News 06 09:39

  • ATI readies 'Rialto' PCIE-to-AGP bridge chip

    Paves way for Radeon X800 XT on AGP?

    System Builder 06 10:10

  • 3G VAT appeal goes to Europe

    We'd like a rebate on those licences, please

    Mobile 06 10:21

  • Gasping for a pint? Text GOODPUB

    Life-saving service for Morris dancers

    Mobile 06 10:37

  • SiS readies November AMD PCIE chipset launch

    Volume production of discrete part scheduled

    System Builder 06 10:41

  • Transmeta: 2GHz Efficeon to offer SSE 3 support

    Intel rivals gain Prescott New Instructions

    Business 06 11:11

  • Oi, Chav! Check out me website!

    A user guide to Britain's new ruling class

    Bootnotes 06 11:30

  • Carphone Warehouse rings up higher sales

    Leap in new connections

    Financial News 06 11:38

  • eBay asks for new patent trial

    Difference of opinion over infringement

    Developer 06 12:37

  • Kalido repackages product set

    Kalido M makes debut

    Applications 06 12:41

  • Fujitsu Siemens hails H1 growth

    Clawing market share

    Business 06 12:47

  • Ballmer calls for horse-based attack on Star Office

    'Email me immediately and we’ll send in the cavalry'

    Applications 06 13:24

  • T-Mobile boosts public WLAN security

    Adds 802.1x to protect business data

    Broadband 06 13:46

  • IBM launches Websphere 6

    Bigger, better, Bluer

    Developer 06 13:51

  • Wi-Fi hotspots hit with page redirect royalty claim

    Patent owner demands cash

    Broadband 06 14:20

  • Indie music label rejects lock-down CDs

    'NO copy protection - respect the music'

    Media 06 14:47

  • CA forks out $430m for Netegrity

    Security play

    Financial News 06 16:26

  • Virus writers seek cash from chaos

    Capitalist pigs

    Security 06 17:52

  • McNealy: Microsoft needs Sun to beat IBM and Red Hat

    It's business, not a conspiracy

    Operating Systems 06 18:15

  • Mobile add-ons star in SUSE LINUX Professional 9.2

    Fireworks promised with November release

    Operating Systems 06 20:22

  • Open-source IP Telephony slashes costs

    Linux guru predicts 'next big thing'

    Applications 06 20:26

  • BBC wants help developing open source video codec

    Dirac attack

    Developer 06 20:31