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PalmOne unveils 256MB Flash drive T5 PDA

UpdatePalmOne launched the Tungsten T5, its first PDA to ship with 256MB of memory and the first to operate as a USB Flash drive, this morning, as anticipated.
Tony Smith, 04 Oct 2004

Kodak wins Sun Java patents case, wants $1bn

Kodak is returning to court this week to claim $1bn in damages and unpaid royalties from Sun Microsystems. The court found in favour of the camera company on Friday and ruled that Sun had infringed Kodak's Java patents.
John Oates, 04 Oct 2004

Mitac's Mio preps next-gen GPS PocketPC

Mitac's PocketPC and smart phone subsidiary, Mio, is working on a second-generation GPS-enabled PDA, if picture posted on a GPS-oriented web site are accurate.
Tony Smith, 04 Oct 2004

Alleged Apple Flash iPod 'partner' signs with Rio

Hopes that Apple may be preparing a Flash-based iPod appeared to be dashed on Friday when the company's alleged MP3 chip partner announced a deal with Apple portable player rival Rio.
Tony Smith, 04 Oct 2004

When IT departments go bad

OpinionDespite what vendors and management consultancies say and believe the most important people in the IT industry are the IT departments. These make the ultimate decisions about what to buy and who to buy from. They also, even more importantly, play a key role in choosing what IT applications to implement. For these reasons the telephone number of the IT Director of a major company is one of the most sought after items in the IT industry.
Martin Langham, 04 Oct 2004

Lastminute seeks £13m savings

Lastminute.com says it is on track to meet targets for Q4, albeit at the lower end of its expected range. Today it will tell analysts and investors how will save around £13m in the 2005 financial year to reduce costs by 10 per cent.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Oct 2004

US cybersecurity czar quits

US cybersecurity czar Amit Yoran announced his resignation on Friday after a year in the job. The Department of Homeland Security said Yoran's departure was amicable but there's speculation that his exit was prompted by the Bush's administration's failure to treat IT security as much of a priority.
John Leyden, 04 Oct 2004
DVD it in many colours

AT&T and Vonage do battle

Voice over IP calls are getting cheaper - Vonage and AT&T both announced lower monthly charges late last week.
John Oates, 04 Oct 2004

WorldPay struggles under DDoS attack (again)

WorldPay, the Royal Bank of Scotland's internet payment transaction outfit, is continuing to fight a sustained internet attack which has left its services largely unavailable for a third successive day.
John Leyden, 04 Oct 2004

Sproqit readies real-time PC-to-PDA remote access

Sproqit will next month ship the first major release of code which allows wireless PDAs to access and manipulate PC-based data in real time, the company said today.
Tony Smith, 04 Oct 2004

BT cuts Basic broadband by £2

BT has cut the monthly cost of its entry-level broadband service in a move that underlines the competitive pressure in the UK's broadband sector.
Tim Richardson, 04 Oct 2004

SpaceShipOne goes for X-Prize glory

SpaceShipOne will today attempt to reach an altitude of 100km for the second time in less than a fortnight, and thereby claim the $10m X-Prize for the first private space vehicle to accomplish the feat.
Lester Haines, 04 Oct 2004

eBay UK is five

Online auctioneer eBay, celebrates its fifth UK birthday today, and what an interesting five years it has been.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Oct 2004

Oracle asks court to remove PeopleSoft poison pills

Oracle is back in court this week as its hostile bid for PeopleSoft starts to turn in its favour.
John Oates, 04 Oct 2004

Intel ships 'execute disable' Pentium 4s

Intel yesterday introduced its first desktop processors to support what it calls Execute Disable Bit (EDB) technology - essentially the same code-disabling technology found in AMD, Transmeta and other CPUs, and used by Windows XP Service Pack 2 to render some viruses ineffective.
Tony Smith, 04 Oct 2004

PalmOne Wi-Fi SD Card

ReviewWith more and more of us turning to PDAs to give us access to our contacts book and diary when out and about it's only natural that we would start to want Wi-Fi being built in to the units, writes Stuart Miles.
Pocket Lint, 04 Oct 2004

Business Serve snaps up Vital Online

Lancaster-based ISP, Business Serve, has snapped up its fifth acquisition since it floated on AIM in February 2004. It's paying £200,000 in cash and a bundle of shares for business-focused ISP Vital Online Ltd.
Tim Richardson, 04 Oct 2004

ZigBee in danger of falling apart

The domination of the 802.16 process by a handful of vendors is often criticized, but at least it has resulted in a measure of unity that is looking increasingly enviable as the other key IEEE wireless efforts fall prey to dangerous fragmentation, which could significantly devalue the role of the standards body itself. We have examined the deep splits in the 802.11 camp over the approach to the upcoming 802.11n standard for 100Mbps-plus Wi-Fi, and the even more damaging battle over the proposed 802.15.3a specification for high data rate, short range communications based on UltraWideBand. Now 802.15.4, or ZigBee, the standard for low data rate personal area networking, is also threatening to shatter into conflicting pieces.
Wireless Watch, 04 Oct 2004

Patent landrush threatens Wi-Fi standards

We have examined before how patent lawsuits are threatening to stifle the adoption of wireless standards. Symbol, fresh from an intellectual property victory over rival Proxim, is the latest to assert sweeping licensing rights in 802.11 technology, while VIA is seeking to extend its proposed ‘intellectual property pool’ to WiMAX.
Wireless Watch, 04 Oct 2004

Web to get dose of plain English

The Plain English Campaign is stepping up its war against linguistic obfuscation with a new campaign in association with ebiz outfit TechnoPhobia. The plan is to promote user-friendly websites which conform to the amended Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) of 1995.
Lester Haines, 04 Oct 2004

Sex toy creates Oz airport pandemonium

A discarded vibrator at Queensland's Mackay airport caused pandemonium after cleaners noticed a rubbish bin humming in a suspicious manner, the Herald Sun reports.
Lester Haines, 04 Oct 2004
fingers pointing at man

Sage loses small business head

BriefAccounting giant Sage has lost the managing director of its small and medium business division. Adrian Grace has left the firm to take up a job elsewhere, according to a Sage spokesman.
John Oates, 04 Oct 2004
graph up

Sun signs Interface for Opteron dealer push

Sun Microsystems UK has signed up Birmingham-based distie Interface Solutions to wholesale Sun servers, desktops and workstations.
John Oates, 04 Oct 2004

UK gov ads warn kids of net perils

The government has announced a new radio and web advertising campaign which warns kids of the perils of the internet.
Lester Haines, 04 Oct 2004

SpaceShipOne claims X-Prize

Burt Rutan's SpaceShipOne appears to have today claimed the $10m Ansari X-Prize as the first private space vehicle to successfully make two trips to above 100km within a two-week window. The triumph came on the anniversary of the 1957 launch of Sputnik - the first man-made object to leave Earth's atmosphere.
Lester Haines, 04 Oct 2004

Lessig launches Creative Commons for the UK

Larry Lessig, Professor of Law at Stanford University and all-round intellectual property guru, was in London today to announce the launch of the UK version of the Creative Commons licence.
Lucy Sherriff, 04 Oct 2004

PalmOne preps Bluetooth GPS bundle

PalmOne Europe has continued its push into the emerging market for PDA-based satellite navigation systems with two new bundles.
Tony Smith, 04 Oct 2004

Most songs on iPods 'stolen' - Microsoft CEO

It's official. All iPod users are music thieves - according to Microsoft CEO Steve 'Monkey Boy' Ballmer.
Tony Smith, 04 Oct 2004

Time to RAID PVRs, says Silicon Image

Silicon Image is looking to make dumb consumer storage devices a little smarter with the introduction of a new processor that adds sophisticated technology for protecting data to systems like Tivo.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Oct 2004

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