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Motorola E398 mobile phone

Review If it's the sound of your phone that you really care about then Motorola has a new handset just for you. The mobile phone manufacturer claims that its E398 is the first handset to feature loud, 3D stereo surround sound. The promise is one of "total music immersion". Sounds on the E398 - ringtones, MIDI and MP3 files - play through dual 16mm 22kHz speakers that sit on the side of the handset, either side of the screen. Vibration and lights enhance the base sound. Motorola describes the effect as an "intense sound experience in the palm of your hand", writes Debbie Davies.
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Kimble plans 'Ultimate Rally'

Wannabe elite hacker-turned-convicted fraudster Kim 'Kimble' Schmitz has reinvented himself as the next Bernie Ecclestone.
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Sony apes Apple with coloured music players

Sony will soon ship an updated version of its first hard drive-equipped digital music player, this time to pitch the product straight at Apple's iPod Mini.
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Siemens picks Intel for 3D medical imaging

Siemens Medical Solutions is to build the next generation of its medical 3D imaging system on Intel's Xeon processor platform.
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DVD Forum finalises HD DVD-RW disc spec

The DVD Forum moved a step further toward the advent of HD DVD media and drives with the approval of key physical specifications at a meeting of the organisations steering committee last week.
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LA warspammer guilty as charged

A Los Angeles man who used other people's Wi-Fi networks to send thousands of unsolicited adult-themed emails from his car pleaded guilty to a single felony Monday, in what prosecutors say is the first criminal conviction under the federal CAN-SPAM Act.
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Hello Ogo : IM a-go-go

In the week when rumours of the Oqo launch have been buzzing, it's a bit confusing to have AT&T announce something called Ogo. Both are portable devices, both have been ideas waiting impatiently in the wings for three years, and yet neither has the slightest connection to the other. Briefly, Oqo is a computer; Ogo is a comms device.
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Apple to open 'borderless' Euro music store

Apple yesterday confirmed that it will open the promised pan-European version of its iTunes Music Store in October 2004.
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Kingston Comms buys Eclipse Internet

Hull-based Kingston Communications has forked out £12.5m million to acquire broadband ISP Eclipse Internet.
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Linksys sends corporate WLAN standard home

Linksys yesterday unveiled a set of consumer-oriented wireless networking products that bring the once 'enterprise only' 802.11a WLAN spec. into the home.

PNY broadcasts to reseller nation

PNY UK is looking for specialist dealers to flog the Nvidia Quadro FX 4000 SDI graphics card to broadcast houses.
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Killer hamster ices owner

A Japanese man died after a bite from his pet hamster caused anaphylactic shock, Mainichi Shimbun reports. Ther nameless forty-something succumbed after repeated bites from the animal sensitised his immune system to such a degree that the final mouthful provoked a fatal bout of asthma.
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Bulldog airbrushes 'Best Broadband ISP' logo

Bulldog has quietly airbrushed its precious industry accolade - ISPA's "Best consumer broadband ISP 2004" - until it resolves a backlog of issues that have made life a misery for its customers.
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US Navy cuts ELF radio transmissions

The US Navy has called time on all its Extremely Low Frequency transmissions, saying that improvements in technology means that the communications system is now unneccessary.
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Free info for London visitors

Analysis A DTI-funded project might save visitors to London a few bob - if they can get their hands on the right kind of phone.
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NTL tunes in to video-on-demand

NTL has signalled its intention to begin offering video-on-demand (VoD) services from next year. Details are still sketchy but a spokeswoman confirmed that a region-by-region roll-out would begin in Q1 2005. The cableco reports that more than half of its customers, when asked, say they want VoD.
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In Electric Larryland, the stones have secrets

According to this month's Vanity Fair, Oracle founder and CEO Larry Ellison auditioned several enormous boulders for his bathroom before choosing one he could live with. Or more precisely, bathe with.
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Oz police arrest 200 in net child porn crackdown

Australian police this week held 191 people and seized more than two million pornographic images of children in the country's biggest crackdown on internet child porn, news.com.au reports.
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L-mail offers snail mail web interface

An internet consultancy firm this week launched a service that will enable anyone with access to a web browser to send a letter anywhere in the world. Now, yet another buzzword -'L-mail' - may soon become the common term used to describe sending physical letters via a website using any internet service provider (ISP).
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Will the US election matter to the IT sector?

Analysis Comparing the candidates, President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry, in terms of their likely impact on the IT sector, is difficult. Bush has no relevant legislative record to speak of, and Kerry no relevant administrative one.
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US judge raises bar on net privacy

A controversial provision in the Patriot Act empowering the FBI to demand detailed customer records from communications providers and carriers without a court order has been struck down.
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Microsoft FAT patent rejected

Microsoft's attempt to create a lucrative future revenue stream from its patent portfolio has tripped at the first hurdle. After an appeal, the US Patent Office has struck down Microsoft's '517 patent (USPTO 5,579, 517) on the FAT file system. Camera makers, amongst many other consumer electronics manufacturers, use the FAT file system on compact flash cards and other removable media.
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From soup to nuts with Microsoft’s collaboration chief

Interview Forget competition - Microsoft is all about collaboration now. At least, it is if you’re Anoop Gupta, corporate vice president of the real-time collaboration group at Microsoft.
Ben King, 30 2004
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Tiscali UK blames spamfest for sluggish email

Tiscali UK is blaming a "sudden increase in spamming activity" for a deterioration in its email service.
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India next in line for cut-down XP

Microsoft has named India as the next market for its stripped-down version of XP, with shipping expected to begin early next year.
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MS EC appeal kicks off

Microsoft has told the European Court of First Instance that it should not have to share information with its competitors, arguing that revealing its secret would harm it irreparably.
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Old-timers squeeze $300m out of IBM

IBM has agreed to shell out $300m to settle part of the claims brought against it in a pension plan dispute.
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Sophos in porn dialler row with UK developer

Anti-virus firm Sophos yesterday suspended detection of a "porn dialler application", following complaints from its UK-based developer.
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People still thick despite internet

The lamentable truth about the mind-expanding claims for the internet has finally been revealed - people do not use the bottomless well of knowledge to advance themselves, preferring instead to indulge in casual surfing related to hobbies and music.
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mmO2 ups sales forecasts

mmO2 says its results to the end of September will be better than previously forecast, with service revenue growing by between nine per cent and 12 per cent. The mobile operator said that net service revenue accelerated in the UK during the first half of the year, driven by increased number of customers and by higher average revenue per user (ARPU). Previously it had provided a service revenue guidance increase of between seven per cent and 10 per cent.
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Iceland's net traffic plummets, following P2P raids

Brief Police in Iceland raided the homes of 12 people and confiscated computer equipment and CDs this week as the global war on file sharing reached the volcanic homeland of elves and trolls. Police targeted individuals using the popular DC++ file sharing application to share movie files. One suspect was found with approximately 2.5TB of allegedly illicit material.
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UK firm plans space tug for satellite rescues

Communications satellites could have their tenure in orbit extended, thanks to a UK company's plans for a 'space tug'.
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World chip sales flat in August

Chip sales growth effectively stalled in August, it emerged today when the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) released its monthly sales report for the period.
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France crowned Europe's LLU Prince

France has been crowned Europe's LLU leader, according to the latest data from the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA).
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Australia bans Manhunt

Australia has banned Manhunt, the grisly game claimed to have influenced the murder of a UK teenager earlier this year.

HP kills slow-selling marketing miracle

One of the more annoying and expensive pests in the IT industry was exterminated this month when HP gave its Utility Data Center (UDC) package a sustained blast of marketing pesticide.
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New desktop Java - come and get it

Sun has made the latest version of Java 2 Standard Edition available, the first new code since 1.4.2 last July and the biggest overhaul since the release of 1.4 over two years ago.

8GB Flash for a grand

San Disk has announced that a mouth-watering 8 gigabyte Compact Flash cartridge will be able in November, for the eye-watering price of $959 (or €959). That's twice the capacity of the current generation of hard drives powering devices such as the iPod mini.
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RFID promoter can't stand being tracked

It's apparently okay for RFID tag promoters to watch you apply lipstick from 750 miles away, but not for a privacy advocate to keep an eye on companies using the pesky technology.